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An Alpha for Christmas by Charity Parkerson (1)


“Goddamn. Santa is hot.”

Austin glanced over his shoulder. The department store Santa sat less than three feet away, fully within earshot. “My guess is Santa can hear good too.”

Josie shrugged. “Imma be me. Since when have I ever cared what anyone thinks? Look at this.” Josie leaned over Austin’s shoulder nearly taking out his eye with her elf ear. “Hey, Santa. I was just telling Austin here how hot you are. You cool with that?” She dropped back to the balls of her feet. “He shrugged. He definitely doesn’t care.” She eyed Austin from head to toe. “Turn around. Let me fix your outfit. Your tights are all wack.”

Austin dutifully turned, because A, he knew Josie wouldn’t let up until she had her way, and B, she was tragically honest. If she said he looked bad, it was true. The instant he turned, Austin’s gaze collided with a set of amazing blue eyes. Super model eyes. Smoldering eyes. Goddamn. Santa was hot. Austin quickly looked away. Not only was he extremely intimidated, but he was also dressed like a fucking elf. Green tights. Curly toed boots. The whole, ridiculous shebang. The worst part was, he’d done this himself. All because he hadn’t wanted to go home for Christmas. Unlike most families, the highly dysfunctional hoard of heathens he called family, celebrated on Christmas Eve. They might suck and drink heavily—except for cousin Wayne who did heroin, but they believed in being worker bees. The only excuse forgiven for missing the hell known as a family gathering was getting paid. That’s why he’d happily slapped his name on the volunteer sheet when Masters—the high-end department store he’d worked at since sixteen—asked for people to work Christmas Eve as Santa’s helpers. He hadn’t decided why Josie had signed up. Nonetheless, he was grateful not to be alone with sexy Santa.

Josie snapped the back of his tights. “There. Now your perfect ass won’t look fucked up.” She checked her watch and tucked her dark curls behind the fake, pointy ears she wore before focusing on him. Her light brown eyes twinkled with devilry. “It’s time to unlock the doors.” She tossed a glance Santa’s way and pointed at him as she walked backward toward the entrance. “You ready, Santa?”

He gave her a sharp nod, leaving Austin slightly deflated. Austin couldn’t help but wonder if the man’s voice matched his smolder. With a shake of his head, Austin let it go. The type of person who willingly dressed up and went store to store, entertaining children, wasn’t the type who looked at people like Austin. Too tall, skinny, and no need to bleach his hair thanks to his overall pale complexion. Great. Now he was depressed... again. He hated the holidays.

Austin took up his assigned post to Santa’s left. The sound of running, laughing, screaming, and babies crying filled the air, signaling the oncoming crowd. Austin took a breath.

“God help us.”

As the muttered words caressed Austin’s ears with the exact timber he’d expect from a man with sexy supermodel eyes, a smirk touched his lips. Maybe they weren’t so different after all.

For the next four hours, Austin barely had time to breathe much less think. He handed out suckers, coloring books, and crayons. His fingers hurt, which said a lot considering he worked the makeup counter and usually did makeovers all day. After seeing the last family out and locking up, he turned to find sexy Santa gone. It was for the best. Still, Austin experienced an odd jolt of disappointment. He’d been single too long. Despite knowing chances were slim Santa would be hot under his costume and into guys who liked eyeshadow, hope couldn’t be beaten into submission it seemed. No doubt the guy had a wife and kids waiting for him at home. Austin had two bottles of wine and season six of his latest binge watch waiting on him. After a quick change in the men’s room, Austin grabbed his coat and slipped out the back before Josie stopped him. As much as he loved her, she was a talker, and he was done with peopling for the day. With his head down, hoping to avoid the biting wind, Austin made a beeline for his beat-up Corolla. It was old and needed a bath, but it was reliable, and the heater worked great.

Unfortunately, when Austin turned the key in the ignition, nothing happened. It was as if the universe heard his internal praise and decided to make a fool of him. Even though the car hadn’t even pretended it would start, Austin tried again. Nothing. He dropped his forehead to the steering wheel. Austin fucking hated the holidays. Someone tapped on his window, startling him. He didn’t recognize the guy on the other side. To make matters worse, without a power source he couldn’t roll down his window. Austin had to get out. Before he had time to think, his door opened.

“Is everything okay?”

That voice. The smolder. Goddamn. It was sexy Santa in street clothes. Sweet Jesus. The guy was so much hotter than Austin was prepared to handle at his lowest. He floundered. “Um. Yeah. Well, maybe not. My car won’t start.”

A gorgeous gaze swept over him. “Try again. Let me hear it.”

Austin did as told. Same results.

The guy gave him a sharp nod. “Yeah. This isn’t going anywhere. Let’s go. I’ll give you a ride.” He walked away, obviously confident Austin would obey.

Austin didn’t move. He didn’t know this guy. Yeah, the dude was sexy, but hadn’t there been a serial killer once who’d used his looks against his victims. This guy could be the Sexy Serial Santa. Austin snorted at his ridiculous thoughts. He grabbed his stuff and slipped from the car. Austin moved at a snail’s pace.

Sexy Santa glanced behind him, visibly irritated by Austin’s reluctance. He motioned toward the passenger side of a newer model GMC Sierra. “Get in.”

“I don’t even know your name.”

“Will Masters. You’re Austin Burke. Introductions complete. Get in.”

Austin’s mouth fell open. He was not the owner of the department store. Surely, Austin would know. “Shut up. You are not Will Masters. He’s...” Austin fought for the least insulting description.

“Old,” Will deadpanned. “You’re thinking of my grandfather,” he added before Austin recovered. “It’s cold out here, Austin. You can pepper me with questions once we get the heat going.”

All thoughts of ending up dead in a ditch fled as he scrambled to get in the truck. He needed to know everything. A new car scent overwhelmed him as he climbed inside. Austin tried not to breathe too deeply and get attached. He was light years away from buying a new car. There was no light at the end of the tunnel for him. In fact, he didn’t even have a tunnel. He had a dark cave hollowed into the side of his mountain of debt. To be honest, it wasn’t that huge of a mountain. His debt was more like a small hill, but it looked massive to Austin, considering he could barely pay his bills and had no future. He shook his head and clicked his seatbelt into place. Sometimes he couldn’t tell if it was his father’s voice or his insulting him inside his head.

Austin focused on Will and found Will watching him. His tongue got the best of him. “I have so many questions.” He thought about it. “Well, they all lead to one. Why are you playing Santa? I would’ve thought you’d get an employee to do that.”

Will’s mouth lifted in one corner in a sexy smirk. Austin automatically looked away. It wasn’t that he was shy per se. He was not particularly confident, and Will obviously was. They weren’t the same in too many ways.

“Austin.” At Will’s demanding tone, Austin met his stare. “That’s better.” Butterflies stirred in Austin’s gut at the heat in Will’s voice. He curled his fingers into a fist to stop himself from pressing his hand to his stomach. His secret fantasies tried crawling to the surface. Will never looked away. He held Austin captivated. “You should stop looking away when you fear showing your thoughts. That’s an even more telling gesture than your expression.” Will blinked, breaking the spell. “To answer your question, playing Santa in disguise tells me a lot about certain employees. If I hired someone else to play the part, I would’ve fired Josie years ago. She’s abrasive as hell and has a smart mouth, but she volunteers all the time, for everything. Plus, she works her ass off.”

He’d never looked at it like that. Josie was an acquired taste. He’d wondered several times how she’d kept her job all these years. They’d both started around the same time six years ago and never budged. To most, it might seem like a dead-end job. But Masters paid Austin to play with makeup. He loved it there even if it didn’t pay that great and sometimes the hours were shit.

“What’s your address?”

“1215 Main.”

With a nod, Will put the truck in gear and eased from the lot. Against his will, Austin’s eyes kept sliding back Will’s way. The street lights highlighted the planes of his face, showing off his strong jaw. There was a hint of stubble there—like he probably had to shave every single day. His hair was light brown and thick. It was also a mess from wearing Santa’s hat all night. Austin couldn’t make out much about Will’s build since he wore a thick winter coat. Austin kept tearing his gaze away, trying not to think about what hid beneath the man’s layered clothing. Will didn’t appear to be that much older than him. Maybe five years or so. Unfortunately, he was a partial owner of the store where Austin worked. Will was out of his league in every way. That last point finally pulled Austin’s focus to the scenery outside his window. It was hard to meet people, especially since Austin didn’t try. He wasn’t especially bold or good at making decisions. That was another reason he’d never changed jobs or gone on to any type of higher education after high school. He was a follower with no leader. At least he knew it.

Will pulled into Austin’s driveway. He eyed the tiny darkened place Austin called home. It was a minuscule one bedroom, one-bathroom house, but Austin had freedom to be himself here. “You don’t have any decorations.”

Austin cast a look toward his house. “No. Thanks for the ride.”

“Do you even have a tree up inside?”

Austin’s brow furrowed in confusion. “No.”

Will looked his way. “It’s Christmas Eve.”

A smile sprang to Austin’s lips. “I noticed. I live alone so there’s really not much reason to celebrate. It seems crazy to put up a tree and wrap presents for myself, or worse, have no presents underneath.”

Will’s dark expression didn’t ease. “I live alone, and I have a tree.”

Austin’s smile didn’t abate. “You must have a nice family.” For some reason he couldn’t explain, Austin liked the idea of Will being surrounded by a large, loving family. “Thanks again for the ride. I’ll try to figure out what’s up with my car after the holiday.” Austin grabbed the door handle. An unexpected wave of loneliness washed over him. Once Will left, he’d not only be alone but trapped without a car and no way to escape the solitude.

“I think you should invite me in for a drink.”

A chuckle burst from Austin. Even he didn’t know if it was in relief or due to Will’s audacity. Either way, he didn’t want Will to leave. “Okay. I have two bottles of wine waiting. They’re cheap and not particularly good. Would you like to share?” The moment the offer rolled off his tongue, Austin bit his bottom lip. He wished he could take the words back. It wasn’t that he didn’t want Will to accept. Ridiculously, he expected to be shot down, even though Will had been the one to make the suggestion. He was a hot mess. Austin didn’t know how to be anything else.

* * *

A hum rose in Will’s throat as he watched Austin chew his bottom lip. He swallowed the sound before it escaped. Austin was adorably blind to his beauty. All night, Josie had eaten the guy alive with her eyes. Will would know. He’d been doing the same. If Austin was straight, Will expected Josie would’ve taken the guy down like a lioness on a gazelle. Fortunately for Will, he’d been the one Austin had been sneaking glances at all night.

“I’d love to,” Will said accepting Austin’s offer of bad wine. He didn’t care what they drank. Will simply wasn’t ready to part ways.

Austin flashed him a sweet smile and slipped from the truck. Will followed at a slower pace, enjoying the view. Austin had an amazing ass. Firm and round. The rest of him was trim and tall. In fact, he even had a few inches on Will, and Will wasn’t a short guy. At six feet, he didn’t hover over everyone, but he had some height on most. Austin was probably six-five—a trait he’d never realized was so sexy until now. Everything about Austin was light in coloration. His skin, hair, and amazing eyes. Jesus. Will shoved his hands in his coat pockets to stop himself from feeling the man up as he unlocked the front door.

Austin glanced over his shoulder as he led the way inside. “It’ll be a little chilly for a minute. Sorry about that. This place belonged to my great uncle. He left it to me when he died. It’s old and has so many drafts I can’t afford the electric bill if I blast the heat. So, when I’m home, I use the fireplace. It’s gas so it won’t take long to get going.”

“Don’t worry over my comfort.” Things would be overheated soon enough if he got his wish.

As Austin flipped on the lights, Will took in the scene. It was a nice place for something so small. Not that one person needed a lot of space. He could see the kitchen since the living room opened up into that room. Austin didn’t have a lot of furniture. A couch, end tables, and entertainment center was all that filled the living room. The sparsity of things made the room seem bigger. There was a large bay window that was nice. Will’s gaze landed on the fireplace. It was a huge stone piece that filled the entirety of one wall.

Will nodded toward it. “If you’d like to do your nightly after work routine or whatever, I can get this started.”

Austin’s open relief made the offer worthwhile. “Thank you. I’d love to change real quick. Then, I’ll grab that wine. Make yourself at home,” he added over his shoulder as he headed inside the only other room. Will watched him go. His eyes didn’t want to give up the sight. Probably he shouldn’t be here. In a technical sense, Austin was one of his employees, even though Will didn’t bother having much to do with the store. He had people who dealt with its day-to-day operations. Masters wasn’t his main income source. Still, Austin was an employee. But damn, he was sexy. A split second before Austin closed the bedroom door, their gazes met. Austin’s lips parted—like Will had taken his breath. Will ended up being the one breathing harder. He didn’t give a fuck how they’d met. Will would go every bit as far as Austin let him.

With the door closed between them, Will shook off the spell. He moved to the fireplace and got it started. By the time Austin reappeared, Will had already discovered the couch was a double recliner and kicked back. Austin looked his way. His gaze moved over Will’s relaxed pose and his mouth lifted in one corner. A sexy sounding chuckle followed Austin to the kitchen, making Will smile. Austin had told him to make himself at home. Will had simply taken the suggestion to heart. He listened as Austin rustled around in the kitchen. Several minutes later, a wine glass appeared over Will’s shoulder. He took note of Austin’s long, slender fingers as he accepted the glass. Austin was truly elegant in every way. It was strange that Austin obviously didn’t know he was beautiful.

“We’re in luck,” Austin said as he circled the couch. “It looks like my mom came by while I was at work and stuffed the fridge full of leftovers from their Christmas gathering. So, we have some quiches that she probably bought at her church’s bake sale, cheesecake, shrimp, and some of those little sausages in barbecue sauce.” His light green eyes flashed with laughter as he held out a plate filled with a little of each item. “All the delicacies, of course. I won’t be insulted if you don’t want any of it.”

Will eyed the plate as he accepted. It all sounded oddly delicious, but the food wasn’t the part of Austin’s speech that bothered Will. “You worked all day.”

Austin’s gaze skirted away. He filled the spot next to Will, settling his own plate on his knees. “I’m aware.”

“You volunteered to work today.”

A strained smile flashed Will’s way. He sipped his wine before responding. “I remember.”

Will couldn’t let it go for some reason. “So, you don’t have any decorations or even a tree. You purposely missed celebrating Christmas with your family. Yet, you willingly dressed like an elf and endured screaming kids for four hours instead.”

This time, Austin didn’t look his way. “That about sums it up.”

“Wow. I thought my family sucked.”

The humor-filled look Austin shot him made Will’s chest feel heavy. He couldn’t explain the sensation. Austin took a small bite of cheesecake. “I know your grandfather. He’s always been nice to me.”

There was that. “My grandfather is awesome. He’s the only one. The rest of them suck ass. But Poppa Will raised me,” Will explained. “My parents... Well, my dad had too many things handed to him growing up. Poppa Will freely admits to spoiling his kids and ruining all hope of them being decent humans. See, he grew up poor, so when he fell into money, he gave his kids everything. The end result was a junkie son who never had to work a day in his life. He turned up dead in a hotel at twenty-nine. That left me with Mom who wasn’t a better choice. My grandfather took her to court to get custody. She saw her chance to get rich and did.” Will blindly shoved a forkful of food in his mouth to busy his tongue. He had no clue why he’d told all his business to Austin. Maybe it was the sadness behind his eyes. Will wanted him to know he wasn’t alone, which was crazy because—typically—Will didn’t give a shit about anyone. If he did anything nice, it was for his own gain or reasons. Being with Austin had him losing sight of his end goal, seducing him. It was the way Austin watched him while he spoke. He was so trusting. Too trusting.

“My mom is pretty great,” Austin said, freeing Will from the fear of revealing anymore secrets. “I’ll go see her at some point and we’ll do something just the two of us for Christmas. It’s the whole family in one place I can’t take. I think if my dad wasn’t so disappointed in me, the rest of the family might try to show an ounce of restraint with their insults. But usually my dad gets the first jibe in the moment I walk through the door and then it’s just a free for all. I think last year scarred me a little. Two weeks ago, my eye started twitching every time I thought about Christmas dinner. So, yeah.” Austin shrugged. The overly large shirt he’d changed into slipped down his shoulder, showing even more of his flawless skin. “I might’ve signed up for anything to get out of it.” Austin’s gaze flickered Will’s way, as if he tried quickly judging Will’s reaction. Will realized he wore a hint of eye makeup. He forgot what they were talking about. Hunger gnawed at his brain.

“I’m glad you skipped out. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

A blush tinted Austin’s cheeks. He looked away. “Do you want to watch TV?”

“I’m up for whatever you want.” Will ensured his tone left no room for doubt what he meant.

The blush deepened but Austin didn’t meet his stare again. Instead, he found the remote and switched on the TV. Will tried giving him a small break by staring at the TV. Austin broke almost immediately. “How did your grandfather avoid spoiling you?”

Will smirked. He’d known Austin wouldn’t stay quiet long. He was too nervous in Will’s company. “What makes you think he didn’t?”

Austin eyed him, looking serious. “You’re not spoiled. I think you probably had more than most growing up, but a self-entitled man wouldn’t have volunteered to play Santa. You were great, by the way. I just had to hand out gifts, and I was ready to be done with it an hour in. In your shoes, I would’ve run out screaming within ten minutes.”

“I like kids,” Will admitted without thought. “I didn’t have siblings growing up and I imagine I’ll never have kids of my own, but they’re funny. They’re like little drunks always saying whatever with no real thought for repercussions.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

Will shrugged. “Sure, I did. I am spoiled. Poppa Will always made me work for things, but don’t think for a second, I’m not accustomed to having my way. I always get what I want.” He held Austin’s stare, leaving no room for doubt about what he currently had his sights set on.

“If you’re finished eating, I’ll take your plate to the kitchen.”

Will handed his plate to Austin. “Hurry back.”

Austin looked more panicked by the second. “Would you like some more wine?”

“I’ll help,” Will said, coming to his feet. He grabbed his glass and trailed behind Austin on the way to the sink. He didn’t look right or left. He’d turned into a hunter focused on his prey. When Austin reached the sink and set the plates inside, Will didn’t stop moving. His chest collided with Austin’s back. He set his glass on the counter and gripped Austin’s hips. He drew the man back against him. His lips found Austin’s nape. The sound of Austin’s breath catching had Will going hard. “Turn around.”

Austin immediately did as told. The dominate living inside him hummed with satisfaction. Austin looked scared but aroused. His eyes screamed he might run, but his flushed cheeks and heated expression said otherwise.

“Kiss me,” Will commanded. He needed to know Austin would follow orders. Austin’s hands moved to Will’s shoulders. His gaze dropped to Will’s lips. Will stood still, waiting. “Don’t be afraid.” At Will’s whispered plea, Austin dipped his head and touched his lips to Will’s. The moment their lips met, Will took control. He deepened their kiss, teasing Austin’s lips apart until their tongues stroked. His fingers found Austin’s hair. It was every bit as soft as it looked. Austin wasn’t one of those men who used too much product, trying to be perfect. He was natural perfection. His other hand found Austin’s ass. He hauled Austin closer, needing to feel the man’s arousal. Austin didn’t disappoint. Not only was he hard for Will, tiny sounds escaped him—like he was too turned on to control himself.

Will tugged Austin’s hair, pulling away just enough to meet the man’s gaze. His eyes looked out of focus and his lips looked ready for more abuse. Will reached between them and unzipped Austin’s pants without preamble. He was used to being in charge. Austin would let him be real. Will felt it in his gut. “I’m about to suck your dick.” Austin whimpered at Will’s promise. Will wasn’t done. “Then, you’ll take me to bed where I can fuck you properly. I have condoms in my truck. Do you have lube?” Austin nodded. A smile that felt evil even to him stretched Will’s lips. “Good boy.” He set Austin’s erection free and stroked him. “I expect to hear your pleasure.” Will dropped to his knees. Everyone had their kinks. His list was knee deep. Will had two requirements of any lover: they had to let him taste them and they had to accept he would control them. He’d never found anyone who accepted both. To be fair, it was the controlling side of him people hated. In their shoes, he couldn’t take it either, but he knew himself, and he was who he was. He wouldn’t pretend to be otherwise.

Will purposely didn’t lick Austin’s cock right away. He needed to see if Austin would try putting a stop to things the moment an ounce of discomfort crept in. Not only did Austin not budge, he stroked Will’s hair, as if he’d wait all night. As a reward, Will didn’t tease. He swallowed Austin’s dick and tightened his throat around him before letting him slip almost completely from his lips. He sucked, concentrating on Austin’s crown. Will felt Austin’s knees give. His gaze flipped upward. Austin blindly reached for the counter behind him, holding on while Will pleasured him. He whimpered and moaned, babbling things that made no sense but also made Will’s dick leak inside his jeans. The anticipation only made the encounter that much sweeter. Austin would be wild beneath him. Will couldn’t wait. He needed Austin’s orgasm now. Will pulled away just long enough to peel away Austin’s clothes, leaving him nude, before he was right back at it. He bobbed on Austin’s cock even as he urged the man’s knees apart so he could toy with his asshole. Will used his saliva to ease the way as he fucked Austin’s hole with his fingers. Austin pulled Will’s hair and scratched at his shoulders, uncaring of anything but the pleasure Will gave him.

“Oh god, Will. Don’t stop. Just like that.”

Will’s scalp stung from the abuse of Austin openly taking what he wanted. The man was a feast for the senses. Austin’s entire body tensed. He threw his head back in a silent scream. Will put every ounce of skill he possessed into finishing the job. Jets of hot cum filled Will’s mouth. He swallowed what he could and let the rest drip from his chin. The glutton inside him came out to play. He sucked, ensuring he didn’t miss a single spasm from Austin. Only once he was certain Austin had nothing left to give did he move to his feet. He wiped his face on his shirt and reclaimed Austin’s mouth. Something about knowing he’d satisfied Austin soothed his usual inner rage. Their kiss was sweet and lazy—like they had forever. The erection trying to climb from his jeans reminded Will they still had business, but it didn’t feel urgent. He found himself stroking Austin’s face as they kissed. Will was in no hurry to move away. The only thing that got him moving was the realization he couldn’t keep Austin standing in the kitchen bare assed all night. He started to pull away. Austin followed—like their mouths were connected. The move was so sexy Will couldn’t break from their kiss. Fuck it. He had one condom in his wallet. The rest he’d get from his truck later. Will took a step back and whipped his shirt over his head.

Austin ate Will alive with his gaze. “Jesus.” His fingers tips skimmed Will’s chest before following the bumps of his abs. “Thank god you stripped me first or I might have lost my nerve in the face of all this.”

“That’s enough of that.” Will crowded Austin against the counter. “You’re beautiful,” he said, holding Austin’s gaze. He needed Austin to hear the truth in his voice and see the conviction in his eyes. “You’re beautiful,” he repeated, because he couldn’t say it enough and he got the feeling Austin didn’t hear it enough. “I’m not the kind of person who blindly fucks with people. It takes a lot to catch my attention. I haven’t looked away from you since you first dodged my eye contact. You have my attention.”

Austin barely blinked as he held Will’s stare. “You have mine too, so tell me what you want.”

Goddamn. He made Will hot and proud. Austin was ready to follow him anywhere. He fed Will’s twisted need to dominate. “I want you in the bed where I can savor you.”

Austin gave him a short nod. He linked fingers with Will and led him to the bedroom. The odd sensation was back in Will’s chest. The same one he’d experienced the first time he’d set eyes on Austin.

“Where’s that lube?” Will’s voice sounded gruffer than usual. Austin made him feel things he didn’t understand. He didn’t like being unbalanced. Austin glanced over his shoulder as if confused by Will’s tone. Will’s irritation melted away at the first glimpse of Austin’s innocent expression.

“I’ll get it.” While he dug through the top drawer of a chest of drawers, Will cast a quick glance around, gathering his bearings. He liked knowing his battlefield. Austin had a small bed. It was probably only a queen. He wondered if Austin’s feet hung off the end. It was the perfect size though because he didn’t want Austin to get away. The excessive length of time it took for Austin to find the lube spoke volumes about how long it had been since he’d used it. He kissed Austin’s shoulder and palmed the man’s hip, drawing Austin back against him, intentionally torturing him. Austin’s breath caught, sounding like a gunshot in the silent room. Will popped the button on his jeans and slid down the zipper.

“Oh god,” Austin breathed as the sound of Will’s zipper coming down filled the room. “I don’t know how this bottle got this buried.”

An evil smile stretched Will’s lips at the desperation in Austin’s voice. “I’m in no hurry.”

He swore Austin breathed out a sigh as he found the small tube. Will closed his fingers around Austin’s and the tube, touching Austin as much as possible as he pried the lube from Austin’s hand. He opened his mouth over the side of Austin’s neck and urged him toward the bed.

“I want you face down,” Will growled as Austin’s knees hit the edge of the mattress.

Austin didn’t hesitate to obey. Will ate him alive with his gaze as Austin stretched out on his stomach. Will tossed the lube down beside him. Hunger clawed at his gut as Will finished stripping and dug the condom from his wallet. He palmed his erection, trying to stave off the raging lust. Austin’s round ass called to him. Will set one knee on the mattress and leaned closer. His teeth scraped a firm globe. It was like sinking his teeth into the perfect plum. Will’s eyes fell closed as a moan vibrated through the room. Pre-cum dripped from his twitching cock. Will tore into the gold packet and rolled the condom down his length. His senses were on high alert as he popped open the lube. He wet the condom and his fingertips. Will couldn’t stop himself from biting Austin’s ass again. He swiped his fingers down Austin’s crack. A growl rose in his throat as he slipped two fingers inside Austin’s ass. If he’d ever wanted anyone more, he couldn’t recall a time.

“You’re so hot and tight. I want to ask when you had someone inside you last, but I don’t want you thinking about anyone else. It’s insane how badly I want to believe you’ve only ever been mine. I should warn you that I’m crazy possessive.”

Austin squirmed beneath him as if he couldn’t be still. Tiny mewling sounds escaped Austin, filling Will with pride.

“How old are you, Austin?”

“Twenty-two.” Damn. Even his voice sounded desperate for Will.

“I’m twenty-seven, in case you were wondering.” He knew he was tormenting Austin by carrying on a normal conversation while massaging that spot inside him that would drive him crazy. “People don’t tend to like me, because I’m controlling and not overly nice. I obsess about things.” He added a third finger, stretching Austin. Will hadn’t been lying about Austin being tight. He didn’t want to hurt him. Will needed Austin’s mindless pleasure. He kissed the small of Austin’s back. A thin layer of sweat already coated his skin. Will wanted to bathe in it. He craved the sensation of slick bodies entwined. Without thought, he slapped Austin’s ass. The sound that escaped Austin almost stole Will’s orgasm. He squeezed his eyes shut, fighting back the tidal wave.

“On your knees,” Will growled, sounding unnatural even to his ears as he made room for Austin to obey.

Austin shifted to his knees.

Will positioned his cock against Austin’s asshole. His patience was gone. A haze coated his vision. Nothing mattered but the man beneath him and finding release. He pushed his way inside. Austin’s body gave and then tried sucking him deeper. A cry tore from Will’s throat. He gasped for air as he tried holding himself in check. Will wanted to fuck Austin hard. He fought the dark cravings. As he pressed his lips to Austin’s shoulder, Will couldn’t stop his mouth from opening and his teeth from sinking into Austin’s flesh.

“Oh, god. Please? Harder.”

Will’s eyes flew open at the plea. The last remnant of his control snapped. He thrust, slamming into Austin over and over again. His short fingernails bit into Austin’s skin. He bit and sucked every place he could reach. Will pulled and squeezed without thought of marking Austin’s creamy skin. The more Austin begged, the further Will went. The tight suction on his dick had his balls drawing upward. The pressure built, climbing. With Austin’s cries filling his ears, Will blew. A roar tore from his throat. It sounded a lot like Austin’s name. He collapsed, squishing Austin to the bed. His lips kept searching for Austin until frustration won and he flipped Austin in his arms. Their tongues clashed, stroking and retreating. Austin bit Will’s bottom lip. His heart skipped a beat at the sensation. There was something growing inside him that got bigger with everything Austin did. He wanted to know this man. Everything about him. The need grew until Will tore his mouth away. His gaze collided with Austin’s unnaturally light green stare. He could barely breathe around the emotions crowding him.

“What’s your favorite color?”

A smile exploded across Austin’s face at the question. Will’s throat swelled. “I don’t have one. I love all colors. Rainbows and color explosions. They all make me happy.”

That made sense. Austin obviously enjoyed makeup. It would suit him to be a lover of colors.

“Mine is green.” It hadn’t always been, but in that moment, while staring at the most beautiful green he’d ever seen, he lived for that shade. “What type music do you listen to?” Will didn’t know how to stop. He needed to know.

Austin settled deeper into Will’s hold. “I’m somewhat boring there. Top forty.”

“Me too. Those songs got to the top somehow, right? What about movies?”

“Comedy,” Austin answered without hesitating.

“Drama,” Will shot back just as quickly. “When do you go back to work?”


That gave him two more full days. His flight to Japan wasn’t until Friday. He could make this work. “Let me keep you until then. I’ll send someone to fix your car and take you to it on Wednesday.”

A smile that looked sad touched Austin’s lips. “I can’t really afford to get my car fixed right now.”

“Don’t worry about that. Just agree to give me your time.”

Austin’s gaze moved over Will’s face, searching. “What about your family? Won’t you miss Christmas with them?”

Will shook his head. “It’s only my grandfather, and he’s in France.”

Austin’s face lit. “Okay. In that case, I’d love for you to stay.”

After stealing another quick kiss, Will rolled from the bed and headed for the bathroom he’d spotted through an open doorway inside Austin’s room. He threw away the condom and found a towel before returning to Austin. He swiped at Austin’s skin, spotting several bite marks and red splotches. Will prayed he hadn’t left bruises. Sometimes he got carried away.

“I’m sorry,” he said, keeping his gaze locked on his task. “It wasn’t my intention to hurt you.”

Austin touched his arm, bringing Will’s gaze to his. He looked solemn. “Don’t apologize.” Austin lured him closer until Will found himself covering Austin’s body with his. “Everything you did, I wanted. I’m not afraid,” he whispered as he tempted Will into a kiss. Their lips brushed, barely tasting. Will settled in for the long haul. He didn’t want to stop. Later, after he’d sent Austin packing into dreamland, he’d take care of a few things. He had keys to Masters. Everything he needed was there. It would be a long night, but he was used to not sleeping. For now, all Will cared about was right here, kissing him.



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