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Viper: The Brimstone Kings MC by J.J. Marstead (1)




I remember the first time, I ever saw Tammy. She was working at Bare Essentials. I went in like I do, every Friday night to have a beer and chill with the guys after a long day at the shop and see the girls dance and get a little something extra, if you get what I mean.

But seeing her working behind the bar like she doesn’t know what she’s doing, I was hooked from that day on. I tried my hardest to find out more about her, but the girls weren’t helpful in telling me about her. I think they were a bit jealous of the fact, that I asked about the new girl and didn’t have one of them against the bathroom wall, fucking the shit out of them.

You fuck them once, and they seem to think that you’re a couple, that you’re theirs and it’s a whole relationship afterward. It’s fucking annoying having a whiney chick on your heels, everywhere you go. I’m captivated by the beauty behind the bar; she flows gracefully as Anne talks to her about the ropes.

It’s a full house tonight, the girls are dancing and giving head to anyone and everyone who wants, and right now, I could care less. Any other night, I would be all up for it. But now that woman has me under her spell with my stomach in knots. Tonight, that fine woman will be underneath me in my bed, calling out my name over and over again. While I fuck her into next week.

I finish my now warm fucking beer in one gulp; warm beer tastes like fucking piss. I stand up from the table; Ace gives me a grin as if he knows what the fuck I’m thinking. I need to make my move before any of these fuckers do. I can see Judge and a few of the other guys looking over every now and then, staring at her, and there is no way any of those sons of bitches get to her before I do. I’m calling dibs. She’s mine.

I take in a deep breath in. I make my way over to the bar and just on cue like she knows I’m coming, her head snaps up. I give her my crook grin, that the lady’s love and she scowls at me. What the fuck? Why in the hell is she giving me that look for? Well, shit this one might be harder to crack. Even when she’s scowling at me, she’s fucking gorgeous.

I can imagine how her pouty lips will look wrapped around my cock. My jeans are becoming tighter imagining her on her knees, bobbing up and down my dick. Fuck! I shift my erection in my pants, and she catches me, she looks down, and her eyes widen, taking in the sheer size of the tent in my pants. Yup, that’s right baby. Once you jump on this bad boy, you won’t want any other cock to even touch that sweet pussy! 

Jesus Christ, she has no idea the things I can do to her if she lets me.

I get to the bar, and she busies herself with other customers. She looks my way every once in a while, but she doesn’t come my way. She sends Annie over to me.

“What’s up, buttercup, you’re looking down,” she snickers at me.

Annie has been working here for four years, ever since we bought the strip club. The only reason I haven’t touched Annie is because she would cut my fucking balls off. She’s scary as fuck, and she’s a lesbian so, there’s another reason I won’t touch her. Believe me, I’ve tried to coax her to switch sides and let’s just say, that didn’t turn out too fucking well; I got a knee to the balls.

“Who’s the new girl?” I ask. Annie looks over to the brunette beauty and back to me. She shakes her head and laughs.

“There’s no chance in hell you’ll get with her. She’s got some high-profile boyfriend. I think a cop or something like that.”

My body is tight with annoyance because she can’t just give me a simple fucking answer. I didn’t fucking ask if she has a boyfriend. I just want to know her name for fuck sake. It doesn’t matter to me if she has a boyfriend or not because before she even thinks of him, she’ll be in my bed screaming my name out, not his.

“Annie, I didn’t ask if she had a boyfriend. I want her fucking name,” I growl out in annoyance. Annie huffs and glares at me.

“Fine, her name is Tammy, happy now? I’m warning you, Dalton, just walk away.”

Well hell, I might have walked away, but now that sweet Annie has warned me off. I don’t think so. I love a challenge, and that’s what Tammy is now. A sweet challenge that I’m going to win and she’ll be my prize.  Annie is the only woman to use my real name. She has earned that right when she stood up for herself and kneed me in the nuts. I can imagine how it would sound coming from Tammy’s sweet lips, ‘Dalton.' I mentally groan, turning my head down Tammy’s way, watching her laugh and flirt with the other guys around the bar.

“I want Tammy to wait on me. Tell her to get her sweet ass down here.” Annie raises her brow, she’s not used to being told what to do, but right now, fuck if I care. I want Tammy in front of me, taking my drink over and it’ll give me a chance to work my charm on her. Annie gives me a deadly glare before walking over to Tammy.

I notice a guy chatting it up with Tammy and it boils my ass, knowing he’s talking to her and she won’t even take my drink order. She laughs innocently at something he says, and it takes everything in me, to stay in my seat and not get up and go over there to choke the ever-loving shit out of him. I swear, if he touches her, I can’t promise he’ll be walking out of here uninjured.

Annie taps Tammy on the shoulder, she turns with a smile on her face, but soon drops it when Annie leans in and whispers in her ear, pointing down the bar towards my way. Her eyes widen, then a frown appears on her face. Well fuck, I’m not that bad. Every woman in this club wants a piece of this beast. Technically, every woman in this club may have had a piece of me already, but that’s not the point, the point is that the main woman on my mind right now is Tammy.

She throws a small smile at the guy she was chatting with, and he turns my way giving me a glare, if I was a pussy, I would run with my tail between my legs, but guess what? I ain’t fucking



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