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Blade's Awakening (Wild Kings MC Book 5) by Erin Osborne (1)


IT’S BEEN MONTHS since I left the Wild Kings clubhouse. I’m happy that Melody got her family back together and she’s happier than I’ve ever seen her. Since leaving, I’ve been back there once. The only reason I went was for Melody’s wedding. Anthony talked me into going back once more for a family picnic. That is today and I’m not looking forward to it at all. For multiple reasons.

See, when I left, I took a major secret with me. One that would tie Blade to me for a very long time. I knew it wasn’t what he wanted, so I left and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve spent every day trying to move on and live my life. Slim helped me find a place to live and a job. He was the only one that knew my secret and wasn’t happy about it. But, he’s helped me none the less. Now, more people know because I can’t hide it anymore.

I’m working at the Phantom Bastards’ strip club, Vixen. I’m not stripping, I’m a bartender and the money is good. Good enough that I have a little nest egg started and more than enough for my bills and what the baby will need. Yeah, Blade’s going to be a dad.

So, I’m getting ready to go to Clifton Falls when there’s a knock on my door. I can just bet I know who it is. There’s a guy I’ve been seeing and I purposely didn’t tell him about today. Honestly, I’m ready to break it off with him, but I’m scared. His name is Jason and we met at the strip club. He was there for work, so he says, and he ended up spending most of the night talking to me. Then he came back in a few more times. Jason wouldn’t take no for an answer and continued to ask me out. Finally, I relented and let him take me to dinner. Now, I can’t get rid of him and things aren’t always good. He’s got a short temper and there has been a time or two that he’s put his hands on me. To him, it doesn’t matter that I’m pregnant.

“Coming!” I holler out, making my way to the door from the bathroom.

The knocking turns to pounding and I can already tell it’s going to be a shitty day. Maybe I should call Melody and tell her I can’t make it. If only Anthony didn’t want me to be there so bad, I’d do just that. I don’t want Jason around the only people I consider family and to let the bomb drop when he realizes that my baby’s dad will be there. Not that Blade and I talk or communicate in any way these days. At the wedding, he ignored me and left with one of the club girls firmly wrapped around him.

Opening the door, I almost get a fist to my face as Jason was going to pound on the door again. He looks me up and down and a sneer covers his face. Here comes the lecture folks! If I’m wearing jeans, tees, shorts, or anything of that nature I get a lecture about my wardrobe and the image I am presenting to everyone. Well, quite frankly, I don’t care about what anyone else thinks about me.

“Kiera, is that honestly what you’re wearing?” he asks, the judgement clear on his face.

“It is. I’m not changing Jason. We’re going to be surrounded by a group of bikers and their women. I don’t have to wear a suit or anything like that for this picnic.”

Instantly I know this is the wrong thing to say. I can see the fire light in his eyes and I’m praying he doesn’t leave a mark on me before heading there. Knowing they’re bikers though, I’m sure he won’t. I’ll just have to wear a long sleeve shirt or something if I’m lucky.

“You will change. I’m not going to be seen in public with you looking like a slut!” Jason yells, grabbing my arm and dragging me to my room.

I can feel his fingers digging into my skin and I know without a doubt there will be bruising left behind. The skin of my arm under his hand is being pinched and I can feel my shoulder starting to ache with the angle he’s got my arm in. Long sleeves for sure today, and it’s supposed to be hot as hell out. There’s no way I can even try to pull my arm out of his grasp right now because I’m afraid of a few different things. The first being that my arm is going to break and I’ll end up in the hospital. The second is that his anger will fly off the charts and that he’ll do something to jeopardize my baby.

“Now, find something in this pigsty you call a fucking room that will make me want to be seen with you in public. You have two minutes Kiera,” Jason growls out.

“You don’t have to go you know. I can go by myself,” I say, walking to my closet to find my long dress and a sweater to wear over it.

“No, I’m going. I’m going to go see all this trailer trash that you hang out with. That way I can prove to you that you’re no better than them. I’m doing you a fucking favor by being in your life.”

“Is that what you call it?” I murmur, hoping he doesn’t hear me.

“Yeah, that’s what I fucking call it, bitch,” Jason growls in my ear before spinning me to face him.

Before I can try to protect myself, he lands a punch to my stomach and then backhands me across my face. The pain immediately radiates throughout my entire abdomen and fear for my baby runs rampant through my mind. Getting my feet back under myself, I move away and quickly grab my clothes to make my way into the bathroom. If I don’t get away from Jason right now, I don’t know that he’ll stop. I’ve seen his anger multiple times but never the rage that I’ve seen in his eyes in that moment.

Locking the door, I set my clothes on the bathroom counter and make my way to go to the bathroom. Pain is still going through my abdomen and my shoulder is throbbing. No one is going to be able to touch me without knowing that something is definitely wrong with me. Melody won’t keep this to herself either. If there’s even a hint that someone has hurt me, Glock will know about it in seconds.

Sensing something isn’t exactly right, I look in the toilet and see blood. Fear is now the only emotion that I’m feeling. Instead of looking panicked or picking up my phone, I finish changing and make sure that no one will be able to let on that I’m bleeding. It’s bad enough that Melody is already going to know something is wrong.


Pulling into the Wild Kings clubhouse, I’m filled with dread and a sense that things are never going to be the same after today. Jason has not kept his hands off me in some sense and I have to hide the repulsion filling my body. I never thought I’d be the girl that let a man put his hands on her. Today, though, that was the last straw. Jason has put my baby in jeopardy and that is not something I will tolerate.

The first person I see is Blade. He’s standing outside waiting for someone. I’m not sure what his game plan is, but I plan on avoiding him at all costs today. I will tell him about the baby soon, I’m just not ready to yet. Not while Jason is here and I’m worried about what the hell is going to happen now. The only thing I know about him regarding kids is that he likes kids that aren’t his, and he made it clear that he didn’t want any of his own. So, we always used condoms and I was on birth control until I found out I was pregnant. I don’t know what the hell happened that I ended up pregnant.

“That the guy?” Jason asks, finding a spot to park.

I don’t really want to let him know, so I just kind of shrug my shoulders. It’s not exactly an answer, but he can’t say that I flat out lied to him either. Jason doesn’t deserve to know anything about my baby and who their father is.

Almost immediately Jason is out of the car and striding towards Blade. This is not an encounter that I want to be a witness to, but I can imagine what Jason is going to say to him. So, I follow him and wait to see what the fallout is going to be. Someone better give me the strength to get through this day in one piece.

“Who the fuck are you?” Blade asks, noticing Jason striding towards him.

“I’m just the man that wants to know who the fuck knocked up my girl,” Jason growls out, while Blade looks at me.

“What’s he talkin’ about Kiera?” Blade asks, ignoring Jason completely and putting all his focus on me.

“Forget he said anything Blade. He’s just being an ass,” I respond, letting a little of my control go knowing I’m in the presence of Glock and his brothers.

“No, I think he needs to know that you’re knocked up and that he’s not having anything to do with the baby,” Jason says, grabbing my arm and trying to lead me away from Blade.

Unfortunately, he’s grabbed the same arm as earlier and I can’t hide the wince that crosses my face. Blade doesn’t miss it either. His face contorts and before I know what’s happening, he’s yelling for Glock and pulling me from Jason’s grasp. Jason isn’t one to give up easy though. He holds my arms as long as he can, making the pain radiate even further up my arm and down to my hand.

“Let the fuck go, now!” Blade growls out and I can feel him tense up.

“She’s not yours. You just used her as a fuck toy because you can’t fucking commit and now you’re not going to get your hands on her again. Or that bastard she’s carrying,” Jason yells, getting in Blade’s face.

This is a completely different side of Jason. Yeah, I’ve seen him mad, angry, and with rage filling him. But, to be completely disrespectful and to out me in front of Blade is something so vindictive. I guess today is the day that all his shit comes out. Well, I guess I’m finding a different way home and not speaking to Jason again. I don’t need this shit in my life.

“Kiera, get in with Melody. Now!” Glock growls out. I didn’t even see him come out here.

“I’m good Glock. Jason was just leaving. Forget my number, where I live, and where I work asshole. Never should have said yes to you,” I tell him.

“Fuck you!” Jason yells. “I don’t know what I was thinking having anything to do with you. You’re nothing but a biker slut!”

Before Jason is back to his car, Blade is telling me we need to talk. I’m not even in the mood to deal with his ass right now. The only thing I want to do is find Melody and Anthony. So, I ignore him and go in search of my best friend. If I’m honest, my only friend. Melody is the only person in the world that knows everything about me.

Going in search of her, I prepare myself to go through everything that has been happening with Jason since I’ve been gone. She won’t let me get away with half-truths and lies. It’s nothing but absolute honesty with us. Which is a big reason I have avoided her since finding out I was pregnant. Her wedding day was the only time I could be around her and not have to worry about her questioning me. Let the fun begin!



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