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Wrecked by Luke Prescott (1)




Tightening the last bolt on the alternator, I lay the wrench down and pick up the already grease-filled rag to wipe my hands. It’s Friday, and I’m ready to get the hell out of this car shop.

Brett leans his burly ass on the Jeep Liberty I just replaced the alternator on. “You want to go have some fun tonight?” he asks. His black hair falls into his eyes, as he crosses his muscular tattooed arms.

Grinning, I turn my head. “If hitting the bar and finding some chicks is what you have in mind, then I'm game.”

“Exactly what I have in mind. You ready to get out of here?”

Wiping the sweat off my face with my shirt, I shake my head. “I need to wait until this chick comes to pick up her Jeep. I’ll meet you at the bar.”

Everyone, including Robert, my boss, leaves, while I’m stuck waiting on this woman, which pisses me off. I have Jack Daniels and pussy waiting for me. Running my hand through my hair, I go into the office and get her paperwork and keys ready. The faster I get her out of here, the faster my night can start.

“Hello?” a soft sultry voice calls.

Damn, finally. I make my way down the small hallway from the office and meet her in the garage. With everyone gone, the concrete walls echo with every step I take. She’s leaning on my red Snap-On tool box, which irritates me. No one touches my tools or my box, it’s a respect thing in the garage. None of us do it. I need her out of here.

“Hey, Miss…” I glance down at the paperwork to get her name, “Stevens. I replaced your alternator and battery, also topped off your fluids. You should have no problems now,” I say, handing her the paperwork.

“Stacey,” she corrects, dropping the papers on the hood, as she moves closer to me. Her brown eyes track over my navy mechanics shirt.

Lifting an eyebrow, I lean against the driver’s side door. “I’m sorry?”

“You don’t need to call me Miss Stevens. My name is Stacey.” A seductive smile pulls at her full lips.

My eyes run up and down her body, and I realize how fucking hot she is. If she bends over in those little black shorts, I’m sure her round ass will be on full display for me. Her full tits spill out of her low-cut pink tank top, and suddenly I’m not so pissed she waited to show up until everyone was gone.

“Alright, Stacey, I just need you to sign the paperwork since you already paid and we can both get on with our Friday night.”

Moving a few steps closer, she places her tiny hand on my arm. “Am I holding you up from something, Mr...” she trails off, smiling up at me.

“No mister, just Asher. And yeah, you are, Stacey. I’ve got a drink and some ladies waiting on me,” I say, grinning.

“I’m sorry to have held you up, Asher.” Slowly, her hand travels to my chest and works its way down. Slender fingers grip onto the waist of my jeans and she bites her lip looking up at me. “I can make it up to you.”

This isn't anything new. You'd be surprised how many women are ready to pull their panties down when they pick up their car. But her confidence makes her sexier, and I slightly tilt my head. “How exactly would you like to do that Stacey?”

Unbuttoning my jeans, she smiles at me. “I have an idea.”

My cock is already hard when she drops to her knees in front of me. Pulling down my zipper, she frees my cock and wraps her hand around it, slowly pumping. When she licks the tip, it takes all my willpower not to thrust my hips forward. Gripping her long blonde hair, I pull her head closer to my dick.

She wraps her lips around my cock and starts sucking like a damn pro. It feels so good, but the need to fuck her mouth is intense. Tightening my hold on her hair, I thrust my hips forward and son of a bitch, she just takes it.

Her fingers dig into my legs through my jeans, and she keeps moaning. It’s hot and I can’t help but let my eyes drift closed. She continues to suck me, taking me to the back of her throat each time. When she lets out a loud moan, I open my eyes, looking down at her on her knees before me.

Lifting my eyes, I almost stop when I see another chick standing there, watching. Not watching in disgust, watching like this is the hottest thing she’s ever seen. She's beautiful. Long legs accented by red heels, brown hair cascading like a waterfall over her shoulders, and big eyes that take in each push and pull of my cock into Stacey’s mouth. I can’t look away from her captivating blue eyes. So, I fuck Stacey’s red lips, while fantasizing it’s the soft, pink lips of the girl standing by the door.

“Fuck, you like this, don’t you?” I ask blue eyes. Stacey moans thinking I’m talking to her.

Blue eyes doesn’t answer, doesn’t even nod, but she never pulls her eyes away. I’m willing to bet her panties are fucking soaked just from watching, and I don’t intend to disappoint. Pumping my hips, I fuck Stacey’s mouth like it’s blue eyes’ wet pussy. As if she knows, she lets out a soft moan, biting her lip after. I’m not going to last much longer. I can feel myself almost there.

“I’m going to come, and I want you to fucking take it all,” I grunt out.

Stacey moans once more, and that’s all it takes. I explode in her mouth, and she takes every drop I have to give. I don’t break my focus on blue eyes, even as I come down Stacey’s throat. When I’m done, she slowly pulls off my cock, and I momentarily look down at her. She’s smiling, and I give her a little half-grin.

“I hope that makes up for me being late,” she says, licking her lips.

When I look up, blue eyes is gone, and I wonder if she was ever really there. Smiling down at Stacey, I help her up. “That more than makes up for it.” I tuck myself away and button my jeans. “Here’s your keys and paperwork,” I say, grabbing it all off the hood. “If you have any more problems, make sure to give us a call,”

“Oh, right, okay,” she says, looking disappointed.

I'm sure she thinks I'm an asshole, but she can’t honestly think this was anything more than a blow job. Without a word, she climbs into her jeep. I watch her back out of the garage and take a second to look around for blue eyes.

No one is here, so she either left or was one hell of a fucking fantasy. Either way, I’m not about to think too much on it, I have a bottle of Jack waiting for me.



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