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Wayward Deviance (Wayward Saints MC Book 8) by K. Renee (1)

Chapter One


I never understood what the fuck my brothers were thinking when they decided to get shacked up with women. One woman for the rest of your life sounds pretty fucking pathetic. We are the Wayward Saints and got enough ass to last us a lifetime. Once upon a time ago, they all used to think the same way I do. Love them and leave them was the only motto we lived by. 

Hell, as kids all of us were chomping at the bit to lose our virginities. I was the youngest, so my brothers would always talk about the pussy they were tapping. They would tell me about sex and all the things they did to girls. My interest was always peaked, but when I finally lost my virginity at fifteen, I didn't get what they were talking about. I didn't have the same orgasms that they talked about. Hell, I had a hard time just getting off with the girls from high school. 

But at seventeen, I finally figured out what they were talking about. My first full blown orgasm was with a club whore who liked things a little rougher than the rest. Hell, I had no idea what she wanted, but she walked me through it every step of the way. And fucking hell was it phenomenal. 

The moment my palm landed on her pale white ass, I knew that I finally found something that I liked. Judging by the moans that came out of her mouth, I was doing something right. Seeing my handprint on her ass got me harder than I had ever been before. She reached behind and squeezed my balls, and I almost fucking came right then and there. 

I didn't know why I was programmed this way, but Silvie always made sure to get me off when I needed it. We used each other, and we were both okay with it. There were no strings and no jealousy when we both went for other people. 

I was afraid of how my brothers would react if I told them that I just couldn't get it up for any of the bitches who wanted to fuck missionary only. It wasn't my taste and I sure as hell didn't want just to get them off. Being the youngest boy in my family, I was selfish. My old man always gave me what I wanted because he felt bad that I didn't get to spend as much time as my brothers did with my mom.

He blamed himself for her death, and I did too for a long time. 

When I turned eighteen and started prospecting, I realized that there was nothing he could have done. That same thing could happen to any of the members, and we were lucky to have her in our lives for the short amount of time that we did. We live our lives fast and rough and everything we love can be gone in the blink of an eye. I know, we’ve lost a few brothers over the last couple years and it never gets easier. 

I've been watching my idiot brothers fall in love, laughing at their misery when something doesn’t go their way. My sister, yeah she's a different story. I always hoped that she would find a man who could take care of her and still be able to deal with us. And trust me when I say my brothers and I can be a handful. 

We used to love to screw with the little high school boys she tried to date. Not one of them came to the house without pissing themselves. Robbie and I made it a mission to scare them off before they could even get to the front door, something that Anslie would throw a fit at. Our old man had to get in between us a few times.  

Before Brant was sent to Oregon, I could see that something was going on between them, hell all of us could. It wasn't ideal, but he made her happy and protected her when we weren't around. I was okay with that. I just didn’t want him to cross that line. She was underage and he was a member of the club. She deserved more than the club. 

I wanted to put my fist through Brantley’s face when I found out what happened between them. He sure as hell didn’t deserve her, no man did. She was our baby sister, and we would do anything to protect her, even if that meant we went against one of our own.

I was glad he finally pulled his head out of his ass and finally manned up. At first, I thought I would have to beat his ass for the way he leads her on. She had his twin sons, but he was still attached to that bitch he was with when Ans came back. 

My brothers and I talked about beating his ass on more than one occasion just because he knocked her up and never once told us about it. I went after him one night, and Robbie had to hold me back. 

Sure, I'm the youngest of the Davoli boys, but I can fuck your shit up just like my older brothers. Who do you think taught me? 

But now my head is all fucked up. One pint-sized little thing fucked up my head enough to make me think twice about the life I was leading. She was unlike anything I’d ever encountered and I wanted every inch of her. 

The minute Brynn walked into my life; I knew I was in for a hell of a ride. That girl was hell in heels, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Her tight little black shorts and skimpy tops left nothing to the imagination, and I couldn't wait to sink balls deep into her. Her white blonde hair spilled down her back in waves, and the only thing I could think of was wrapping it around my arm and bending her over the first thing I could find. 

The one catch was that she didn't know about the thoughts that were constantly running through my head. She's a good girl with a wild streak a mile long, but I'm sure this was still a little too much for her tastes. 

Sure the sexy little thing made it difficult to concentrate at work, but I wouldn't give up my lifestyle for her. I need the release, and I only know one way of getting it. 

Over the years I've ruined more girls than I could count with the things I wanted to do to them. I wanted so bad to ruin Brynn, but my sister would fucking kill me. Anslie and Brynn have gotten really close over the last few months. 

Brynn works in the bike shop as the receptionist or some shit, and for just as long I've been thinking about sinking into her sweet pussy. 

Shit, I thought for sure my dick was gonna explode when I walked in on her bent over her desk just now. 

Her tight little shorts were showing off just enough of her ass cheeks to turn even gay men straight. She had no panty lines so I can only imagine what she had on underneath. I have to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from reaching over and grabbing her ass.

I clear my throat, and she jumps.  Sometimes, I swear she doesn't know how fucking hot she is. 

"Bentley," she stutters. 

I smirk at her and walk as close as I can without touching her. I watch the way her throat bobs with each swallow she takes, and my hands are itching to be on her neck. She's nervous, and it turns me on even more. 

"Hey, darlin'. How are things going?" I ask. 

What I would give to be able to bend her over the desk and fuck her into next year. 

Brynn doesn't have a lot of curves, but I can bet money that she would look fucking perfect tied to my bed.

Licking her lips, I watch her eyes turn lustful, and I know she wants me just as bad as I want her. 

"They are great," she whispers. "I am finally getting the hang of things around here." 

I watch her eyes trail down my body, and I get hard. When she gets to my dick, I hear her sharp intake of breath. She can see what she does to me, and I would love to turn her ass pink with my hand.

The office door opens, and I hear my nephews come in screaming, "Unkle Benwee!" 

I turn around and get slammed into by Severye and Remington. I look up from my favorite mini people and see my sister staring daggers at me. She has Braxton on her hip, and he's pulling on her hair. 

"Hey, Brynn!" she greets Brynn with a huge smile on her face. 

"Bentley," she says with a snarky attitude that I grew to know all too well over the years. I walk over to her and grab my favorite little boy Brax out of her arms. 

Kissing her on the cheek, I reply, "Hey, little girl." 

She sticks her tongue out at me and tells me she's not the youngest anymore. I laugh at her because she will always be a little girl to us. Anslie and I are only three years apart, so I wasn't as overbearing as Dom or Robbie. I let her do as she pleased and only stepped in when necessary. 

"Can you watch the boys for me, Ben?" she asks sweetly. Shit. I should have known better. 

"Come on little girl. I'm working. Can't you get your old man to watch his kids? I know that bastard ain't here working." 

She gives me her signature puppy dog eyes and I pretty much give in. "I want to spend some time with Brantley alone. I'll love you forever Benny." 

I hate when she calls me that. "You already love me forever, but yeah I’ll watch the little people." 

She squeals and wraps her arms around my neck, and Brax grabs her hair again tugging her head toward him. She kisses my cheek and then pulls her hair out of his grasp. She gives the boys each a kiss and tells them that she loves them. 

"Bye guys, I’ll pick you up in a little bit. Thanks, Ben. Bye Brynn!" She runs out the door, and I turn to look at Brynn who has a smile on her face.

"What?" I ask with a smirk.

She shakes her head and her white blonde hair dances around her face. "Just didn't expect you to be the type to watch your sister's kids." 

Looking over at the twins, they are playing cars on the desk and not even paying attention to what's going on. I walk over to her and lean into her ear. "I'm a lot of bad things darlin', but I love these little guys and would do anything for them and my sister." 

I feel her body break out into goose bumps and Brax tries to grab her hair. I angle him away just enough so he can't grab the strands. 

"You can't be all that bad if you babysit for your sister" she states unevenly. I'm affecting her, and I can't help but smile. 

"Trust me; I'm all sorts of fucked up." I lean away from her and look into her eyes. She looks fascinated, but I can tell she still isn't sure about me. 

Every ounce of me wants to dominate her, but in the back of my mind, I know I can't ruin her. She's too good for the likes of me. I'll be damned if I hurt her when every instinct in me wants to protect her. 

She reaches out and places her hand on my arm. "Bentley, you can't be that bad." 

Brax starts to babble about who knows what, but I can only focus on the blonde beauty standing in front of me. 

"You have no idea," I state staring into her icy blue eyes. I hear the door slam open, but I don't remove my eyes from her.

"Bentley!" the bitch shrieks. 

Fuck me. I told this cunt to get lost and she still doesn't fucking get it. Slowly turning around, I come face to face with the bitch I wish I never let in my bed. 

The bitch tries to look around me, but I tower over Brynn, so she's covered from her sight. Shit would get real ugly fast if she knew all the things I've been thinking about Brynn. 

Handing my nephew Brax to Brynn, I face the bitch again. Yeah, I call her bitch. No, it's not a pet name, and yes, it's how I feel about her. She's a bitch plain and simple. She thinks that just because we fucked a few times that we are suddenly in a fucking relationship. Every fucker that knows me knows I don't do relationships. Bitches are only good for one thing... 

"What do you want?" I ask, clenching my fists. I've never hit a woman, but this bitch has gone way too fucking far for the last time. 

"Bentley, we're supposed to go out. Don't you remember our date?" she whines. 

I can hear Brynn snickering behind me, and it makes me want to paddle her ass so fucking badly. 

"We aren't doing shit. I told you we were done and we will never fuck again," I ground out. I only have so much patience before I flip my shit and this bitch is right there teetering that line. 

I feel Brynn's hand on my lower back, and I have to force myself to focus on the bitch in front of me. 

"Baby! We are meant to be together!" she wails. 

I see the twins look over at us out of the corner of my eye, and I cringe. They watch us intently, and I sure hope they don't repeat any of this to my sister. She would be pissed.

"Bitch, get the fuck out of my shop and out of my life. I've told you a hundred times. We. Are. Not. Together." Brax starts to cry, and I decide I would rather pull my teeth out then deal with this shit any longer. I don't want to subject my nephews and Brynn to this crazy bitch any longer.

I push the bitch out the door and into the parking lot. 

She turns and huffs out in annoyance. She's lucky, so fucking lucky right now. I want to strangle the fucking dumb bitch and not in a good way.


I hold my hand up stopping her from saying anything else. 

"No. I fucking told you once that we are done. Don't ever come near me again." I watch her eyes get huge, and I can tell she's finally listening to me. 

"You pull that shit again, and you will wish you never met me. I'm not fucking around." Before she can say a thing, I turn and walk back to the office and slam the door shut before she can follow me. Not that I think she is that fucking stupid. But hey, I can be wrong.