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Bet On It by Jaclyn Quinn (1)

“Oh shit, you actually did it!” Spencer said, nearly spewing his coffee. He stared wide-eyed at Ty’s bald head that was probably standing out like a sore thumb in the middle of their kitchen.

Ty rolled his eyes, already prepared for the harassment to come. He crossed the kitchen to the coffee maker, ignoring the look of amusement on his best friend’s face.

Ty’s light brown waves that used to touch his ears and his scruffy goatee were both a thing of the past—well, at least, as far back as last night. That morning, there was absolutely no hair on his head, including facial, thanks to the poker game he’d lost the night before. Thank fuck I didn’t agree to lose the eyebrows, too.

“Whatever, I still look good. You’re just jealous you can’t sport this and get away with it.” Ty poured himself a cup of coffee then sat down at the table, running a hand over his newly-bald head. “It looks better than when you had to dye yours bright red in college. You looked like fucking Ronald McDonald.”

“Keep telling yourself that, Mr. Clean.” Spencer laughed, standing up and clapping his roomie on the shoulder hard. “I have a date tonight. Just warning you, in case you hear anything interesting coming from my room.” Spencer wiggled his brows up and down.

“Dude! TMI!” Ty childishly put his hands over his ears in mock irritation.

“You’re such an idiot,” Spencer said as he smacked Ty on the back of his hairless dome.

He and Spencer had been roommates in this house for over four years, but until recently, they’d always had a third roommate. First it was a guy they’d graduated college with. He’d lived with them for three years before he’d moved back home to Ohio. The last roommate stayed for about a year, but he’d left six months ago. He’d found them by their ad online and never quite fit in with the two of them. The guy definitely had no sense of humor and never took part in their bets. Okay, so the bets could get a little out of hand sometimes, but it was all in good fun. Ty and Spencer each knew, no matter the wager, they would always hold up their end of the bargain—hence the bald head.

They’d first met each other freshman year of college, but it wasn’t until junior year that they’d actually shared a house together with two other guys. It was then Ty found out Spencer had absolutely no interest in the female students but, instead, preferred the male variety. Ty had looked at him differently for about a week, knowing he was being fucking weird. It wasn’t that he’d had a problem with it; he’d just had no clue how to feel about it. Something always niggled in the back of his mind—which he’d quickly shut down. Although, Ty no longer tried to set Spencer up with female blind dates, he in no way wanted to know what Spencer did behind closed doors with the guys he brought home. Or, maybe the problem was, he’d caught himself wondering a few times what it was like…and that was a few times too many. That aside, Spencer was Ty’s best friend—even if the guy was way too open about the details of his sex life, just for the sheer fun of it.

“I have to get to work.” Ty’s chair scraped across the floor as he pushed away from the table. He reached over to get his jacket off the chair he’d dropped it on when he came in the night before. He could feel Spencer still staring at his damn head.

“You are so lucky you work with your dad. Could you imagine having to go into a normal office looking like that? You’d scare off the clients.”

“Very funny.”

As Ty crossed the living room, Spencer called after him, “You should call your dad and warn him to bring some sunglasses with him. You don’t want that glowing sphere to blind the old man!”

Ty’s response was the finger he gave Spencer over his shoulder as walked out the door.

Ty walked into the house at midnight, hoping he’d come in late enough to miss awkward introductions with Spencer’s fuck buddy for the night. He tried to avoid those situations at all costs. He’d gotten used to Spencer being gay years ago. But just like Ty felt awkward every time Spencer caught him walking a girl out of his room, Ty was still a little uncomfortable meeting a guy Spencer only used for a one-off—because then his mind wandered through the many questions he had.

And Ty had absolutely no idea how that all played out.

He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge then crossed through the living room and down the hall to his bedroom. They lived in a three-bedroom ranch that they’d rented from Spencer’s uncle for the last four years. After their last roommate had moved out, they’d decided to make the third into an office. The living room separated the kitchen, dining room, and laundry room from the three bedrooms and full bathroom on the other side.

As Ty approached his room, he noticed Spencer’s door open a crack, letting a slice of light into the dark hallway. The sound of heavy breathing coming from Spencer’s room had Ty’s steps faltering. He froze. I do not want to know. I do not want to know! Fucking curiosity got the better of him. Stepping up to the slightly open door, he peeked into the room, making sure his body was still shrouded in darkness.

To the right, a guy was laying down on the bed, naked, with both hands tied above his head to the headboard.

So that’s how Spencer gets guys to fuck him…has to tie them up to keep them there.

Ty laughed to himself and was about to walk away when he saw movement coming from the left. Spencer walked over to the far side of the bed, stopping with his body facing the door and in complete view of Ty’s nosy eyes. Spencer stood there, naked as the day he was born, cock hard as a rock and pointing to the ceiling. Ty’s breath caught as his eyes roamed over his best friend’s perfectly-sculpted body. He knew Spencer was in shape…they’d worked out together for years…but Ty had never really looked at him until now. Spencer was about the same height as Ty, each standing about six foot, though Spencer was slightly more built. His short ebony hair contrasted strongly with his blue eyes—a trait that got him attention from both sexes. With brown hair and brown eyes, Ty had always been a little envious of Spencer’s unique qualities and bold confidence.

With bated breath, Ty watched as Spencer took something in his hand and ran it down the naked man’s body. It had a handle about eight inches long, with several leather straps attached to the end. The man’s erection jumped and danced with anticipation. Ty felt like he was watching a fucking train wreck; no matter how hard he tried—or knew he should—he just couldn’t tear his eyes away from what he was witnessing.

“What color?”


What the fuck?

With one quick flick of Spencer’s wrist, he brought the handle up and whipped it back down, leather straps striking the man mere inches from his cock. Now the man was writhing on the bed, begging Spencer to do it again.

Spencer reached down and squeezed the panting man’s dick. “You don’t come until I say you can.” Spencer brought the handle down again, striking the man on his inner thigh. Again, he avoided his cock.

Heat shot to Ty’s groin. His mouth ran dry, and he fumbled with the cap on the water bottle he was white-knuckling. The power in Spencer’s voice shocked him to the core.

Spencer knelt on the bed, his cock to the right side of the man’s head. “Suck it,” he demanded, using his left hand on the back of the guy’s head to push his mouth towards the bulbous tip of Spencer’s shaft. Without hesitation, the guy swallowed Spencer down to the root. Spencer threw his head back in ecstasy and pumped his cock in and out of the man’s willing mouth, grabbing a fist full of hair. At the same time, Spencer was using his other hand to sweep those leather straps up and down the man’s cock and balls.

Ty was breathing hard, hand rubbing the swollen mound beneath his jeans as he watched his roommate fuck that guy’s mouth.

“You want me to fuck you?” Spencer roughly asked, abruptly pulling his cock out of the man’s mouth and walking to the end of the bed.

“God, yes!” The man gasped, licking his lips and pumping his hips like he was trying to fuck the air.

Spencer walked back out of view, and Ty’s heart raced, waiting for what would happen next. Coming back to the end of the bed, Spencer now had on a lubed-up condom. He climbed onto the mattress, moving himself into a kneeling position as he pulled the guy’s thighs over his own. Spencer stroked the guy’s cock with his lube-slicked hand, trailing his fingers down until he came to the man’s hole. The guy continued to pump his hips in anticipation.

Spencer grabbed his own cock and slowly rubbed it along the moaning guy’s entrance. “Is this what you want?” he asked, moving his cock up and down torturously slow over the waiting hole.

“Yes, please!” he begged, squirming under Spencer’s touch.

“Tell me what you want. I need to hear it,” Spencer demanded.

“Fuck me! I want you to fuck me!” the guy shouted.

“You’re forgetting something,” Spencer growled, clearly impatient to give his dick some action.

“Please, fuck me, Sir!”

Without another word, Spencer pushed past the opening, both men groaning in pleasure as Spencer began to move.

Ty stared, his eyes glued on Spencer’s body as he drove over and over again into the guy’s ass. His own cock hurt pressed against his jeans, yet Ty couldn’t bring himself to walk away.

Spencer grabbed the other man’s cock, stroking it in rhythm to his thrusts. In a voice so deep, so commanding, Spencer simply said, “Come.”

On a cry, the muscles in the guy’s stomach and arms strained as he squeezed his eyes shut and came hard, shooting all over his chest and face. Spencer cried out with his own release, veins popping out of his neck and hips still surging erratically as he started to spasm. He finally collapsed on top of the man, both breathing hard.

Ty snapped out of his trance and stumbled across the hall to his room. Closing his door as quietly as he could, he stood there, chest heaving then threw the water bottle on the floor. Ty fumbled with the button on his jeans with shaking hands, finally releasing his throbbing dick and gripped it. Scenes from what he’d just watched flashed across his mind as he frantically stroked himself. But it was one word he heard in his mind over and over again. One word, spoken in his best friend’s deep, husky voice: “Come.”

Hot streams shot out of Ty’s cock and dripped onto his hand as his body jerked. It took seconds for embarrassment to slap him in the face hard as realization swept over him.

He’d just beat off to visions of his best friend having sex with another guy.



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