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Consumed (Devoured #2)(5)
Author: Emily Snow

“We should eat,” he whispers against the column of my throat, as his hand squeezes between my legs. “There’s food in the fridge.” His fingers glide under the hem of my shorts. “There’s—fuck, you’re wet.”

Shaking my head, I respond in a deep voice that doesn’t sound at all like me, “No food—not now, okay? Just you. Just me.”

This does the trick. His eyes sweep over me a few times, and then he nods. “Upstairs.”

Our mouths are still connected, tasting and exploring and reluctant to break apart as we make it up the stairs. When we reach the top, I shove him against the wall. He leans his head back, gazing at me incredulously as I push the bottom of his shirt up.

“Patience is a good thing,” he drawls.

But he’s already dragging the dark cotton over his head, revealing a chest and abs that come from years of strict gym dedication. I touch him—trace my fingertip around the outline of the dagger-filled heart tattoo in the center of his chest.

“This is coming from the guy who couldn’t wait until he got back to Los Angeles?” I scrape my fingernail along the last dagger. Before I reach the hilt, he grabs my finger, sliding it into his mouth, skimming his straight teeth along my skin.

“Never claimed I had shit for patience, Red.” He leads me down the hallway into the master bedroom. Like the rest of the house, this room is incredibly similar to his bedroom back in Los Angeles—decorated in a startlingly erotic contrast of red and black.

He supports his shoulder against the doorway and trains his gaze on me. “Get naked,” he commands. He’s grinning—a hungry look that makes me grind my teeth. “And that thing with your teeth drives me f**king insane.”

Quickly, I unbutton my shorts and shimmy them down around my hips. When they fall to the floor around my feet, his chest visibly constricts. “Do you know how many times I’ve thought about you, Sienna?”

I pause, waiting for him to give me an answer, but he motions for me to continue undressing. As I drag my white tank top over my head, I hear his footsteps drawing closer. “Do you know how often I’ve woke up needing you?” He kneels down in front of me and presses his mouth to the cotton “V” of my panties.

“No,” I whisper.

His warm breath fans my skin when he continues. “Every single day since you left.” He skims his hand beneath the pink fabric of my underwear and lets out a low, animalistic growl when I tremble at his touch. “So no, I’m not letting you go this time, Sienna. There’s not even a chance.”

I nod, unable to speak. Because by the way his hands are holding on to me as if I’d disappear if he so much as let me go, I know there’s nothing in hell that will keep Lucas Wolfe away from me.

Not even Samantha.

My hands clench by my sides as he drags my panties down my hips. No, I refuse to think about his crazy ex, at least for now. There will be plenty of time for him to give me answers about her later.

Right now is for him and me.

Running my tongue across my dry lips, I find my voice and ask teasingly, “What? You going to tie me to your bed to keep me with you?”

Lucas finishes pulling the pink lace down my legs before lifting his eyes to mine. They’re full of lust and need. “Later?” he asks, and I nod. He gestures for me to step out of the panties, and I comply. “Fuck yes, I’ll tie you up later.”

Though I didn’t believe it possible, even more heat pools in the pit of my stomach. “God, Lucas—” I start, but he drags me down onto the floor with him, causing me to gasp. “What are you doing?” I struggle to get up, but he places one of his hands firmly over my belly button to still me.

“Relax.” He eases my knees apart with his body. “I’m going to taste you, Sienna.”

Even though I’m expecting it, I still jerk against him and grasp at his hair the moment his tongue darts across my clit.

His fingers replace his mouth, spreading my slick folds as he glances up at me with a warning expression on his face. “Do that again, and I’ll tie you to that bed.” He jerks his head in the direction of the four-poster bed several feet away, in the center of the black and red bedroom that’s completely out of place in this house and yet so Lucas.

My thoughts instantly go back to several months ago, to the infamous red guitar pick he’d flicked across my br**sts whenever I gritted my teeth, and I lay back, balling my fists into tight balls.

Lucas dips his head and kisses a hot trail from my stomach to my inner thigh and then back up again, stopping only once to touch his mouth to my center. “I’ll never get enough of the way you taste,” he whispers against my flesh.

“Lucas—” I want to respond, but it’s cut off by a hoarse gasp that slips through my lips when he circles his tongue around my clit roughly.

“Make that noise again,” he says. When I do, he splays his hands on the insides of my thighs, digging his fingertips into my soft skin. “I want everything from you.”


There’s a part of me that wants to give him everything he asks for without asking a single question, but there’s an alarm blaring in the back of my head.

“What’ll you give me back?” I dig my fingernails into my palms a little deeper. A little harder. I tremble violently as he slowly glides two of his long fingers into my body. “Everything?”

“Always,” he says, and I feel my heart beat even more erratically. “Whatever you want.” Then he lowers his mouth back to my clit, tasting and touching until I cry out and my back arches up. Whenever I grind my teeth, he stops, pulling away for several seconds, drawing his fingers completely away from my body, until I manage to control myself.

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