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Winter's Guardian by G. Bailey (1)

"So class, please start by reading page thirty-two of your books." The professor at my university goes on, as my class starts. The professor looks as ancient as the old room we are all sat in, with his brown hair and beard, and very dated clothes that look like he hasn’t washed them in a while. I push my out of control, wavy brown hair over my shoulder, wishing I had tied it up this morning. It’s a hot day and the room is stuffy because of the lack of opened windows. I glance over at my best friend Alex, who has her head on an old desk, lightly snoring. I chuckle before kicking her leg and waking her up. She moves her waist length straight red hair off her face to glare at me. 

"I was resting Win," she mutters hiding her eyes with her arm and huffing at me.

"The professor is here." I giggle, trying to whisper at her as she nearly falls off the side of the desk, while half asleep.

"Oh, what page?" She yawns, looking like she is going to drop off asleep already. I sigh remembering how she actually has a boyfriend to keep her up all night. I, on the other hand, can't find a good one. The last time I had a boyfriend was over a year ago and I found out he had a bad habit of sleeping around at parties.  The unfortunate way I found out was when I walked into his bedroom at his party, to find him in bed with two other girls. Let just say he has put me off men for life, or at least for a while.

"Thirty-two," I say rolling my eyes at her grin.

"I might nap instead, I had a long night." she winks.

"Don't rub it in." I groan.

"Well, you’re coming to Drake’s party this weekend and no you don't have a choice. I brought you a dress and I found you a date." She grins. I don’t know which one was worse about that sentence. The fact she has brought me a dress, which I know will be way too slutty for my style, or the unlucky guy she has found for me. I decide to go the second problem first.

"A date? You know I don't date." I hiss while she smiles.

"Hey, you can't judge every man because of one. This guy is nice, a friend of Drake’s." She smiles doing that annoying face she knows I can't say no to since we were eight. I will never forget when I first met Alex; my mum had taken me to get an ice cream from the local ice cream van. Alex had just got hers in front of me and I decided to get the same because her ice cream looked good. When the truck left, Alex tripped over and dropped hers. My mum and I rushed over as she cried her eyes out over her ice cream. I offered to share mine and then we were inseparable when I saw her at school the next day.

"Fine, but if this doesn't go well I'm blaming you." I laugh.

"Winter Masters, is there something wrong." My professor asks, causing the whole class to look at me. I can hear Alex's snort as I answer.

"No, sir. We were just discussing the work." I say with red cheeks. The professor raises his bushy eyebrows at me, I know he doesn’t believe me, damn I wouldn’t believe me. I’m a terrible liar.

"Well, discuss it more quietly next time; I'm sure the whole class doesn't want to know about your dating life." I hold in the urge to hide under the table at his blunt reply.

A boy about my age puts his hand up at the front, drawing the whole room’s attention to him. The boy has messy brown hair that’s covered up with a backwards cap. He is quite muscular under his top and shorts from what I can see. I’ve heard a few comments about how attractive he is, which he defiantly is.

"I would like to know sir." He says loudly before winking at me over his shoulder. I know I’m redder than a tomato now and one glance at Alex shows how funny she thinks this is. I’m leaving her to sleep throughout the class next time.

"That's enough, Harris. All of you get back to work. I am running tests on this next week.” He picks up a large pile of papers, most likely the tests he made us do last week, and hasn’t bothered to mark them yet. I watch as he goes to his desk and pulls out his phone. I’m sure he is playing some game by the way he is typing but he defiantly isn’t marking the tests.

“Also, while I remember, you need to find work experience in the next week or you'll be helping me sort out the university lost and found, for four weeks," I swear the old professor even smirked. I bet they would be getting him more coffees than they would be doing anything else.

"Have you heard back from the local vets yet?" Alex asks opening her book, as everyone starts reading quietly.

"Yes, they called yesterday and I'm all sorted." I grin remembering jumping up down in happiness after the call. I had applied months ago and no one from our course was accepted, but I held hope as I hadn't been rejected. My back up was to work at a local farm, with half our class. Studying to become a vet is hard work and there isn't much available work experience.  This class is an English class and we have to pass it to stay at the university. That’s why Alex, who is a music student, is taking this class with me.

"That's great." she smiles widely, making a few guys next to us look at her. Alex is that very pretty girl you always wanted to be. She is tall with boobs and hips that are perfect, no matter what she eats. I look at a McDonald’s and my ass gets bigger. While as I’ve been told I'm pretty, I like my food too much, so I have curves, unlike my skinny ass best friend. My best quality is my shiny brown hair and blue eyes, which I have to admit suit my golden complexion.

We don't say anymore and get on with our work. At the end of class, I hand in my permission forms for the work experience, before finding Alex with her boyfriend, Drake, outside class.

"Hey, do you still need a lift?" I ask when I get close to them.

"Nope, thanks honey, I'm going to Drake’s but I will see you tomorrow to get ready for the party." she winks leaning against Drake. Drake is a good-looking guy but is strange-looking; honestly, he looks like a typical scary ass man. He has dark, nearly black eyes and black hair that’s cut in a buzz cut but he makes it work. I always thought that he must spend a lot of time in a gym or something because he is all muscles wearing expensive jeans. Alex has told me he is well off but I knew that anyway from the car he drives and designer clothes he wears. It's not just the looks and money; it's more how old he acts when he must be around twenty like us. Alex doesn't answer many questions about him but they have dated a while, so I'm guessing she really likes him. 

"My friend is looking forward to your date," Drake says coldly in a slight Russian accent, yes he must be Russian but Alex says he not actually from there, his parents were apparently.

"Me too." I lie and frown at Alex's chuckle.

"I love you Win, never change," she says to me, as she gives me a hug before we wave goodbye. Drake doesn't say anything else but that's normal. 

I click my old red Rover open before sliding in. My mum brought it for me as a going away present and I love the old car, maybe not the unusual stain on the driver seat I can’t get rid of, I think its red pen. Well, I’m hoping it is anyway. We never had a lot of money growing up, as it was just me and mum. As I drive home, I try to think about ways to get out of this date but eventually come to the conclusion that it couldn't go that bad, right? 



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