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Wife Wanted: A Billionaire Fake Fiance Romance by Eva Luxe, Juliana Conners (1)

Wife Wanted: A Billionaire Fake Fiancé Romance

Copyright 2017 by Eva Luxe and Juliana Conners; All Rights Reserved.


Chapter One




I made a mistake. I gave a guy my real number by accident. He wasn’t even good looking, and now my phone is blowing up. Good god, how fucking stupid of me.

I had just got out the shower, feeling clean and sexy. The steam around me made me cozy as I dried off. I tried to wait out the annoying sound of my phone going off. But he had a strong determination.

Didn’t guys get the point after the fifth damn call? When I was finally dry, I stalked into my bedroom and grabbed my phone. Flicking the red phone button on the side to deny his call, I dropped it back down onto the bed and went to my wardrobe.

Being naked was nice, but only for a while. My tits were getting cold. And with no man here to suck my nipples, it would only get on my nerves. That was what men were for; pleasure.

Yeah, there was happy couples and all that jazz. But that was playing Russian Roulette with your heart, and I wasn’t willing to get stabbed a dozen times to find prince charming. No way in hell. I chose a skinny black dress to compliment my short red hair that I had recently cut into a bob.

It fit my face. And it made me undeniably sexier than I had been before.

Knock, knock, knock.

I approached the door with soft steps without saying a word. Once I was up against the peep hole I had to make out who I saw. The glass on my peep hole was shit. Why was it even here? I rolled my eyes.

“Who is it?” I asked, seeing a feminine figure sway. Hmm, that movement was familiar.

“It’s me, Stacy, hope you didn’t forget this face that soon,” she giggled, waving at the door.

I swung the door open and flung my arms open for a hug. God, Stacy was the cutest little stripper at Bar Seven. She didn’t stay too long, since she met her husband, Grant. “Oh my god, Stacy!” She hugged me, her small little frame mustered up enough energy to give me quite a squeeze.

“Hey there, long time no see! How have you been holding up?”

“You know, same old same old, come on in and make yourself at home.”

I brought her on inside and she looked around. It had been a while. She was a mom now, living the life of a house wife. A wealthy one. How did she do it?

“Hmm, still no boyfriend yet?” she sighed, holding her chin in curiosity. She was digging for some positive news. Why did everyone think women always had to have a man.

I flopped down on the black sofa I had in the living room and shook my head.

“Stacy, you know I’m not the kind to settle down. I’m a free spirit, bogged down by no man.” I had to admit, my chest rose a little when I said that. I wouldn’t call it haughty, but more like proud. Confident and proud that I could live life without the appendage of a guy. Too much drama. I’d rather live without it.

I saw what it did to mom.

I saw the fights it caused my sister Samantha. And like hell was I putting my name on the drama list.

Stacy sat down next to me and tilted her head to the side with a smirk. “Oh, so you think I’m bogged down?” She folded her arms and narrowed her eyes playfully. Oh, come on, she knew what I meant.

“Not you! It’s just… dating and stuff isn’t my style, you know?”

“I see. Well, here,” she said, digging into her purse to take something out. She shoved into my hands a small card that had gold embossed letters. Fancy.

“What’s this?” I opened up the card and saw the words, ‘You are invited to…’ And I knew exactly what was happening.

“I’m getting married. I know you were the officiant at Willow’s and I want you to be the bridesmaid at mine!” she chirped, bouncing on my couch like a happy kid. The happiness that glittered and danced in her eyes. She was in love.

I wondered, what was the heart break she had to endure to find him? What were the risks, and how bad did it hurt?

In the end, I knew she’d say it was worth it. But finding that special someone wasn’t a guarantee in life. For no one. Willow and Stacy were lucky. Me? I was going to be realistic and stay the happy single tramp that I was.

“Really? Wow, so many people getting married around me.”

Stacy placed her hands in her lap and leaned over. “Too bad you don’t have a shiny new beau to bring with you.”

“Please, that’s not gonna happen. I’m good by myself.” My phone rang again. I swore to all Gods that were good and unholy that I’d never give out my real number to any strange guy again. “Ugh, damn phone.” I pulled myself off of the couch and sprinted into the bedroom. Stacy followed behind.

“Is it a guy?” she asked, clasping her hands together.

“No, just my sister trying to bug me again. Spoiled brat.”

“So, gonna come?”

We both walked back out into my modest sized living room.

“Sure, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. You and Grant deserve to be happy. I’d love to see you officially tie the knot.” Stacy fought a cough since the place was filled with remnants of cigarette smoke

“Same thing for you too…”

“Don’t worry, I’m good, Stacy. Bet you’re pretty busy today, aren’t you? Got your wedding dress?” I had to end this conversation of me shacking up with some dude. It wasn’t going to happen. I liked my sex without strings. Hard, fast, done and gone.

“I’m going shopping for it soon. Maybe tomorrow, you’ll have to come.”

“Sure. I’ll just make sure I’m not busy. The club’s been booking private dances.”

“Ohh, really? Cool.”

“Meh, it pays the bills,” I said reaching for a pack of smokes on the table.

“Well, got to go. The baby probably went through all the formula I left behind for Grant to feed the baby with. See you, and go find a boyfriend.”

“You’re not going to let up on me, will you?” I sighed.

“Nope. Think about it. Everyone there is bringing their boyfriends or husband. Do you really want to be the odd one out? Anyways, let me jet out this door. I’m going to be late to other things.”

“Take care of yourself, Stacy.”

She slipped out the door like a piece of delicate lace, returning home to her happy family. It fit her. The whole situation was just… her. Me? I was a stripper, I didn’t have doll baby looks. I was sexy in a tough yet feminine manner.

“The only single one there, huh? Bet people are expecting me to show up alone, aren’t they?” I said to myself, hunting around for a lighter.

Still, I couldn’t stop Stacy’s words from haunting me. I still had an ego.

Everyone at that wedding was coming with someone. And that meant if I was going alone, that I’d be the subject of stupid conversations. Side eyes and whispers.

Now that I thought about it, showing up without a man by my side would make it seem like I—like I couldn’t get a man.

“Oh shit. Now this feels like a challenge.”

Willow and Stacy knew I wasn’t the lonely type. But the older women would gossip and… well, to be honest, it was probably rude to show up to an event like a wedding all alone and solo.

Stacy would probably feel uneasy about it too. Everyone married with kids around me…

That was her special day, and I was determined not to ruin it. Plus, I’d get fun wedding day sex with a random guy.

But not just any random guy. Grant and Darien were big wigs. Rich men. Powerful men. So I was going to need that same level of man to bring with me.

And I knew someone who could do that for me.

She owed me a favor.



Eliza Vent. The go to woman for all billionaire men who were looking for love… or reliable one night stands.

She was busy getting another party together for a small fleet of wealthy men and young twenty something virgins with an appetite and need to get their cherry popped by someone wiser and wealthy.

No harm in that. I only hoped she had someone suitable for me. I didn’t need a BDSM super freak or anything like that. She waved her assistant off when she saw me cat walk down the starlit stairs down into the main corridor of her party room.

It was dark in here, save for the twinkling lights everywhere and the blur of phones as people moved around to get ready for this function she was holding.

“Well, look who stumbled in. Looking for love?” she teased, knowing full well how I was adamantly against being in a relationship.

“Sorta, I need a date. A rich and powerful one.” I flexed my arm and wiggled my eyebrows. She held her stomach and laughed.

“Ohh, what has you of all people interested all of a sudden?”

We walked over to one of the tables that were decked out in roses, rose petals, and golden plates with champagne glasses. Eliza had expensive, good taste.

“A Wedding. My friend’s wedding. Her and her other bridesmaid both have rich men as husbands. I don’t like being a third wheel or whatever.” I picked at the petals on the table and tried not to envision myself as a housewife, happy with a few tots running around.  I was doomed with a hard slap from reality if I allowed myself to do that. Eliza frowned, studying my face. She thought I was wife material. I didn’t.

Everyone around me thought I was marriage material.

Everyone around me was wrong. Dead wrong. Laughable wrong.

“Let’s see. I think I have someone that might suit you.” She dabbled around with her phone, swiping the screen around. Then she held it up so I couldn’t see the screen. Since she worked with so many rich men, there was no telling how many secrets she knew.

God, the probably could black mail a guy for a couple million in a minute flat. Lucky for them Eliza had a heart of gold. Rare these days. What was even more rare was that my friends all shared that heart of gold.

Except for me. Which was fine. I considered myself average. I wasn’t even a virgin.

“Make it good, you owe me a favor for that lap dance session I gave to a few of your clients,” I reminded her with a wicked smile and wink. She smirked and sat her phone down.

“I know, I know. Don’t worry. I only deal with the best. Come back here around eight o’clock to meet him.”

“Meet him? For what? Can’t you just send him to me?” I slouched back in my chair. My legs weren’t crossed either. I sat like a tomboy on a hot day.

“He’s not a package, love.”

“Funny, bet he’s got a package if he’s a man.”

“You’re so dirty,” she whispered with a hiss of laughter.

“That’s why people love me.” I shrugged and got up. Tugging my dress down from the dangerous top zones of my thighs were my butt cheeks were almost visible. Eliza picked herself up too and placed her hands on her hips. This was when I noticed she was wearing all black. Black tight top with skinny turtleneck, and a pencil skirt that showed off her shape. Hmm, that made me want one too now.

“You heard me, eight o’clock, and I’ll have the perfect match by then. I just spruced up my book of eligible bachelors.” She threw her hands up into the air. Happy that her business never seemed to go on a downward curve. She was always getting repeat clients, and some even happily married. Funny. She didn’t get to know if they were divorced though. Marriage was supposed to be important. But a lot of people trashed the meaning.

“Good, I’ll be back then. Thanks Eliza.” I waved.

“You’re welcome!” she said after me as I climbed up the steps to leave her place. After one last glance, I dipped out the door and checked my phone.

Good, no missed calls.

But what about after the wedding?

No, that wasn’t my concern. The only things I needed to focus on right now were wedding presents, what I was going to wear to the wedding, and how I was going to get dressed for tonight.

My phone rang again. And a vein popped in my forehead. Much to my relief, when I looked, it was just my bratty other half, my sister Samantha.

“What?” I said into the phone, opening the door to that led to the sidewalk. I decided a nice hour or two getting a manicure and pedicure with a massage would be a nice way to loosen myself up for tonight.

“Hey, not nice. How about ‘Hi’?” Samantha complained.

“How about ‘get to the point’? You’re up to something.”

“I was wondering. Can you watch my dog tonight? I have a date—”

“No can do, kiddo. Find a real dog sitter.” Men on the sidewalk were being men. They stared and scanned my body from head to toe. I just kept my switch and walked on.

“But, Linds…” she whined in her spoiled voice.

“Look, I kind of have a date myself.” I grunted.

“You mean a one night stand? Those aren’t important like me!”

“Got to go, Samantha. Really busy,” I said, getting ready to tap the red phone icon.

“Fine. Ugh.”

“Plus, you have that rich boyfriend Totler, can’t he buy you that?”

“Yeah. Catch you later, I have to go shopping.”

“See ya, stay safe.”

I hung up and realized I was on the street corner. Wow, an invite to a wedding had me twisted up like this?

Hmph, it’d be over soon enough. The date on the wedding card said it was in two weeks and there were more details to come.

Then I remembered, it said a location.

I had the card on me, so I took it out to read the location.

Holy shit. Of course, Stacy wasn’t going to be the traditional one…

“Montreal, Canada?! What?”






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