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Waking the Deep: Mountain Mermaids (Sapphire Lake) by P. Jameson (1)

Chapter 1

“Will you stop tearing pages out of my magazines!” Fannie of Clan Dagaz barked.

“They’re old. Don’t get your panties in a twist.” Mary of Clan Fehu was flipping through a stack of magazines while lounging on Fannie’s floral couch that looked like a relic from the Eighties.

“I like to keep them!”

“Fannie, these are at least two years old. What are you going to do with them?”

Fannie slammed her tea cup down on the counter behind her. “I look at them. I enjoy them. I remember things I saw and look through them to find a recipe or a cleaning tip.”

“If you’d just tear them out you wouldn’t need to. Or here’s a crazy idea, look it up on the internet. You know, digital information.”

“Don’t get sassy with me. I like paper,” Fannie said.

“You and that Rolodex. One of these days you’re going to screw up and write the wrong thing or take the wrong note and mess up a mating.”

Fannie came over the back of the couch and slapped Mary on the shoulder. “How dare you say that. Gaia would never let me screw something like that up.”

“That’s what you think. I wonder if she just plays with us sometimes.”

“Mary, seriously, what is your problem today?”

“I can’t see her face,” Mary grumbled.

“Whose face?”

Mary made a grumbling noise.

“Mary, whose face?”

“Stupid KSI, always dropping into my dreams right now. This is Ida’s territory. I shouldn’t have to worry about these guys.”

“Who do you have in KSI?”

“Anson. His father calls me to see if I have a mate for him. Can you imagine? Being so bold as to call me? He does it every month. Every month he wants an update.”

Fannie let out a cackle. “I wouldn’t take his calls.”

“I stopped doing that a long time ago, but then he emails or sends registered mail. And I’ll be damned if I tell him that I’ve had some signs. If I’m wrong, well then, I don’t want to get his hopes up.”

“You know things happen when they’re supposed to.”

“You say that but you don’t have them breathing down your neck.”

“What do you see?”

“I see a bride. I can’t see her face. But then I see a different bride with a different dress. I still can’t see her face. Is it two people? Am I supposed to figure out which one? I don’t know if I need to interfere or help.”

Fannie sat beside her and shoved her legs over to make room. “So, let King know. Send him an email. He’s been through this with that Van fellow.”

“Maybe I should just call Ida and have her do it.”


“I’m not a chicken.”

“Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a chicken.”

“Good lord, that doesn’t make an ounce of sense. Have you gone senile?”

“Not yet, besides, I’d be the first to know.”

Mary snorted. “Fannie, you’re not helping.”

“Send a message. Tell King to be on the look out. But please do us all a favor and tell Ida so she doesn’t rain hell down on our heads.”

“These boys are going to be the death of us,” Mary moaned.

Fannie didn’t disagree.



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