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The scent of sex rolls over my office like crashing waves on a beach. The blonde splayed out on my desk moans my name over and over, her voice growing more frantic with each lick of her clit. Her creamy skin glides up and down the dark cherry wood surface.

The brunette on her knees laps at my dick. Her tongue swirls patterns all over the underside of my cock while she rolls my nuts in the center of her palm. She treats my cock like an expensive delicacy, and I appreciate that.

I raise my face from the sweet pussy spread out before me. Whitley.

“Gracie, suck my dick until my cum is overflowing from your mouth.” I fist two handfuls of hair, slamming my dick deeper and harder down her throat.

My cock hits the back of her throat, firing my nerves alive. Whitley becomes greedy with the loss of my mouth. Her hands tug at the collar of my shirt, pulling me back down to her.

Never been much of a pussy-eating man until it came to Whitley. She’s the only woman I’ve let in my life. It’s not love by any means, more like mutual respect. I use her sexy body made of curves and rich olive skin. It’s a severe contrast to her platinum blonde wavy hair, making her so damn alluring and intriguing at the same time.

Now before you go labeling me the billionaire bastard, you have to understand one thing. Money. Whitley needs money. In fact, I gave her the world and can’t wait to watch her soar. Whitley uses me. We work.

Whitley was instructed to bring Gracie with her to my office today. I’m sending a gentle reminder to Gracie’s husband, Robert Manganelli, that payment is due in full. Nobody, not even the pastor at the local church, will get away with owing me money. Jack Jarvis York does not play those games. Nobody will make me a fool.

My tongue dances and dives through Whitley’s folds, my teeth grazing her clit, causing her to move her hips up and down. She wildly grabs my hair, pulling me further into that sweet cunt of hers.

Gracie takes my command while digging her fingers into my thighs as if they were her lifeline. She deep throats my dick as far as it’ll go. The tingling sensation begins to race up and down my spine. My rock-hard cock pulses once then twice, and I’m filling her mouth.

I stand up once again and grit out, “Swallow each drop, Gracie. Relish my cum. It’ll become your favorite taste. One you won’t be able to kick.”

She milks, savors, and swallows every ounce I give her. I pull back my dick, popping it from her mouth. Gracie stares up at me with watery eyes. They’re not tears of sadness; they’re tears of pleasure. She smiles shyly up at me then ducks her head.

“No, no, baby.” I reach down and grab her upper arm, guiding her to her feet.

She’s naked from head to toe, not one stitch of clothing. Robert is one lucky bastard. Gracie’s tits aren’t fake. They’re all natural, plump and perk. Her curves are thick and her skin flawless. Robert may be a lucky bastard to have a wife like her, but I guarantee he can’t make her feel the way I do. I have the power and skill to make her feel like the goddamn queen she is.

Robert owes me money. He’s late paying me. Whitney had this idea, pure genius, to remind him his payment is due. Whitley’s idea was genius. My girl, Whitley, has as sick a mind as I do. Gracie wanted my dick, and I had a message to send her husband. Gracie was more than happy to oblige. It seems Robert and Gracie’s marriage may not be as perfect as they portray to the Dallas high society.

I brush the apple of her cheeks with the pad of my thumb and stare into her deep green eyes. “I’m not done with you yet. But I want to make sure when you go home that you let your husband taste me all over in your mouth.”

I lean forward, licking the seam of her lips until she parts open. I’m a greedy bastard, and I’ll be the first to admit it. I deepen the kiss, swirling my tongue in her mouth, loving the taste of me inside of her. Gonna have to blow one more time in her mouth before she leaves today.

My cock grows hard wanting more of her. I think I’ll fuck her right out of my thoughts and shoot my load into her wide-open mouth. My throbbing cock agrees. Gracie throws her head back, so I take the time to kiss up and down her neck.

Lips wrap around my cock. I peer down to see good little Whitley on her knees sucking me hard. Whitley doesn’t screw around when it comes to me. She gets me, the best of me every single time. I can’t help myself and indulge in Gracie’s tits, rolling her hard nipples over in my hand and then going down to taste each of them.

“Hey,” I murmur into her skin, “I want to fuck these tits and spray my cum down the back of your throat.”

Gracie moans and writhes underneath my touch. “J.J., please fuck me. I need to be fucked.”

“Patience, baby girl, patience. We have all afternoon. I canceled all my meetings to make sure the message gets to your husband.”

I grab Whitley, pulling her up to me so that we’re all standing face-to-face, the perfect little triangle of fuckery. I grab Gracie by the neck, pulling her into me.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?”

Gracie is timid when she shakes her head.

“Have you ever licked a pussy?”

This time her cheeks grow red and alive with interest and intrigue. And she shakes her head one more time.

“You’ve done your job, and now it’s time for a little fun, but if you want me to fuck you with this cock, you got to show me how good you can lick Whitley.”

Whitley’s eyes light up at this. This girl and I have done everything, fucked every which way from here to Sunday in all kinds of positions. There’s nothing we haven’t done. Whitley reaches down and grabs my dick, squeezing hard, and I know it’s her form of saying thank you.

I turn her naked body around and pull her back into my naked chest. My dick goes right to where he wants to be. Have I mentioned I’m a greedy motherfucker? Gracie wastes no time stepping in front of Whitley. Their kiss is slow and steady at first, but it’s not long before it’s hot and heady. I thrust into Whitley, chasing my pleasure as Gracie drops to her knees, darting her tongue out to Whitley’s cunt. The afternoon floats by like this until we are all beyond exhausted and I’ve coated Gracie’s throat with my cum one more time.

I slam the door to the bathroom off my office. Sleek, black marble covers every surface. This bathroom is more luxurious than most homes in Dallas. Before I push the button to turn on the shower, I hear their voices. The multiple showerheads that are about to bless me with a hot massage will have to wait.

“Why you?” Gracie asks. “Everyone in Dallas, hell in the state of Texas, knows Jack Jarvis does not do relationships.”

I slide the frosted glass door a pinch to hear the sounds of clothes rustling. I can’t see her, but I know Whitley shrugs.

“He saved me. J.J. takes care of me. It’s simple as that.”

“He never had sex with me today. It’s like he was loyal to you.”

“That’s what J.J. does. He’s a good man. But also a man you never want to cross. Ever. He will ruin you. But the thing is he’s a protector and loyal to a fault.”

I force myself to step back when the conversation turns to Europe and Whitley leaving in three days. It strikes me hard, making me sick. I’m a fixer, that’s what I do, and I’m about to lose my best friend. There’s no way in hell I’d ever hold her back.



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