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Boss Daddy: A Virgin CEO Office Romance by Zoey Oliver, Jess Bentley (1)



It's been two days since that night in Tokyo. Two days since the long flight home, since the lengthy discussion we'd had that day about what had happened between us.

Was it a mistake?

Yes, it was. There was no getting around that.

But it was one of those mistakes that I couldn’t make myself feel bad about. One that I certainly didn’t want to make Mia feel guilty over. One that we’d repeated over and over again since then—in the car, in the office, and very nearly in the first class sleeping pods of our flight back home.

I couldn’t quit her. I didn’t want to, not even a little.

Even now, just knowing that she is so close—in her little workspace right around the corner—is enough to get me hard as granite.

It’s not a relationship, though. No matter how much fun it might be, no matter how badly I want to lose myself inside her every minute of every day, it’s not anything more than a special secret between two adults.

And even though she’s perfect in just about every way, it can never be anything more than that.

Still, I can’t seem to stop letting my mind wander to that place. That place where she’s not my employee, not my best friend’s daughter. Not the most delicious kind of trouble I’ve ever gotten myself into.

In that place, she's something more. Something I don't have to share with the world or make any excuses about.

In that place, she’s mine.

My office is too quiet. I shove a hand back through my hair, then glance at the clock on the wall. I can practically hear the seconds ticking by. This is why I can't stop thinking about her—I'm not busy enough. I'm still on the high of scoring a great deal for the company and from… everything else that happened in Japan.

I need to focus on today, and today's business if I'm going to have any hope of getting her off my mind for long enough to be productive.

As if on cue, she pokes her head in the door, her warm smile making my dick twitch as I sit up straight in my chair.

“Are you busy?” She asks, her eyes leaving mine for just a moment as they roam over my upper body.

Jesus, this girl. Everything she does, every look and every move she makes is just so fucking sexy.

“Not too busy,” I shake my head, closing the laptop in front of me so she won’t notice the blank screen. “Come in. Come closer.”

She doesn’t hesitate. Moving with an amount of grace and stealth that I can only smile at and admire, she’s slipping inside my office and locking the door, then closing the short distance between us so quickly that I barely have time to appreciate her beautiful body before she’s right next to me.

I reach out, taking her hand in mine, and that’s all the encouragement she needs. Hiking her skirt up, she straddles me, her small body fitting against me as if it was made to be there.

Fuck, Mia," I growl, shifting my weight under her as my cock pulses against her. I can feel the heat rolling off that sweet pussy in waves, and it takes every ounce of self-control I have not to rip those little panties right off her. "Do you even know what you do to me?" Then, before she can answer, "I could get used to this."

I shouldn’t say it, shouldn’t even joke about it, but I can’t think straight when she’s this close to me. And besides, I mean it. Every part of me wants it—wants her—and wants to be used to doing exactly what we’re doing now.

The way she moans as she moves against me is enough to convince me that there's no way I can tell her we're done. No part of me wants to hurt her or wants to say the words.

I thrust my hips up to meet her as she squirms in my lap, covering my face with kisses as my hands move around to her ass. I pull her closer, but it's not enough. I need to be inside her—inside her pussy, inside her mouth, whatever. My cock doesn't care.

It just needs her.

She leans back and smiles at me as if she can read my mind and every inappropriate thought I'm having right now. It's hot as fuck, and I groan as she slides down my lap, pushing me back in my chair as she makes space for herself between me and my desk.

“Oh, fuck,” I whisper, leaning my head back and closing my eyes as her delicate little hands work on unfastening my belt, then my pants. “Hurry,” I demand. “I need this, need you.”

She whimpers and looks up at me, the same need I’m feeling burning in her eyes as she nibbles at her lip. That pretty pink mouth so sweet and sexy that I almost pull her back up again just to taste it one more time.

But no.

I need those lips around my cock, and I need it now.

Raising my hips, I shove my pants and underwear down around my thighs, finally freeing my cock. I groan as it slaps up against my stomach, then my groan becomes a low moan as she takes it into her hand.

The feel of her soft touch is enough to bring me to the edge of coming undone, but I’m determined to savor as much of this time together as I can. There’s no way I’m going to finish until I’m finally inside her.

“I want to suck you,” she says, her voice so sweet and seductive at the same time. All I can do is nod and roll my hips forward, thrusting against her hand as she slowly strokes me.

God damn, it feels so good. So right. So perfect.

“Yes,” I say, nodding. “Now.”

I'm reduced to one-syllable sentences, but I don't even care. When she wraps her sweet pink lips around me, all I can think about is how this must be how heaven feels.

Her hair is down, and I can't help but thread my fingers through it. I usually try to restrain myself from doing anything that will make her look disheveled while we're at work, but I'm beyond that point today.

I’m going to fuck her, and I need to feel every part of her.

She doesn’t seem to mind, moaning against my cock as she takes it deeper, her tongue massaging the head like fucking magic and making me see stars as I rock back and forth, in and out, holding her head in place.

I open my eyes again and look down just in time to see her look up at me. Fuck, those big, innocent eyes get to me every time, and I feel my mouth drop open as my breathing starts to get heavy. I know I’m not going to last for much longer the way she’s sucking and licking me, but I don’t want this to end.

She's still gripping my cock with her hand as she eases back, letting the head slide back just beyond the reach of her beautiful lips. I still have my hands in her hair, and I'm tempted to bring her head closer to me, tempted to keep holding her there until I'm finished, but then she smiles so sweetly that there's no way I can deny her what I know she wants.

"Stand up," I say, my tone sounding rough and demanding, but we're way past the point of saying please now. Her pupils are huge, and I can see her chest rising and falling with each rapid breath under her pretty little blouse.

I want to put my hands on the silky material and rip it open, popping every button until she’s completely exposed in front of me. And I have no doubt she’d let me do it, too.

But not here. Not now. Not in my office, with prying eyes and ears waiting just on the other side of that door.

“Take off those panties,” I growl, “and let me see that pretty little pussy before you ride me.”

Her skirt is up around her waist, and her panties are already soaked, nearly see-through as she scrambles to get them off and kicks them free from her legs. Naked from the waist down, she's standing so close to me that I can literally feel the heat from her pussy as I reach for her.

“Oh my God, Sawyer,” she says my name in a short little burst of air as my fingers part her folds and my thumb brushes over her sensitive, throbbing clit.

She’s so fucking wet and ready that I can’t help but let one finger slip inside, loving the way she tightens around me. Another finger, and she’s moaning, reaching her hands until her perfectly manicured nails are scratching along the fabric of my shirt.

I'm not sure whether she's trying to pull me closer or just stand upright as I finger her faster. The sweet little noises she's making in the back of her throat are music to my ears, and I swear to God I could come right this minute just from watching her.

“Please, Sawyer,” her voice is small and breathless. “I need you inside me… please.”

“Get over here,” I demand, withdrawing my fingers and reaching down to stroke my cock as she straddles me again. I’ve never seen a sweeter, more beautiful fucking pussy in my life, and my cock twitches its approval as I line it up with her hot, welcoming entrance. “Ride me, Mia.”

She places her hands on my shoulders and gasps as I slide my cock inside her, thrusting and pulling her closer until I’m all the way in and she’s wrapped so tightly around me that it takes my breath away.

A needy little sound escapes her lips, and it just makes me thrust harder, sending her bouncing up and down on my lap like a rag doll.

I love every second of it. Love the way she loses herself in the moment. Love the way she lets me dominate her so completely, but also the way she owns it. She’s not content to just lie there and take it. She’s giving me a run for my money. She’s fucking me just as much as I’m fucking her.

And it. Is. Amazing.

“Just like that, Sawyer,” she pants, her voice quivering as she slams herself onto me. “Just like that… so… good…”

"Are you gonna come for me, baby?" I lean in and bury my face in her neck as she rides me, ready to let go of the orgasm that I've been holding in, loving the way it feels to bury myself inside her. "Are you ready to come with me?”

She’s nodding, or at least I think she is. Her body is writhing and rocking against me so hard that I can’t be sure. But I can only assume from the noises she’s making that she’s ready and that she wants it just as badly as I do.

“Yes, please,” she says, an urgency in her voice that wasn’t there just a moment ago. “Please. I want to come with you. Now. Please.”

It’s all I need to hear.

As if on command, my cock starts emptying, filling her before I can even think of pulling out. It just feels too good, too right.

She grips me and tightens herself around me, her own orgasm coursing through her and mingling with mine until she collapses against my chest, panting and whimpering and so fucking beautiful as I brush the hair from her face and kiss her forehead.

“So good, baby,” I whisper, still inside her as I run my hands down her back. “So perfect.”

"I want to stay just like this," she murmurs, and I'm not sure if she's talking about being in my arms or the arrangement we've worked out between us—the arrangement that isn't quite a relationship but is more than just sex.

Whichever it is that she means, I just nod my head. “We will, Mia. Whatever you want. Just like this.”

It was an easy promise to make because I want the same thing. I'm done trying to pretend that I can pull away from her. I'm just going to enjoy what we have now, for this moment.

For once in my life, I’m not going to think about what happens next.



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