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Red Hot Christmas by Mara White, K. Larsen (15)




Manuel had called him last minute with a family emergency to take his overnight shift. Frankie had already put in his two weeks and was tempted to blow the whole thing off, but he knew Manuel needed the job and he didn’t want to let down his friend. It seemed like there wasn’t a single other person in for operations, Clyde had left at seven and no one showed up to replace him. There was still a rocking party on the twenty-third floor. Clyde informed him their out time was midnight and that all doors would lock automatically behind them. He himself would have to go make sure every single guest had cleared. Cleaning crew was set to arrive at six in the morning—on Christmas. He hoped they were getting paid double time. Frankie had already been upstairs twice to see if he could get a glance of Amber, but apparently she didn’t do office parties because she was nowhere to be seen. He wouldn’t have blamed her if the party had looked lame, but it seemed from his hallway view that Russ and Ogden could throw down like offices rarely could.

He stepped out of the elevator and his eyes landed on Amber. She was dressed to kill with the goddamned red heels on, her slender ankles propped up on the break table. Her hair tumbled loose around her head and swept past her shoulders. She looked like a princess awaiting her prince charming. Her lips were pouty and her cheeks flushed.

“Amber?” Frankie said as he stepped out of the elevator. The doors closed succinctly behind him and he thought nothing of it.

“Frankie, no!” Amber screamed and jumped up quicker than he imagined possible. She leapt for the doors a couple of seconds too late. Some red hots scattered to the floor around them.

“What are you doing down here?” he asked her in alarm.

“The floor is restricted. We can’t go back up,” she said with defeat.

“No, I’ve got a master key,” Frankie started brightly, then with less enthusiasm added, “upstairs in my locker.”

He believed Amber but he turned and pressed the up button anyway. It didn’t light up. He turned back to Amber.

“You look really amazing,” he told her while he waited for the elevator to show up.

“Thank you. At least you get to see it.”

“You don’t always dress up for the basement?” he asked her smiling.

“I put a lot of planning into that party, the dress. All for nothing.”

“But the nights not over yet,” Frankie told her. “I’m here and I’m appreciating the dress as we speak.”

“The heat was too high. I came down here to check when there was no one at the security desk.”

“Yeah, no one showed for the PM shift, but I decided not to call it in because we don’t really need them. Didn’t want to bother anyone on Christmas.”

“Weren’t you supposed to be off today?”

“Manuel had an emergency and he’s got a family.”

“I guess our options are either to call the emergency services or do Fireball shots down here until six in the morning.” He watched the gorgeous blush spread across her chest and up her neck as she said it.

“I’ll leave it up to you, whichever you prefer. I should have held the doors. Sorry to make you miss your office party,” Frankie told her. But he was truly hoping for the latter. The best Christmas scenario he could possibly imagine was unraveling right before him. “Maybe the temperature rising was all because of you, Amber.”

His hazel eyes shined brightly and his mouth broke into a debonair smile.

For Frankie, Amber was everything he wanted in a woman. Smart, hardworking and fearless, yet so sexy her sensuality streamed off her like tangible energy. And not only did she already take fitness seriously, but they had the same damn guru, Lou was a part of her way of life too. Just working in the same building with her, Frankie could sense when she was coming or when she’d just left because the pheromones lingered in her wake. He’d built up a sexual tension that was ready to burst. He’d never felt an attraction this strong before. It was overwhelming to know he was locked in the basement with her. His cock stiffened and he tried to focus on anything other than Amber or her sexy shoes.

“I don’t care about missing the party. It’s really for my team. My ex-husband showed up anyway. Drunk,” she told him, pushing her hair behind her ear and shrugging her shoulders. “Probably came to try to make a scene. Truth be told, I’d rather do shots in the basement with you more than anything else.”


“Absolutely. Yes.”

Frankie didn’t know what to say, so he beamed at her instead.

“I’m flattered. You’re wearing the shoes. From your profile. They look even better in person.” He felt a tad self-conscious. Here she was looking like a million bucks and he was clad in his blue zip up jump suit and work boots, his jaw shadowed with stubble because he hadn’t planned on coming to work.

“Thank you,” Amber whispered looking bashful. She lowered her chin but her eyes shot up to his. “I really like the pictures you post. I hope you don’t think I was acting out of line. I’m not always the best at socializing.”

Frankie shook his head back and forth slowly. He reached out his hand to catch her waist and when his fingers touched her, her mouth opened. She stepped in closer to him on her own wrapping her silken arms around his neck and burying her face in his chest. He pulled her into his chest and inhaled her scent, a mixture of cinnamon from the candy and something both powdery and fresh.

“Have you had a lot to drink?” he asked her, his voice unintentionally dipping low.

“Not enough,” she said into his neck, he could feel her lips graze his skin.

Amber let go and they sat down looking at the bottle of Fireball. 

He poured a splash of Fireball into the plastic cup. He tipped it back and squinted his eyes at the sweet burn of the shot.

“Time to celebrate. I’ve never had this before.”

“It burns.”

Amber grabbed a red hot between her forefinger and thumb.

“Chase it with this,” she said and placed the tiny candy between her lips. Frankie liked her style. He lowered his head and stole the little heart from her mouth in a near kiss. He sucked it into the center of his tongue, poured another shot in the glass and handed it to Amber.

“Cheers to a hot Christmas,” she told him. Amber brought the glass to her lips and tipped it back. She daintily wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Frankie placed a red hot between his lips and Amber leaned in bringing her mouth to his. She stole the candy gently with her tongue. It felt like an invitation so he kept his mouth on hers and gently parted her lips with his tongue. She kissed him back without hesitation, allowing his tongue to sweep inside her mouth. The kiss wasn’t deep and passionate, nor was it playful and soft, their kiss was cinnamon sweet and physically burned from the whiskey and cinnamon fire in their mouths. Frankie cupped the back of her head and ran his palm down the slope of her shoulder. Without disconnecting their kiss, Amber surprised him by climbing into his chair and straddling his lap. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her fiery kiss inflamed his senses. Her long, loose curls tickled his face as she straddled him and he ran his hands up the silk of her dress along her tight waist and over her rib cage. She shifted to run her center along his hard length and Frankie moaned into their kiss. He yanked her dress up over her thighs and sought the same curve in the flesh underneath the fabric. Her body was so incredibly fit and tight while her skin was delicately soft. But it wasn’t just Amber’s physical attributes that turned him on. What was so striking about this woman was her obvious need to be vulnerable. She gasped between kisses and clung to him like a child, her intimate-self appeared to be vastly different from the woman she projected to the rest of the world. In Frankie’s arms he sensed no demand to be in charge or make decisions. Instead, Amber felt like a beautiful gift tied up with a fancy ribbon for him to unwrap and enjoy all for the sake of pleasure. He lifted the incredible black dress over her head and laid it on the table. Amber really was a Christmas present in killer red shoes and green lingerie with another red hot waiting between her lips.  

Frankie took the sweet from between her teeth and licked the spicy cinnamon from her full lips. His hands moved from her waist to her ass sliding over the lace of her lingerie until contacting warm and full flesh. Amber rose on her knees and unclasped her bra giving Frankie access to a perfect rosebud of a nipple which he sucked into his mouth. He toyed with the sensitive knot using his tongue and his teeth while his hands kneaded her ass. Amber’s breasts were perfect, seashell pink and pert, naturally pear shaped and tipped up like they would render a brassier useless, a visual ornament.  Frankie sucked on her breasts alternating until her nipples were erect and her breathing erratic.

“I know you’ve been drinking so just tell me if anything is too-“ Amber silenced him with a kiss, dipping her tongue deep into his mouth, then pulled down the long zipper to his blue coveralls. Underneath he wore a white tank top and black boxer briefs with nothing else. Her long red fingernails grazed over his washboard stomach and slipped into the elastic of his underwear. She grabbed his hard length and Frankie bucked under her touch. His cock was painfully erect already crowned with precum, which she spread over the head with her thumb, brought it to her mouth and licked her finger.

Amber slid off the chair onto her knees and pulled down Frankie’s briefs. She stared at him for a moment and then wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. Frankie immediately felt the sweet burn from the Fireball and candy. The sensation, in contrast to the wet silk of her mouth was intoxicating. He wove his fingers through her hair and controlled her tempo and depth; he couldn’t get enough of her. The way she sucked. The docile expression she wore as she looked up at him and allowed him to ravish her gorgeous mouth. She took him deep, all the way to his balls without gagging or pushing back. Her mascara began to run down her face and Frankie got the distinct feeling that he had never before seen anything so devastatingly sexy. The fact that Amber surrendered her power to him so readily, made him heady with frenzied lust. He was infatuated. A woman who was the epitome of control was handing it over to him.

“Stop, Amber, stop. I’ll come.”

“Isn’t that the point?” she asked him. She didn’t stop altogether; instead she teased him with her tongue. He yanked her hair back and she stopped, more obedient than Peebo, which in truth wasn’t hard. Frankie pulled her up by the hair, turned her and pushed the middle of her back until she was face down on the break table.

Amber was still clad in the red shoes and dark green lace. Frankie kicked her feet apart and stepped between her legs, effectively stepping out of his coveralls. He toed off his work boots, if anyone showed up, he would officially be caught with his pants down. He pressed his cock against her ample ass and grabbed the flesh at her hips, pulling her backside into the air while her face remained pressed into the table.

“You kill me with this ass in a tight skirt. Your legs, the fucking heels. All of it,” he said as he slowly pulled down her panties all the way to her ankles. She was wet with arousal and her thigh muscles trembled. “Climb up on the table,” he said patting her ass. “You do that to me on purpose?”


Frankie poured himself a shot, knocked it back and brought his mouth to her sex. As his whisky laden tongue swirled around her entrance, Amber made a sound of need that was so honest and innocent it nearly unraveled him. He wanted to come all over her ass, but he also wanted to make their encounter last forever. Who knew if she would pretend not to know him in a day, or if she’d make some excuse as to why they couldn’t see one another again. He wasn’t going to just fuck her and walk away. Frankie wanted to savor her drop by drop, taste by little taste.

He brought his mouth to her center again and this time penetrated her with his tongue. She reared back into his mouth and he immediately pushed her forward.

“Uh uh. Stay still or I won’t make you come.” She moved her face slightly as if to object, but then stilled. He licked her again, from front to back, and she moaned. Frankie devoured her clit, careful to round his tongue. He could feel her body go pliant underneath his demanding hands. He alternated between savoring her clit and fucking her deeply with his tongue. Her thigh muscles clenched and her cunt pulsated under the attention from his mouth. 

“Do you have condoms?” He asked her. He fisted his shaft and rubbed his length on her ass cheeks. Then gently spread her arousal with the head of his cock.

“No,” Amber whispered. “But, I’m on the pill.”

He slid his pointer and middle fingers into her; she was so ready.

Maybe it was rash, but in that moment, he felt like he’d been waiting his whole life to be inside her. Frankie threw caution to the wind and slid his cock in to the hilt, she wrapped around him like they were made for one another and Frankie dropped his head back trying not to come. A strangled cry escaped from Amber, she too seemed to be fighting the momentum. He fisted her hair, yanked her head back again and held her, fully penetrated, back arched, knees bent, and the red shoes flanking his thighs.




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