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The Bartender (Working Men Series Book 3) by Ramona Gray (1)



“Ms. Banks, I can’t find the book.”

I moved around the desk and followed the little girl across the library to the children’s section.  “It’s supposed to be right here, but it isn’t.”

I scanned the shelf before studying the one above it. “Here it is, Emily.  It just got shelved wrong.”

“Isn’t it your job to shelve it right?”  The seven-year-old cocked her eyebrow at me and I swallowed down my urge to laugh.

“Everyone makes mistakes.”

“I guess.”  She took the book and then smiled at me.  “Sorry, Ms. Banks.  I wasn’t trying to be mean.  You’re a real good librarian.”

“Thank you, Emily.

“Emily?  Em!  C’mon, let’s go.  Mom’s waiting for us in the car.”  Her older brother, Ethan, was waving at her from across the library.  “C’mon, dummy!”

“Be quiet, Ethan!”  Emily yelled.  “You’re not supposed to yell in the library!”

“You’re yelling too!”

Emily gave me a do-you-see-how-I-suffer look before marching toward the desk.  “I just gotta check this book out and then I’m ready.”

Ethan tossed the football he was holding into the air and caught it.  “Fine.  I’m gonna go wait in the car with Mom.”

Emily waited patiently as I scanned her card and her book into the system.  I tucked a bookmark into the book and handed it to her.  “Remember, it’s due back in fourteen days.”

“I know.  Hey, Ms. Banks?”


“Why aren’t you married?  Is it because you’re a librarian?”

“Why would you think that?”

She shrugged.  “Ethan says that librarians never get married.  They just go to work and then sit at home with their twelve cats.  Do you have a cat, Ms. Banks?”

“No, I’m allergic.  Not being married doesn’t have anything to do with being a librarian.  Plenty of librarians are married, Emily.”

“Okay.”  She turned and walked away, apparently having lost interest in why I wasn’t married.

I watched her go, a small smile on my face, before glancing around the library.  For a Saturday afternoon, it was surprisingly empty.  Normally Saturday was our busiest day.  A group of seniors usually met up after lunch to read the magazines and gossip quietly.  The computer room was almost always full and there was usually a table or two of students, their text books and tablets and laptops covering most of the table.

This afternoon, there were only three people in the computer room, the seniors had never shown up, and only half a dozen people perused the books.  I walked to the cart of books at the end of the biography aisle and began to shelve them. 

I whirled around, my heart thudding in my chest.  There was no one behind me.  His deep voice was just in my head.  The way it had been nearly every hour since I’d left Ren’s Bar last night.  It was driving me insane, making me lose sleep and not eat, and shelve the damn books wrong.  It was stupid to even think he was here.  He never came to the library.

I shook my head to clear it and shelved the book I was holding before grabbing another.

No one looks at you, no one touches you, no one fucks you, but me.  Is that clear, sweetheart?  Say it.

“No one fucks me, but you, Ren.”  I murmured before looking around.  Thank God there was no one near me.  I rested my burning forehead against the shelf of books.  The temptation to go back, to relive that moment from last night, was too hard to resist.  I closed my eyes and let it consume me.


* * *


“You’re gorgeous.  You know that, right?”  Elliott was holding me too tightly as we danced, his gaze glued to my exposed cleavage.

I tried to wiggle back a little.  I was starting to regret coming to the bar tonight.  I had gone to Ren’s bar for two reasons.  One – to support my best friend Madison, who was trying to make her crush jealous and two – to try and make my crush jealous.  I had failed miserably at it.  Despite dressing sexier than I normally did – okay, maybe that was an exaggeration.  I was still wearing my hair up in a bun and my round ass and chunky thighs were completely covered by my tights and ankle-length skirt.  But, I had let Madison convince me to wear a shirt that was four sizes too small and barely covered my breasts.

Anyway, it was a waste of energy.  I’d been lusting after Ren Parker for months.  I’d even had the silly idea that he would be the one I’d give my virginity to, despite the fact that he’d never once looked at me like he wanted me.  So, when Madison told me of her plan to make Jacob jealous, I’d temporarily lost my mind and decided to try the same thing with Ren.

Only it hadn’t – wasn’t – working.  Whenever I went to Ren’s bar, he usually at least acknowledged me, but tonight he hadn’t looked at me once.  It was like he was deliberately avoiding me.  I shouldn’t have been as hurt as I was.  I don’t think I’d had a single conversation with the man beyond, “Hi.  Nice weather, huh?”, but I was hurt. 

Hurt enough that I decided I was taking Elliott home and using him to get rid of my pesky virginity once and for all.  I was twenty-three years old and still being a virgin was starting to be embarrassing.  I was self-conscious about my looks, but Elliott seemed to be a boob guy. Maybe he’d be so busy with them, he wouldn’t notice how round my stomach was or how thick my thighs were.

Of course, now I was second-guessing my decision to screw Elliott.  It wasn’t just the way he couldn’t stop leering at my breasts.  It was his bad breath, his blank look when I’d asked him what his favourite book was, the erection he wasn’t even trying to disguise as we danced.  Did I really want to give up my v-card to someone who didn’t even read for pleasure?

Ren liked to read.  I’d never seen him at the library, but I’d seen him at the coffee shop a few times with a book.  A real book.  Not a tablet or an e-reader, but a paper book.  It was totally snobby of me, but knowing that he liked to read, knowing that he liked to read paper books, made me even more attracted to him.  Like, wet in the pussy, tingly in the nipples, attracted to him.

What can I say?  Hot guys who read, turn me on.

“Did you hear me?”  Elliott asked

I tried to smile.  “Uh, thanks for the compliment.  Listen, do you think you could stop holding me so – oh!”

My arm was taken in a firm grip and I was pulled away from Elliott so hard that I stumbled in my sensible heels.  I stared at the man holding my arm.  “Ren?  What are you doing?”

“You’re touching what’s mine.”  Ren wasn’t even looking at me.  He was glaring daggers at Elliott and the younger man immediately took a step back, holding up his hands.

“Hey, she never said she had a guy.”

“I don’t,” I said.  “He’s not my -”

“Hush, Rachel.”

I hushed.  It wasn’t so much what Ren said, but how he said it.  I wasn’t one for blind obedience to a man, but the tone of Ren’s voice had me shutting my mouth with a snap.

“You don’t ever touch her again.  Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I get it,” Elliott said a bit sullenly.

“Let’s go,” Ren said to me.

“Go where?”

He didn’t reply, just started off the dance floor.  He was still holding my arm and I had no choice but to follow him.  Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jacob standing behind Madison.  Ren was leading me into his office and just before he closed the door, I saw Madison put her arm around Jacob’s waist.

The door shut and Ren dropped my arm.  His office was small, and Ren was a big man.  I backed up nervously when he stepped toward me, but my butt hit the edge of his desk almost immediately and I was trapped.

“What are you doing, Rachel?”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“This.”  One finger brushed against the exposed swell of my right breast and I moaned.  I couldn’t help it.

He gave me a hard grin.  “Why are you showing off what belongs to me?”

“I – what?”

“These.  Belong.  To.  Me.”  With a quick flick of his fingers, he flicked open the button that was straining to stay closed over my breasts.  My shirt gaped open and I automatically lifted my arms to cover my breasts.

“No.”  He blocked my attempt.  “Arms at your side, sweetheart.”

My arms dropped, and he studied my breasts that were barely covered by my bright red bra.  It was a demi-cup with lace edging and he traced the edging with his fingers.  “Your tits belong to me.  Stay it, Rachel.”

I shook my head mutely, but I didn’t even try to stop him when he tugged on the edges of both cups of my bra.  My nipples popped out like they’d been waiting all night for him.  He made a low noise in the back of his throat that made my lower muscles clench and my pussy flutter.

“My nipples.  Say it.”

“No, I can’t say that.  I can’t – ohh!”

He pulled on my nipples, forcing me to move closer to him as pain and pleasure flooded my body.

“Mine.”  His voice was matter-of-fact.  His mouth came crashing down on mine before I could protest.  My lips parted for his tongue and I stood stock-still for a moment.  Ren was kissing me.  Ren has his tongue in my mouth like he owned it.  Ren was cupping my breasts and rubbing my nipples and holy mother of Mary, it was the hottest moment of my life.

I threw my arms around his shoulders and pressed up against him.  His long fingers tugged down my bra cups until my large breasts were completely exposed.  He tugged at my nipples again as he angled his mouth over mine and kissed me deeply.  I let him take what he wanted from me, rubbing myself like an eager little slut against his obvious erection.

He pulled back and I shuddered all over at the look in his eyes.  He was normally so calm, so laid-back and almost sweet.  There was nothing sweet in his gaze now.

“These are my tits.”  He gave them a hard squeeze.  “Say it.”

“They’re yours.”  My voice was a whisper but steady enough.

“That’s right, sweetheart.  And are you going to show them to anyone else?”


“Good.  I’m the only one who gets to see your tits.”

“Okay.”  I wanted him to rub my nipples again, but he frowned and gave them a little pinch.

“Say it, Rachel.”

“You’re the only one who gets to see them.”


“Because they’re yours.”

“That’s right.”  He turned me around to face the desk with a swiftness that surprised me.

I ground my ass against his erection and he pinched my nipples again.  “Be good, sweetheart.”  He kissed my neck before sucking lightly.  “Do you have any idea how tempted I am to mark your soft skin?  To send you back out in the bar with my teeth marks all over your throat, so that everyone knows you’re mine?”

“Ren, please.  I – I should go.”  I was so turned on, the crotch of my panties was soaking wet.  I decided it was probably better to get out of his office before he figured out just how hot his claim of ownership was making me.

I realized with horror that he was pushing his hand under the waistband of my skirt.  As it slid into my tights and panties, I tried to wrench away.  “Ren, wait.”

“No.”  Just that one word made my pussy clench.  His foot kicked my legs apart and then his hand was cupping my pussy.  For the first time in my life, a hand other than my own was touching my pussy.

I froze against him as he made a low chuckle and his other hand cupped my breast.  “Look how wet you are for me.”

“Ren, I… oh my God!”

His rough fingertips had found my swollen clit and I shamefully began to writhe and beg immediately.  “Please, oh please.”

“You want to cum, sweetheart?”


“Who else has touched you like this?  Who else has made you cum on their fingers?”

“N-no one.”

“Good.”  The pleased tone in his voice made me gush liquid into his hand.  “We’re going to keep it that way.  No one ever touches your pussy, but me.  Do you understand? “

“Yes,” I moaned.  “No one touches me, but you.”

“Well done, sweetheart.  Now just a few more,” he paused and ran the tip of one finger against the side of my clit, “clarifications, and then I’ll let you cum.  Okay?”

“Okay,” I panted.  I wiggled against his hand, trying to move his fingers against my clit and he gave my wet pussy lips a little slap that sent lightning bolts of pleasure up and down my spine.

“Stop trying to get off, sweetheart, and pay attention.”

“Please,” I moaned.

“Pay attention.”  He reached up and plucked the two sticks from my hair.  My hair fell out of the bun and he made a low noise of appreciation.  “So pretty.  I love your hair, sweetheart.”  He petted the long strands before burying his face in it and breathing deep.

“Thank you,” I whispered.  “Please, can I cum now?”

His fingers, his deliciously rough fingers, were still circling my clit.  “Soon.  Listen carefully, Rachel.  Are you listening?”

“Yes.”  I arched my back, straining into his touch when he cupped my breast again.

“Your virginity is mine, Rachel.  Mine to take, mine to own.”

I stiffened against him and he made a soothing noise before gently caressing my breast.  “It’s mine.  Do you agree?”

“Ren, I – oh, oh my gosh!”

His fingers were rubbing my clit again and I was on the verge of my climax when he stopped.

“No!”  I was almost crying for my relief, my body shaking and my nipples so hard they were painful. 

“Do you agree, Rachel?”

“Yes,” I moaned, “yes, my virginity is yours.”

“Good, sweetheart.”

“Please touch me.”

“No one looks at you, no one touches you, no one fucks you, but me.  Is that clear, sweetheart?  Say it.”

“No one fucks me but you, Ren.”  At that point, I would have opened the door and shouted it to the entire bar if he’d asked me to.

His fingers pinched my clit, pinched and then pulled, and I cried out as my climax washed over me like a tidal wave.  My body shook, my knees buckled, and I would have fallen to the floor if Ren hadn’t held me up with an arm around my waist.  I shuddered and moaned as Ren slid his hand free.

“Bend over, sweetheart.”  He pressed on my lower back and I bent over the desk obediently, my breasts pressing against the smooth wood.  Ren was pulling up my skirt and I stared wide-eyed at the wall.  Holy shit.  I was about to have sex with Ren Parker.  He was going to take my virginity and –


My skirt was almost over my ass and I looked over my shoulder in confusion when Ren tugged it back down.  “Ren?”

“Stand up.”

I straightened. My legs were still shaking, and I weaved a bit when he turned me around.  Regret, lust and what looked like anger crossed his face as he quickly popped my breasts back into my bra and buttoned my shirt again.  He scowled at how much of my breasts were still showing before reaching down and adjusting his cock.

“Ren?  What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.  You need to go home.”

“What?”  I stared at him in numb disbelief.  “No, wait.  I – aren’t we going to have sex?”

He shook his head and I chewed at my bottom lip.  “But, you said my virginity was yours.”

His groan and the way he clenched his fists only confused me more.  “You need to leave, Rachel.”

“I don’t understand.  What did I do wrong?  I – if you tell me what I did wrong, I won’t do it again.”

“No, it’s not…” His gaze drifted to my breasts again and he reached down and adjusted his cock again.  “For Christ sake, Rachel.  Will you just please do what I say and go the fuck home?”

Hurt flooded through me and I turned and fled his office.