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Wire: Wrong #3 by LP Lovell, Stevie J Cole (1)



I stand at the edge of the porch, staring at the man’s body sprawled across the ground. A metal fence post is rammed through the middle of his chest and blood is spilling out onto the white sand. All I can do is shake my fucking head. "What the fuck, Gabriel?" I glance up at him. There’s blood splattered on his tan face and his white shirt is drenched in it.

He shrugs. "What would you like me to do, gringo? Just stand there and let him gut me?" He rolls his eyes and lets out an exasperated breath.

I pull a cigarette from my pocket and light it. "Fucking hell. Don't bring your shit to my island, how about?" I blow a stream of smoke from my lips still staring at the poor bastard bleeding out in the sand.

"I did not bring him. He came by himself. You think I want him here? I’m pretty sure I pulled a muscle putting the fucker down." He raises his arm, working it in circles.

I walk over and grab the post, yanking it out of the guy’s rib cage and tossing it into the shrubbery. "Tore my fucking fence up." I point at him. "I'm taking that off your next bill, Gabe. Tor likes that damn fence," I mumble.

"Would you like me to kill him with my bare hands like a savage?" he asks, folding his arms over his bloodstained shirt.

"You’re a cartel boss, Gabriel, don't act like you're all refined or some shit." I shake my head before I toss my half-smoked cigarette to the ground.

He glances at his cuff. “Puta merida. This shirt was new." He shakes his head.

"Help me get this shit outta here before Tor sees it. Jesus fucking Christ, you ain't seen shit until you’ve seen that woman pissed..."

He grins. "Tor likes me."

"Yeah, sure she does until she sees the dead fucking—" I glance up at him, "what is he? A fucking cartel member?"

"Eh, he's one of Lopez's guys."

"A motherfucking Sinaloa cartel member? Damn it, Gabriel." I drag my hands through my hair, half tempted to knock his teeth down his fucking throat. My jaw ticks as I stare at him.

Gabriel's been my business partner since I moved to the island. And even though he’s somehow ended up being my friend, I swear to god, if he wasn't the leader of the Juárez cartel, I'd slit his throat for some of the stupid stunts he pulls.

Gabriel rolls his eyes. "I already made a call. He'll be dead by tomorrow. You worry too much."

"Who will be dead? Fucking Lopez?" I groan. "Please, can we leave my name out of this shit? It's not enough you rammed my fucking fence post through his heart.” I walk over and grab the dead man's arms. "Get your Columbian ass over here and help me."

He slaps me on the shoulder. "You need a drink, mi amigo." He picks up the guy’s ankles and a look of disgust crosses his face.

I hear the back door open and shut, and my eyes go wide. "Fuck, Gabriel," I whisper. " motherfuck—"

"Jude?" Tor shouts from the back deck.

"Help me," I whisper in a panic. Gabriel helps me lift the guy, but I can hear Tor coming down the steps. Shit. I glance at Gabriel and we nod. "Ready?” I say. “One." We swing his limp body. "Two....Three." We let go and he lands in the bushes a few feet away, the toe of his shiny dress shoe sticking out from the leaves of the hydrangea.

Tor rounds the corner, her eyes shifting from me to Gabriel then narrowing.

"Tor," Gabriel says. "Looking beautiful as always." He flashes her a blinding smile and she glances accusingly at me.

"What's going on?” she asks. “Why are you lurking in the garden with Gabriel?"

"Just talking."

"Really?" she says, lifting an eyebrow.

"Yeah, about ponies," I say, and Gabriel stifles a laugh.

Her gaze slowly drifts to him and his bloody shirt. "Killing ponies?"

"Uh..." I start.

She places her hands on her hips. "You have blood all over you!" she says, glaring at Gabriel. "Both of you! What did you do?" She looks around. "And where is my fence post?"

I scowl at Gabriel out of the corner of my eye. That bastard's going pay for this shit. She steps to where the missing post is, right next to the damn bush. Her shoulders tense and she gasps.

"Fuck," I mumble, dragging my hand over my face.

"Jude," she says calmly before spinning around to face me. "Why is there a dead man in my bushes?"

"There just…fucking is, Tor."

"Jesus..." she sighs. "You!" She points at Gabriel, and I swear he fucking flinches. "Don't you be bringing your shit to my house."

He sighs. "I didn't bring him." I shake my head at him because she's going to lose her shit.

"Well then who did? Bloody Santa Claus?" Damn, I love that woman. "I swear, I will kill you, Gabriel. My daughter is in that house!" She steps toward him and he takes a step back, glancing down at her tiny frame. "You owe me a fence post." She turns around and walks back to the house. "And get rid of that fucking body, Jude! You've got thirty minutes before dinner is ready.”

Gabriel turns to me, a smirk on his face as he adjusts himself. I glare at him. "I can't help it," he shrugs. "That's a woman."

"That she fucking is."



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