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Willing: Book Three (Mystic Valley Shifters) by LC Taylor (20)

We decided to drive the bike to school. Carly threw her backpack on and settled in behind me. The feel of her pressed against me was almost more than I could bare. We pulled into the parking lot on campus, cutting off the engine, Carly slipped off the bike behind me.

As she unstrapped her helmet, all I could do was stare. Her beautiful red hair spilled out down her back, making her breathtaking. She rested the helmet on the seat of the bike and turned to catch me ogling her.

“What? Is my hair fried from the helmet?”

“No – you’re perfect.”

“You’re just saying that… anyway – my class is in that building there. It’s the only class I have with Dan, so maybe if you sit right there,” she pointed towards a bench near the entrance, “you may catch him coming in the building.”

“Well, that’s true. Except I don’t know what he looks like.”

“Oh – he’s tall, like you. He has auburn colored hair, and dark eyes.”

“Auburn hair you say?” I had a feeling I knew who this Dan fella was, “Ok, I’ll keep watch for him.”

Plopping down on the bench, Carly leaned down to kiss me, “Please don’t get into any trouble. He’s not worth it – Promise me?”

“I only make promises I can keep.”

“Paul, I’m serious. Don’t do anything stupid.”

“Fine – hurry back to me. I don’t like you being away from me… for a bunch of reasons.”

I watched as she turned, walking into the building. She looked over her shoulder just before the door closed, and blew me a kiss. Once the door shut, I scanned the area for Dan. I prayed he’d walk passed me, that way I could keep him out here and away from Carly. Retrieving my cell phone from my pocket, I dialed Jensen.

“Jensen, you gotta minute?”

“Yep. You at school with Carly? Dylan is freaking out because we let her go.”

“We didn’t let her go – she informed us how it was going to be. Anyway, I think I may know who our mystery man is.”

“Really? You get some details from the school?”

“No – Carly gave me a description. She said he was about my height with a muscular build.”

“And you figured it out from that? Hell, she just described the whole pack.”

“Yeah – except this particular guy has Auburn hair. Jensen, think about it – a wolfen with Auburn hair. You don’t think…” I trailed off, listening to silence as Jensen digested what I was telling him.

“FUCK. You don’t think it could be you? Why now? It’s been three years Paul. Would he really come back now?”

“I don’t know – maybe it’s just coincidental. But you know how this works. If it is him, he’s sealed his death sentence.”

“Sit tight – I’m getting Carter and we are coming to the college. If you’re right, Carly is in a lot of trouble.”

“Are you going to tell Dylan?”

“I couldn’t keep this from her. She’s going to go thermal-nuclear.”

We disconnected, and I stood from my spot on the bench. Carly had been in class for twenty minutes, and this Dan guy had not walked passed me. Maybe he wasn’t going to show. Pacing, I started to get more and more panicked. If Dan was who I thought he was, it meant trouble. Trouble we didn’t need.

Glancing at my watch, I realized Carly’s class would be ending in ten minutes. I walked towards the entrance, propping myself against the wall. I closed my eyes and rested my head on the cool brick, praying I was wrong about him. Hoping he was just some random wolfen that had become a little too obsessed with my girl.

Opening my eyes, I spotted Jensen and Carter getting out of Carter’s truck. Kai hopped out of the back seat and joined them as the approached me.

“Paul – any sign of the guy?”

“No… Carly should be coming out any minute. Her class ended a few minutes ago.”

“Alright, we need to canvas the campus. Maybe we will spot him.”

“Oh lord – you are all here. That cant be a good thing,” Carly walked up behind me, lacing her fingers with mine.

“Was stalker boy in class?” Kai sighed, glancing towards Carter.

“Nope… he was mysteriously absent,” Carly turned, pulling on my hand, “walk me to the registrar’s office. Maybe they can tell me something.”

“We will just be meandering around on campus. If you find out something, or run into him – let me know.” Jensen tapped his head, indicating I should reach out through the pack bond. Nodding, I pulled Carly close and headed towards the registrar’s building.

“You think it’s odd he was absent?”

“Yeah, I guess – who knows though. Could be a coincidence. Wait – “

Carly’s words trailed off, I followed her stare. There at the edge of the woods, was a wolf – a shifter.

Jensen, he’s at the edge of the woods.

I reached out to Jensen through the pack connection. Part of me wanted to shift and take off after him, but I didn’t want to leave Carly’s side.

“What do you think he’s doing?”

The wolf took off into the trees, leaving us both staring at the empty space he once stood. A chill crept up my spine, why was he just watching us?

“I don’t know.”

Paul, meet us back at your bike.

“Come one, Jensen wants us to meet him back at my bike. And I’m not taking any chances with you.”

I gripped her hand tightly in mine, leading her back towards the parking lot, the others would be waiting. Hopefully, they would have some news. Not knowing what he was up to or who he was driving me and my wolf mad – something had to give.



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