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WOLF SEEKER (Claiming My Pack Series Book 2) by Yumoyori Wilson (1)

“Run, run, run, we go!” 

I cheered in delight as I ran as fast as I could. My laughter floated with the warm breeze that passed, carrying it through the thick forest we ran through.

I looked over my shoulder to see the white-blond boy with the most spectacular blue and gold eyes I’d ever seen. Those mismatched eyes that brought joy to my heart were filled with happiness, and glittered even as the forest began to darken. 

The smell of roses filled the air, and I breathed it in while keeping up my quick pace. We’re here! 

My feet began to slow as I entered the hidden valley, my teal eyes landing on the roses lined up in rows that greeted us. 

I was out of breath, but it didn’t stop the satisfaction I felt, and I inhaled deeply, blowing the air out slowly. The breeze took that moment to play, its warmth twirling around me and lifting my dress slightly. 

“Hey, wind. No playing around. Carter’s here,” I called out to the element, happy to have gotten the chance to play. 

Normally it was cold in the forest, especially during the late autumn evenings, but the wind always followed and kept us warm.  

It danced around me and moved over to Carter, who was still catching his breath. He was leaning over with his hands on his knees, but he had the biggest smile on his face. 

His blond hair began to flutter upwards, and he chuckled. “All right, wind. We’ll be good from here.” 

A gentle whistle rang around us and I waved my hands up in the sky in a goodbye motion. “Farewell, wind! Come play again tomorrow!” I jumped up and down and lowered my hands. 

I stared up at the sky that was a mixture of blues, pinks, and purples, noticing the tiny stars that began to peek through, while the orange rays of the descending sun shone one last time in the horizon. 

Now that I’d caught my breath, I took a moment to savor the wonderful scent that filled me with joy. 

I let out a sigh as I exhaled, lowering my gaze to Carter. 

“They smell nice, right?”

The calm that ran through me had my smile widening and my eyes softening in compassion as I stared at Carter, who stood up straight. 

“They do...” I whispered. I watched Carter’s smile widen, and then he moved to grab a single pink rose. I stared in awe as he walked back, stopping directly in front of me and reaching out to hold my hand. 

“One day, I’ll be big and strong, and together we’ll help save everyone from the evil wolves’ plans. We’ll be the King and Queen of change. I vow it,” he whispered. 

I couldn’t control the smile that formed on my little lips as I squeezed his hand and nodded. 

“Together. We’re going to save everyone. The wolves, witches, humans. Everyone. You and me.” 

“Because we’re mates!” Carter emphasized, looking proud and excited. 

“Yes! You’re mine and I’m yours. No one can stop our destiny. That’s what Mommy said,” I declared with pride. 

My mother was a strong woman. The strongest Alpha wolf in our history. She always said I’d do great things, and when I met Carter, she knew we’d do even greater things together. 

We are mates. Royal ones, to be specific. 

“You’ll marry me here, right?” he asked softly, and I stared into his hopeful eyes. 

“Yes. Pink roses everywhere and maybe a unicorn.” 

I loved unicorns. They were filled with mystery and powerful magic, but they were also kind and helped the world be a better place. 

They also loved glitter and sprinkling it on people. I’d love to have glitter rain down on us when Carter and I get married. I’d have to ask Mommy.  

“Unicorns aren’t real, silly.” 

“Maybe they are. Mommy said I should use my imagination and think really hard.”

Carter laughed and moved to hug me. I hugged him back and he unexpectedly kissed me on the cheek. 

“Harper is my mate and these lands will always help us stay together!”

One of the reasons why I adored Carter was his confidence and strength. He was like a prince from all the fairytales who always wanted to make sure the princess was safe and happy. 

I giggled at his declaration and felt a bit shy from his kiss.

Shy, but loved. 

“Always together. No matter what. We’ll spread love to everyone and help the land grow,” I added. 

Carter leaned back and nodded. “We’ll have a nice house and have lots of roses. Pink roses.” 

“How are we going to get a house? I thought Mother said we’re too young,” I reminded him, giving him a puzzled look. 

“Uh… I’ll ask my dad! He’ll do it.”

I giggled. “No, he won’t. Remember when you asked him for a sword and he gave you the wooden one that couldn’t even break the door?” 

“That… was by accident. He said the real sword was too heavy, so he got me a wooden one. When I’m older I can get a real one because I have to protect you.”  

“You don’t need a sword.” I reached up to stroke his head. “Your wolf will protect me, right?”

Carter’s cheeks turned a light crimson and he glanced to our feet, but he kept his head in place while I continued to stroke his smooth hair.

“Yes. We’ll always protect you.” 

“Always,” I repeated. 

Carter nodded, and I could see the seriousness in those gold and turquoise eyes. 

“Always, Harper. As your mate and with the title of Prince Moonshine, I’ll always protect you.” 

My heart thrummed in delight and something deep inside me was just as pleased to hear those words that were filled with love. 

“I love you, Carter, Prince of the Moonshine Pack.” 

“I love you too, Harper, Princess of the Blessed Lake Pack. May our packs one day come together and bring unity to all.”

Unity to all…



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