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Willing: Book Three (Mystic Valley Shifters) by LC Taylor (1)

Sitting at the table I waited for Dylan to speak. She stared at me, confused, and looking quite pissed.

“What do you mean you want to quit college? Carly,” she let out a long sigh, “you only have one year left. I don’t understand.”

“Dylan, I hate it – plus I don’t need college to be a good event coordinator. You’ve seen my abilities, and the classes didn’t teach me all that. That was all me.”

I held her gaze, standing my ground, “You didn’t go to college and you have your own business. So why can't I do it that way – without having to sit through another long-winded professor.”

“Carly, it can't be that bad? Why now?” Dylan cocked an eyebrow at me, waiting for my explanation, “Is this about a particular someone?”

“No… yes…ugh, I don’t know – maybe. I mean, damn Dylan, when will he stop and notice me? Being at school, seeing all those cute couples is making me nuts,” I let out the breath I’d been holding.

I was frustrated that the one person I want most in this world, Paul, won’t give me the time of day.

“We’ve been through this Carly… He notices you – I wish I could explain why he’s fighting what we can all see… but I can’t. He won’t talk to anyone about what’s going on his head.” Dylan shook her head, obviously confused about the situation as well.

“What should I do?”

“Carly, finish school – that’s the first thing you should do. And date… stop waiting around on him. You deserve to have a little fun – look on the bright side. It could make him so jealous he pulls his head out of his ass and finally comes to his senses.”

Smiling at her suggestion I nodded, “You’re right! Fuck it – I’m going to have a little innocent fun… and make him a green monster!”

“That’s the girl I know. Stop pining for the man, start plotting to get what you want. Sometimes you must play dirty to get dirty,” Dylan winked as she stood from the kitchen table, “You know, you could move into the house with us… and be in his face every day. You can take our room since our place is done. We’ll be moving in this weekend.”

“That’s right – your love nest is done,” laughing at my own joke, “but really? You wouldn’t mind? What about the guys, will it bother them if I do?”

“Nah, there’s plenty of women in the house still. Tessa and Haven aren’t done with their cottage, so they’ll still be in the master. Kai and Roxy will be upstairs too. The rest of the guys, including Paul, live in the basement.”

Jensen walked in, wrapping his arms around Dylan, “What are you two scheming about in here?”

“I told Carly she should move into our old room this weekend. She’s lonely on campus,” she winked at me, keeping our little plan between us.

“Too bad I know you both better than that. But I think it’s a great idea. It’s time to fight fire with fire, Carly. Paul needs to get his shit together and realize you’re his destined mate. Being in the house will force him to face facts.”

“Thanks, Jensen. Do you think you could help me move my stuff from the dorm this weekend?”

“Sure, but are your parents going to freak out?”

“I don’t care what they think. They stopped paying for anything a year ago, so they have no say. I work my ass off for my own money – I can contribute to the bills here.”

“Finish school, Carly. Worry about that. This house is paid for. When you graduate, you can contribute once your business is up and running.” Jensen patted my shoulder as he led Dylan from the kitchen, “Now if you don’t mind – I’d like to steal my future bride away for some alone time.”

“Yeah, yeah… go get your freak on. I’m going to go and start packing my things.” I rolled my eyes as they walked from the kitchen.

Standing, I glanced around. Smiling to myself, the excitement of living here under the same roof with Paul gave me hope – maybe I would win his heart after all. Heading outside, I was startled as the door swung open, almost knocking me down.

“Shit,” Paul grabbed my arm, steadying me on my feet, “Carly… sorry. Are you ok?”

My breath hitched, the electric charge I felt from his touch on my bare skin left me speechless. Paul quickly removed his hand and moved around me, “I didn’t see you, sorry.”

I watched as he made his way to the basement stairs, never turning around to look at me.

“Yeah, good… Thanks for asking.” I huffed as the basement door slammed behind him.

Turning, I headed out of the house. With new resolve, a plan was already forming in my head. I would make him see we were meant for each other.



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