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Claiming His Virgin In the Pool by Cassandra Dee, Katie Ford (1)





I’m a sassy girl and flaunting my assets has never been a problem. But what happened last year was so off the charts that I don’t know where to begin. Maybe it was the fact that I had no money for gas again. Maybe it was the fact that I was so sick of my loser boyfriend Rick bailing at the last minute, that I decided to go with my buddy Amber to some random party. But one thing led to another, and suddenly, my life was completely different.

“Come on,” said Amber, fluffing out her long blonde hair while appraising her reflection in the mirror. “It’ll be fun.”

I grumbled a little. After a day at the country club slinging towels and bringing out drinks to spoiled rich women, I was tired. My face felt like it would crack if I had to put on one more fake smile, and my skin still smelled of chlorine despite the fact that I’d soaped myself up three times in the shower.

“I dunno, maybe I’ll just stay home,” was my yawn. “You know I’m supposed to meet Rick tomorrow. He’s taking me to that new restaurant that serves the best burgers.”

Amber pulled a face before spinning towards me with her hands on her hips.

“Kels, I hate to break it to you, but Rick’s not going to do that. I already know he’s going out with Bob and the crew tomorrow. They’re doing some ATV riding before hitting the shooting range.”

That made me jerk upright, shock on my face.

“No way,” I shook my head. “This is actually supposed to be our six month anniversary lunch. Rick promised. He said he made a reservation at Burger Bistro already.”

Amber shook her head sadly before turning back to face the mirror.

“Sweetie, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not true. Bob and Rick have had this trip planned for ages. Maybe you got the date wrong? Maybe it’s supposed to be next weekend instead? Because I know they put a deposit down two weeks ago, and you know how these places are. It’s not just a five dollar deposit, it was something along the lines of two hundred bucks.”

I gaped at her, head spinning. And as if on cue, suddenly my phone beeped.

Hey babe, came the text from Rick. Feeling really sick. Think I got the flu from my little sister. Rain check on lunch tomorrow?

I couldn’t even text back, my face white from shock. But my cell beeped again.

Love ya, he wrote like I couldn’t see through this farce. You’re in my thoughts.

I threw my cell down, unable to believe it. Amber turned to me with a knowing frown.

“He just canceled, didn’t he?” she asked sympathetically. “I know, I can tell. That guy’s a douchebag and always has been. I told you that it’d be disaster to go out with him.”

I shook my head, unable to believe that Rick was lying to my face. Did he think I was dumb? After all, Amber, Bob, me and Rick are all in the same friend group. We’re a working class group of teens and twenty somethings in Phoenix who like to have fun. Money’s tight, but a celebratory lunch at Burger Bistro wasn’t out of our budgets, especially if it was to commemorate six months together. So how could Rick plan this getaway with his buddies to the shooting range? Plus, ATVs and guns aren’t cheap. They cost a pretty penny, and I couldn’t believe he’d rather blow his paycheck hanging with his friends while lying to my face about being “sick.”

I turned to Amber.

“You know what?” I said, bouncing out of my chair. “I think I will go to that party with you tonight. Where did you say it was again?”

She grinned.

“Atta girl. It’s at some rich dude’s house out in the desert. But get this, Kels. Allegedly, this guy has an indoor pool in his basement with neon lights, so bring your bikini!”

I rolled my eyes. This was probably going to be a party at a Hugh Hefner-type of mansion where there were old dudes with flabby bodies eyeing pretty young things. Oh god. I didn’t want that. But seeing that my plans for tomorrow had already blown up, there was no reason to try and get my beauty sleep. Might as well go out, enjoy myself, and have fun, since there was no reason to get up early tomorrow morning.

“Okay,” I said with a sigh. “Just give me a second to change.”

And in the bathroom, I looked at the two swimsuits in my possession. One was a one-piece, but it wasn’t some staid, conservative nylon number. It had cute cut-outs, plus a long string that you wound around your stomach, making it look kind of elegant. My hand reached for the black swimsuit, but then stopped as I turned to look at the other option. Option number two was completely different. The bikini was absolutely hoochy and wrong, what with being gold colored and made of a shiny lamé fabric. But what made it scandalous was the fact that there was barely any material. The string ties were connected to little bits of fabric that seemed no bigger than tiny postage stamps.

“Are you ready?” called Amber from outside. “What’s taking so long?”

What was taking so long was that I was choosing between being Good Girl or Bad Girl Kelsey. I could go with the black one-piece and come across as a decent, modest girl who liked having fun. Or I could go with the gold bikini and present myself as a skanky hooch capable of doing the dirtiest acts. At that moment, my phone buzzed again.

Oh my god, just vomited into the toilet from the flu, read Rick’s text. Will miss you sooo much tomorrow babe.

That did it. This guy was so full of shit, and with a snort, I loosened the gold bikini from the hanger and began draping it over my considerable assets. Oh wow. This was going to be even more revealing that I’d previously thought because I’ve put on some weight recently, and the outfit covered next to nothing. My ginormous Double Ds swung this way and that, the pink areola barely hidden by fabric. Plus the bottoms were no better. They formed a floss between my rounded butt cheeks before spreading into a tiny triangle that barely masked my pussy lips. In fact, if I was being honest, you could see the imprint of my crease beneath the fabric, it was so tight and small at the same time.

But staring at myself in the mirror, I wiggled my ass defiantly, watching as the creamy mounds bumped and jumped. Because Rick couldn’t treat me like this, and I wasn’t going to take his bad behavior lying down. I was going to go out tonight and have fun, six month anniversary be damned. So with another defiant shake of my brown curls, I slipped into a short gold cover-up that matched my bikini. It looked like I was wearing a cocktail dress that molded my curves, ready for a night out.

And when I stepped out of the bathroom, Amber nodded approvingly, also decked out to the nines in her own skanky outfit.

“See doll?” she asked. “It always feels better to put on make-up and go out instead of dwelling on the bad stuff, right? Now we’re going to have fun,” she grinned. But when I leaned over to pull on my shoes, Amber shook her head.

“Nuh-uh, you can’t wear those,” she said emphatically, blonde hair swinging. “Kels, those shoes are going to ruin your whole outfit.”

I knew what my friend was saying. The jelly flip-flops were hardly a match for my come-hither outfit, even if they were cute and waterproof to boot. I sighed, twisting my head to look at her with one foot already slipped into a shoe.

“I can’t wear high heels,” was my protest. “I’ve been on my feet the entire day working at the country club, and my calves are exhausted. I’d wear sneakers if I could,” was my dark remark.

But Amber wasn’t taking no for an answer. She disappeared into her closet for a moment before reappearing with a pair of gold slingbacks.

“Ta-da!” she announced with a triumphant smile. “Sweetie, you can’t wear those. Take these instead. I agree, these heels are high, but they’ll make you look absolutely ravishing. Plus, you just can’t when it comes to those flat shoes. Not with that outfit,” she said, making a face.

I rolled my eyes before taking the stilettos reluctantly. Because these heels weren’t just to die for, I probably would literally die in them since they were like skyscrapers. At least five inches, my feet were arched uncomfortably to the point that I thought I might teeter over and fall flat on my face, landing on the floor in a messy heap.

But when I caught a glimpse of myself in the hallway mirror, all protests stopped because it was a new me. The shoes really lent something to the outfit. Suddenly, my breasts were thrust forward and my hips pulled in, my legs looking impossibly long and toned.

“See?” giggled Amber, throwing her purse over one shoulder. “You look amazing Kels. Let’s go before it gets late. I heard they’re going to have fireworks and I don’t want to miss the show.”

With another sigh, I grabbed my bag and slung it over one shoulder before teetering unsteadily down the walk to Amber’s car.

“Okay, but if I break my neck wearing these, it’s on you,” was my playful grumble. “Whoops!” was my cry as I stumbled on a random rock lying in the drive.

But Amber was already revving the car, the headlamps of her little red Fiat coming on and basking my legs in a glow.

“Come on,” she called, tooting the horn impatiently. “Let’s go Kelsey! Girls just wanna have fun!”

And finally, I was able to make it to the side of the car before opening the door and carefully lowering my curvy form into the low bucket seat. Not a moment too soon because immediately we were off, despite the fact that my legs weren’t all the way in the car yet.

“Slow down,” I gasped, trying to pull myself safely within the speeding vehicle. “You’re going too fast.”

But Amber was already laughing, the music cranked up loud.

“I would walk five hundred miles, and I would walk five thousand more,” she sang along to The Proclaimers.

With a sigh, I settled into the seat because my crazy friend was right. It was time to get out and let my hair loose. After all, my so-called boyfriend obviously didn’t care what I did. Rick hadn’t even asked what I was up to while lying through his teeth. So I was going to have a good time tonight … and maybe get into a little trouble along the way.