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The Demons of Paradise: Volume 8 (The Demon Heart Series) by Margie Eileen Jones (1)

“The Demons Of


“Volume 8”


Margie Eileen Jones



“Calis Midnight and Sebastian Black Midnight head to Jamaica for the calendar photos Calis is commissioning with Bob Goldberg with his fiancé Alex Levoire.  When they get there, Bob and Alex get a rude welcoming from the local vampires. 


Apparently, there are problems with both the vampires and demons in the area which is also affecting the human populations as the amounts of vampire newborns are being born in staggering numbers.  It is due to an old curse that only General Kirkland can find as he searches the area finding out there are more than one demon spell that will be a problem to everyone if not removed promptly.


Zachary Belcher, a young photographer hired by Calis meets an ancient demon named Allen who is determined to win Zachary as his own using his persuasions as a demon to get Zachary to fall in love with him. Zachary has been hurt before by promises of love and has a wounded soul.  Allen does everything in his power to coerce Zachary to his side and finds himself falling in love with the young man.


In a retirement community for demons that Lucifer has left behind, the small family group, Zachary, and a new demon named Gabrielle find themselves face to face with a squatter demon which is the worst of the fiends of hell that wants to destroy all the peace that the demons of Jamaica have fought to keep.”




I dedicate this book to the travelers like myself who dream of seeing far off places and sharing their adventures with the world.


From the Comfy Chair of Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition,


Mirage Sonje aka Vyper/Vyperbites


You can contact me at…


[email protected] or [email protected]


These stories are meant to be read in order rather than stand alone in this series.


This story is a work of fiction.  All characters and situations are not real.

Any resemblance to actual events, living or dead, is entirely a coincidence.


This story is for mature audiences 18 and up as it contains

sexual situations between consenting adults.

This is a M/M, Transgender, and brief M/F story.


Books written:


Love Everlasting Series





The Demon Heart Series










Since this novel was once a fan fiction of Black Butler or Kuroshitsuji before I made it original, these are the cited sources I kept that are quoted and used from the resources I chose to keep in this story.


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“I am simply one hell of a butler.”

Sebastian Black (Character)/John Michael Tatum (Voice Actor)

“Cinematic records”


“Jack the Ripper”

Ray Ban


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The Cure


Christian Anderson


(Alex during photo shoot)


Chapter 1


A few weeks passed after Pierce’s birthday party at Underwood Estates and it was time for Alex and Bob to do the photo shoot for Calis’s calendar of nearly nude males that would be the 13-month calendar for the employees of Midnight Industries.  Calis picked the locations from photographs his photographer had given him to make sure they got the best shots for the photo shoot.


Currently Alex was behind a screen changing into a pair of speedo briefs as Bob watched what was going on from the sidelines flipping through the bikini calendar that Calis had given him.  The models in the calendar were smoking hot women and Bob wanted to meet at least two of them for certain if they did the photos next year depending on how well this went.


Sebastian also got a bikini model calendar as did Christian although Sebastian thought he could have picked a few better women to do the modeling since although the models were beautiful, Calis had indeed picked them because of their long flowing hair.  Their bodies were incredible, but there were women who were just as sexy with short hair also.


Alex came out from behind the screen in a robe he had been given until they were ready to take the shots.  A makeup artist touched up a few things although Alex really did not need it, but they wanted to emphasize his pretty eyes.


The photographer knew Alex was new to this and not a professional model so he knew what to do as he worked with Alex having a professional model come in to show Alex what to do by example.  The model’s name was Brian and he was very sexy for a human.  He was also only eighteen years old and thus he had not filled out as far as his shoulders being as broad as Alex’s.  Brian knew Richard well and part of the reason Brian was picked was because of Richard to help these men who were not models learn how to work the camera.


A few shots of Alex were taken without the cat who was in the cat carrier with Richard unsure Fluffy was going to cooperate today.  Sebastian assured Richard that Fluffy would be fine, but Richard knew his cat well enough to know it did not like being held for too long and so far, this was taking quite some time.


“Ok it is time to turn on the sprinklers and bring in the cat.”


The photographer said as sprinklers started going off behind Alex who was kneeling on the grass in his speedos.  Bob could not get over how sexy Alex looked in speedos and tried to focus on the photos, but every time that Alex bent over it made Bob want to sink his teeth into that tight little ass.


Alex was doing a great job, but Fluffy did not want to come out of the carrier with the sprinklers going.  Sebastian finally got Fluffy to come out and calm down as he placed Fluffy in Alex’s arms.  Sebastian kept the spell going on the cat as he talked to Fluffy while Alex held him for different poses with the cat.  It was then the photographer wanted Fluffy to sit on the ground with Alex lounging next to the cat which only worked for so long before Fluffy had enough and rushed to his carrier hiding back in it away from those sprinklers.


After the photo shoot was done, the photographer gave Alex his card and told him he should model professionally since he was good.  He was also very photogenic so he may call him in the future for other photos to be taken if Alex did not mind.


The photographer named Zachery Bell Louis Belcher took both color and black and white photos of Alex for Calis to look through, but Zach wanted to keep a few for himself as well.  Zach was bisexual and enjoyed photos of both beautiful men and beautiful women.  Zach hoped he could talk Alex into more than just photos since he was attracted to the man, but would not push.


Alex went behind the screen to dress again as he took the speedos off assuming he had to give them back and put on his clothing.  Before Peter or Zachary could steal the left behind speedo briefs for their personal pleasure, Bob grabbed them from the top of the screen telling Calis he would pay for them if need be, but he was keeping them.  Calis said they were Alex’s anyway since all the swimwear and clothing for this photo shoot belonged to the models.


Of course, seeing the briefs in Bob’s hand Alex rolled his eyes since he was not going to wear them to swim in so he did not see the point in keeping them.  Alex always had worn trunks when swimming and he was not going to change that any time soon.


As everyone got ready to leave the area, Calis told Alex and Bob they were going to fly out today to do Bob’s shoot and everything was already at the location so not to pack since they were only staying for one night anyway.  Richard was a bit put out that he was not going to be able to go with them, but someone besides Christian had to watch the children.  Calis did say that Richard could come to the other photo shoots so not to worry.


Calis had bought a private jet of his own at this point and had it made exactly the same as Richard’s private jet with a bed and everything.  Bob knew how to fly so he was going to fly them out to the next location.  Calis only told the men to bring their toiletries with them since this flight was not going to be long.  They were flying to Jamaica to one of the most beautiful beaches there for these photos.  Rather than staying at the hotel they were going to be camping out on the beach where they would get morning shots and then visit the city a bit before coming back for shots during the sunset to see which ones looked better.


Tonight would be simply setting up for the night and camping having a small barbeque on the beach.  The vampires were free to go feed in the city and pick up drinks since all that would be served with the barbeque was bottled water.  The area they were going to was a good ten miles from anything so that they could have the secluded beach which had been paid for in advance.  However, there was to be a vehicle that the animal handler rented for traveling to the city.  There would be coolers with food in them for breakfast and for lunch the following day.  Once they were done they would travel back to the city, have dinner and head back to the airport to fly home.


The animal handler named Joe had his own cargo plane and all the animals he was bringing for this calendar were animals from a rescue center for wild cats.  Joe’s rescue center was also to be listed on the calendar as a place to donate to.  Sebastian was the one who found Joe and had been sending money to him regularly for the wild cats.  Anything to do with cats Sebastian supported.


After Bob landed the plane, Joe stood holding up a sign that said Midnight so they would know where to go.  Joe led them out of the airport to a Hummer rather than a jeep with the big cat in a trailer hooked to the Hummer.  All the camping gear was in the trailer as well as the coolers for the barbeque, breakfast, lunch, and water bottles.


Calis wanted to go to the city first to make sure Bob and Alex fed as well as got drinks from one of the tourist shops in town.  The area that was definitely a tourist trap took a bit to get around in, but Alex and Bob had two tourists pegged for feeding on.  The two people kept darting down dark alleyways which was perfect for Alex and Bob to feed on them.  Using the spells, they noted that the man was rather large as they got closer and the female was also fairly tall.  Still they had to feed so size did not matter at this point.


Once they got to the two tourists, they were shocked to not only find the spell was not working, but that the man turned around with vampiric eyes glaring at them.


“These are our feeding grounds!  Find another place to feed!”


The man roared at Bob with a thick Jamaican accent as Bob pushed Alex behind him.


“I apologize, my boyfriend and I did not know.”


The tall man had dreadlocks and his consort did also as she glared at them.


“Next time we see you it won’t be so nice.  We don’t like outsiders’ especially little white vampire boys.”


The consort said as she and the tall man disappeared quickly leaving Bob and Alex wondering where they could feed.  They did not have much choice other than to wander back to where Sebastian and Calis were to see if they could feed on them for tonight and tomorrow.  Both Alex and Bob hated to even ask, but they could not feed in the open and there were only two alleyways in this area without walking further and getting lost.


Going back to the Hummer Bob told Sebastian the bad news.  Sebastian was pissed as those vampires had no right to act so rude to his friends who were new to this area.  If they were staying longer, Sebastian would kill them, but since it was just for a night Calis said it was no big deal to feed Bob and Alex.


Calis did insist on going into one of the convenient stores for drinks especially for Bob and Alex since they did not eat.  Sebastian got some silly souvenirs for the kids and a couple of shot glasses with a bottle of rum.


After paying for everything, Calis and Sebastian got into the hummer with everyone else as they drove to the beach where the photos would be taken.  It was a bit of a bumpy drive as they drove along the beach for what seemed to be forever until they found the secluded spot where the handler went into the trailer to get everything with Sebastian’s help.  The big cat was eyeing Sebastian as he helped carry tents, coolers, sleeping bags, and other items out to the beach.  The photographer Zach brought out his duffle bag telling Sebastian and Joe not to set up a tent for him since he was going to sleep out under the stars since it was a nice clear night.


Zachary set up the fire as he found rocks and some driftwood to make a campfire.  Joe got out the barbeque and set it up as he dug in the cooler for some fresh steaks to throw on.  There was a nice breeze blowing, but it wasn’t cold.


Sebastian unbuttoned his shirt a bit and told Bob to feed on him.  No one here was paying attention to them and no one was going to say shit about it.  Calis took Alex into the darker area behind the tents where they would not be seen as he told Alex to feed on him and that it was no big deal so not to freak out since he was not a little boy no matter what anyone thought.


Alex bit into Calis and moaned at the flavor it was pure and sweet.  The blood was better than any other blood he had in his life.  During this in the darkness of the foliage behind the camp four sets of eyes watched the vampires feed.


Just as Bob and Alex finished, suddenly four vampires appeared before them with two being ones that had warned them before and two being new ones.


“I thought we told you this is our feeding grounds!”


The tallest one said and Sebastian at that brought out his wings and looked the tall one in the eyes.


“If you so much as touch my family I will kill you slowly!”


Sebastian ground out as the vampires looked at him in shock.


“An Angel on earth?”


The consort of the tall one asked in fear.


“I consider myself more of a demon, but yes technically I am an Angel and you are trespassing.”


Sebastian snarled out and Calis walked over showing his wings as he looked at Sebastian to see what his plan was.  He knew Sebastian would kill them if they so much as breathed wrong around Alex and Bob.


“My family can feed on us any time they wish and you have no right to say anything to them.  They are doing nothing wrong.  Go feed on your tourists and know we won’t be coming back to your country any time soon if this is the way you people behave.  I thought vampires were supposed to be nice people, but I guess that only happens in areas like Africa, France, and England.”


Calis said and the tall one looked down at the cherub in amusement.


“Little one we did not intend on being rude.  We only have limited hunting grounds here since there are more vampires in Jamaica then you can imagine.  We have to protect our territories or we would be overrun by them.  I have had to kill some of my own kind since I am the head of my coven and new vampires are welcome to hunt other places, but not here.  If too many hunt here, we will be forced to leave our home.  I was not going to harm your vampire family members; I was going to frighten them away.  I know they are just infants to this life as they did not even recognize their own kind.”


The tall one said so Calis and Sebastian hid their wings not wanting to disturb the humans who were busy with the camp so they did not notice what was going on.


“What are your names?”


Calis asked as he wasn’t aware there were several vampires in this area.


“My name is Jamal.  My consort and wife’s name is Jasmine.  These two with us are Tafu and Riki.  Tafu and Riki are my adopted sons.  Tafu is still looking for his consort and Riki had just experienced the change three months ago so he too is an infant.”


The tall one said as he introduced himself.


“I am Earl Calis Midnight Black and this is my husband Earl Sebastian Midnight Black.  The two vampires you were trying to scare are our family members Alex Levoire and Bob Goldberg.  The humans with us are Joe Hernandez who is the animal handler for the big wild cat we have for the photo shoot we are doing tomorrow here on the beach and Zachary Bell Louis Belcher who is another vampire family member of mine’s personal friend.  Richard could not make it down here since someone had to watch our kids and Peter would have come, but he had business to attend to otherwise we would have had a third vampire family member here.’

“I did not know of your troubles here with so many vampires, but we are only staying for one night and leaving tomorrow evening so we won’t be troubling you long.”


Calis said and Jamal smiled feeling much better.


“I was not aware they allowed children to marry so young in your country.”


Jamal said to Calis and Calis sighed.


“It is complicated.  It really isn’t allowed, but grim reapers married Sebastian and I years ago.  I know I don’t look it, but I am over a hundred years old.  Sebastian doesn’t even know anymore how old he is since he is quite old.  At least over three thousand years old to be close to the facts.”


Calis stated and Jamal was a bit nervous at that.  He did not much care for grim reapers.


“You are friends with death dealers?”


Jamal asked and Calis had them come over to the fire to sit.  The vampires sat a bit away from the flames as even a spark spitting on them could cause them damage.


“We are family with a few grim reapers.  We are friends with several of them and are considered family to three of the Archangels of Death.  Most people are afraid of reapers, but not us.  Why have they been a problem for you?”


Calis asked since he was curious about these vampires.


“Since we have had an overrun of vampires in this area we have had to deal with the death dealers on more than one occasion.  They aren’t too friendly to our kind here.  Because there are so many of us, some of the newborns feed on humans up until death and grim reapers don’t like that when the humans are not supposed to die yet.  We don’t know why this area has suddenly changed into a newborn vampire mecha, but this area is well known to be a bad place for humans to come to vacation which makes it harder for us to feed.’

“We try to catch the newborns in time before they destroy their families or kill humans frequenting the area, but it is not always known when one is experiencing the change.  This area is beautiful for its beaches and the few shops we have that keep the city going.  However, for vampires it is a dangerous city.  Having vampire visitors here upsets the balance and thus we have to frighten most of them off.’

“If I do not keep the balance here, the reapers come in and do it for me.  We have had several of our kind killed by grim reapers and newborns are only warned one time.  The reapers are kind enough to tell me when a newborn vampire is near so I can try to help them, but with visiting vampires and the large influx of newborns I cannot always keep up with both.’

“We send most of the newborns to other cities and to other covens, but soon other covens will not be able to take anymore and I am afraid I will be killing more of my own kind just to keep the balance.”


Jamal said sadly since he hated killing newborns especially since the newborns were considered a blessing to most covens who had few natural born vampires.


“Well, Stephanie could take a few of them I am sure.  Our coven is fairly small and if you need help we can help you.  We put money into a fund for newborn vampires and other things so I am certain that we can help although I too am curious on why there would be so many in one area.  This isn’t a large city so perhaps an investigation can be made, but that would mean also having vampires in this area that are not local.  We could contact you beforehand to prepare you for such things. We can also contact other covens to tell them of your plight and find out if we can help.  If nothing else, we might be able to expand the city to send more tourists your way as far as humans go so that when you get vampire visitors you won’t have to scare them away.”


Bob said as he gave Jamal his card.  Jamal got out his cell phone and put the number into it then Bob got Jamal’s number to contact him on his cell.


“That would be a great help.  We can send the newborns in coffins by plane chained and gagged so they can’t get out to harm anyone then have your people pick them up.  We usually take them by jeep to the covens further north, but as I said they are getting rather full and cannot take many more.  It used to be our kind was almost dying out and now there are more of us than we can handle.  I hate having to kill my own kind and especially when the death dealers come to me stating it must be done or they will do it.  We have no natural hunters in this area who prey on our kind.’

“We used to have a few demons who killed some of our people, but they all have left and this city is getting smaller with fewer tourists.  The city talked about building another hotel, but we don’t get enough visitors here.  The only time we get a large group of visitors is when the cruise ships come, but they find other areas of Jamaica much more profitable and our locals don’t like the trash left behind on our beaches and city.  Still, I would welcome more humans even with the litter problem if we can get them to rebuild this city to what it once was.”


Jamal could recall when the city was full of people and although crowded it meant plenty of food for the vampires that lived there.  Even having demons about was not an issue since most of the time the demons left the vampires alone unless it was a cold night and then the few who were not friends with vampires would light one of their kind on fire to use as kindling for a cold night.  It was one of the risks that one took being a vampire living amongst other nonhumans.


“I wonder if the change is because the demons left.  I also wonder why they left.  Demons I know normally stay in populated cities where there is plenty of souls to gather, but it seems odd all of them would leave all of a sudden and then suddenly newborns were popping up everywhere.  It could be a demon spell that got left behind.”


Sebastian stated since he wondered about that.  Demons had odd spells and it could be something new to destroy this city for some reason or another. 


“What areas are the newborns coming from?”


Sebastian asked since he was curious.


“From mainly the East side of the city.  That is the most populated area with the most residential homes.  One home there is quite common for newborns to be born in.  The others are scattered throughout the area.”


Jamal said as Sebastian could be right especially if there was a pattern to them.


“Calis we should stay at one of the local hotels here for a few days.  I will contact William and Christian to have William call Raphael to see if he might know anything.  I have a feeling there is at least one demon still here in the city trying to destroy it for some unknown reason.  It has to be something to do with wanting the vampires here to be destroyed.  Did anyone you know piss off a demon unintentionally?”


Sebastian asked since he did wonder if one of the vampires did something to upset a demon.  There had to be at least one demon here in the city somewhere and he or she was keeping up quite a large spell.


“Not that I know of.  Most of us lived in harmony with the demons who were here.  A few of our kind even fell in love with some of the demons.  We were happy to have them here so when they left we were rather upset since the few that did kill our kind were very few with most of their kind fighting them to keep them from coming after us.  We had several humans to feed on and befriend, but slowly everyone started to leave including the humans.  I have no idea why.”


Jamal said and Sebastian wondered if perhaps it was a demon scorned by its lover or mate.  If vampires were falling in love with demons and demons were protecting them, it could be a simple misunderstanding or an angry lover.  A demon could still take a vampire’s soul, so if it was a human who changed to a vampire that had a contract with the demon it would not matter since the demon could still take the soul.  A vampire was still part human.


“I think we should investigate this further.  Bob can fly William and Christian out here so we can all search for this demon.  I think it is simply going to end with my having to kill a demon or subdue it.  We will have to wait until after the photo shoot, but I think we might be able to solve your problem here and restore balance.  I am almost certain it is a demon who is causing all this mess.  It usually is.”


Sebastian said and Jamal nodded hoping Sebastian was right since if so he would make amends with the demon and see if they could bring the balance back as well as more humans.  It would be nice to have the demons come back, but Jamal figured if a demon was causing problems maybe it was best not to be so friendly with them.


Jamal and the other vampires stayed to talk for a little while longer getting to know Calis, Sebastian, Alex, Bob, Zachary, and Joe.  Joe took his big cat out of its cage and had the jaguar walk around the beach with him since he did not want to keep Belle in the cage the whole time they were here.  It was best that the cat mainly in the cage for its safety and the safety of the group, but she did need to get out to stretch her legs a bit.


Sebastian went with Joe to walk the cat and play with her since Sebastian immediately fell in love with the big jaguar.  She seemed to love him as well much to Joe’s surprise as the two lay in the sand with Sebastian playing with her paws and rolling around with her talking to her as he petted her giving her lots of loves.


“You’ll have to excuse my husband.  He has a cat obsession.”


Calis said to Jamal as Jamal and the others watched Sebastian playing with the big cat.  It was amazing to the vampires to see the man play with such a huge dangerous animal like they were the best of friends.  The cat was even gentle with Sebastian even with its claws and it was currently licking Sebastian all over his face as Sebastian smiled soaking up the attention as much as the big cat was.  Joe had never seen Belle act this way towards anyone.


“It seems though that he is happy as is the big cat.  I would be afraid of getting clawed to death not to mention those fangs look deadly.”


Jamal loved all animals, but he would not play with a big cat the way Sebastian was without most likely being mauled by the animal.  Jamal’s powers were his super speed as he was faster than most vampires.  Tafu had superior strength and they still were unsure what powers Riki had since he was a newborn.


“Well, Sebastian can communicate with most animals.  He hates dogs though although he would not harm one unless it attacked.  He used to kill werewolves, but then again, he also killed vampires for a while.  As a demon, he killed more people than as an Angel.  Now he mainly kills demons since one of them killed his pet cat.  He won’t forgive demons for going after his pet and he doesn’t know which one actually killed his cat so as far as he is concerned they are all at fault thus if he sees a demon it is pretty much dead.’

“He usually fights with kitchen knives, but as an Angel he can tear a demon to shreds with his bare hands.  We also have two Officer Angels here with us but you cannot see them.  They are patrolling right now watching the area, but if anyone were to attack us with the intent to harm you would not only have Sebastian to deal with, but them.”


Calis said and Jamal did notice the other two Angels on the beach as he thought they were humans until he saw their wings.  Most vampires could see spirits and other nonhumans, but communicating with Angels had been forbidden until now.  Then again Calis had explained that he and Sebastian were not your average Angels.


As much as Jamal and the others wanted to get to know these people more, they had to go since it was getting near Riki’s feeding time.  The newborn vampire had been waiting to feed for most of the day and although Jamal and Jasmine had fed, Tafu and Riki had not.


“My sons have not fed so we need to leave, but if it is acceptable we would like to come see your photo shoot in the morning and take you on a tour of our city.  We also insist rather than having you stay at a hotel that you stay with us.  The hotels here are not as nice as our home.  This way we can show you the residential area and the homes where the newborns are coming from.  Perhaps this way we can narrow the search down and the investigation can be done now then rather than later since until the population grows again I do not really like the idea of more vampires coming to the area even to help until we can get more humans here.  As I said, we are limited to how many we can have feeding here.’

“Until the newborns are under control I don’t know if it would be wise to have more humans come.  Newborns don’t know better than to kill and thus we do have a farm for them to feed at, but as I said before the other covens are getting full and soon we will not have more room for them.’

“I truly feel for these baby vampires since it is not their fault that these things are happening.  I do hope it is merely a spell and we can end this problem since I do not wish to lose my home.”


Jamal said and Calis understood.


“Take care of yourselves and we will see you tomorrow.  It was really nice meeting all of you and I hope we can help.”


Jamal and the others left going back the way they came to go hunting in the city.  Riki was having the worst time since Calis’s blood had been calling to him the whole time they had been visiting making him want to drink from their new friend.  Riki was still learning control and it was hard for the baby vampire to control himself.


Joe soon had to put Belle back in her cage much to Sebastian and Belle’s disappointment as they were having the best time.  Sebastian was in love with Belle and wanted to play with her longer.  Sebastian pet the cat before Joe put her in her cage and Sebastian promised Belle they would play more tomorrow as he almost cried at having the cat put back in her cage wanting to sleep with her in his tent.  However, that was not safe and Belle needed to be in her cage.


As soon as Belle was settled, Joe fed her and gave her water before starting the barbeque for himself, Zachary, Sebastian, and Calis since Bob and Alex would not eat.  Bob and Alex had been enjoying watching Sebastian play with the big cat and were also a bit disappointed that Belle had to be put in her cage since it was fascinating to see Sebastian so happy playing with the large animal like a child with a new toy.


“Sebastian don’t cry, you will see Belle tomorrow for hell’s sake.”


Calis stated as Sebastian sat pouting looking like he was going to cry.  Sebastian so loved cats and Belle was perfect with Sebastian wanting his own cat sanctuary so he could have big cats to play with also.


“She is just so perfect Calis.  Can we have a cat sanctuary like Joe’s?”


Sebastian begged and Calis looked at Sebastian like he lost his bloody mind.


“No Sebastian you may not.  You would never leave the sanctuary to clean the house or do your job.  You would never sleep with me either as I would find you curled up in a cage with one of your cats and I am not sleeping with a big cat on the bed that might eat my face off.’

“If you want to, we can go visit Joe’s sometime, but you do not need a big cat sanctuary.  You have enough cats as it is and two of them are wild cats.   The two ocelots you have are going to be big enough and you had better fix them since I am not going to have more wild cats in the house.  If you would not have gotten so many housecats, I might have considered one big cat for you, but you have a house full of cats Sebastian.  You do not need more.  Besides we have dogs and I don’t want the big cat eating the dogs or the birds.”


Sebastian frowned since if he had known he could have a big cat he would not have gotten so many smaller cats.


“My big cat would not eat the dogs or the birds.  If I would have known I could have a big cat, I would have not gotten so many small cats.”


Sebastian did not want to get rid of his cats, but he did want a big cat rather badly.  Sebastian would let it eat the damn dogs too if it wanted to.  The only problem with that theory was Calis would throw a fit if Sebastian’s cat did eat the dogs, but it would serve those mutts right in Sebastian’s mind.


“Well it is too late to worry about it Sebastian.  Your cats will live a long time and you planned to breed one of them so don’t think you will be getting more cats like this in the future.  I may put up with them for now, but you are officially a cat hoarder and the fact we have to have a whole room set aside for cat boxes is ridiculous.  Also, the wild cat kittens are big enough for you now.  You do have your big cats, they may not be as big as Belle, but they are still big cats.”


Sebastian wanted to argue that ocelots were not big enough, but he knew he would not win this argument.  Sebastian wanted a cat he could play with like he played with Belle.  Just getting loves and kisses from Belle made his whole day.


“Steaks are ready if you are hungry.  I have some of my own style steak sauce so if you three want to try it I’ll get it out.”


Joe said to Sebastian, Zachery, and Calis as he passed them the paper plates with the cooked steak and some barbequed vegetables on a kabob along with forks and knives.


“Thanks, I would love to try it Joe.”


Calis said as he and Sebastian gratefully took the food.  Zachery took his plate after making sure his camera was ready for tomorrow as he had adjusted the lenses and put on the sunlight filter since he wanted to get pictures of Bob with the sun just coming up behind him in the morning.  They were going to have to get up fairly early to catch the right mood for these photos and hopefully there would be fairly clear skies in the morning.


Joe pulled out the steak sauce and put some on his steak before passing it to the others.  As the group ate, Alex and Bob drank their juice drinks they had picked up from the convenient store mixing a bit of rum in them.  Sebastian passed around the rum and the shot glasses pouring a tiny bit for Calis who drank the stuff down finding it to be not as good as it was mixed in juice, coke, or eggnog.


Alex and Bob went to bed first since the two of them wanted to make love to each other before they slept finding this to be rather romantic as next time they went to a beach they wanted to make love in the sand on one of the secluded beaches maybe in California or Hawaii.


Zachary was a bit put out that Alex was taken as he really liked the man and had a bit of a crush on him after getting to know him.  Zachary was a handsome man with sparkling blue eyes and sandy blonde hair.  He was also very tan from being out in the sun from surfing and his photography jobs.  Zach had been Richard’s short time lover, but Richard was never serious with anyone and told Zach this even after Zach fell in love with him.  Zach was one of Richard’s donors now rather than his lover, but Zachary was now much older than Richard liked his lovers.  Zach was thirty and had been doing photography for quite some time traveling all over the world.


Setting up his sleeping bag and setting the alarm on his watch, Zachary found a nice comfortable spot on the beach next to the campfire as he took off his shoes setting them to the side. Zach slipped into the sleeping bag looking up at the beautiful night sky with the stars sparkling in the night and the moon shining brightly above.


Calis and Sebastian also went to bed with Calis taking off his shoes leaving them by the front of the tent as Sebastian did also.  They could hear Bob and Alex making love to each other with Calis a bit surprised that Alex was so vocal since he was normally such a quiet man.


Sebastian combined the sleeping bags into one big sleeping bag for them to sleep in as he stripped of all his clothing and had Calis do the same until they were simply in their boxers.  Then the two slid into the sleeping bag with Calis glad Sebastian was not in the mood for sex tonight since he was not in the mood.  Calis was a bit tired and just wanted to sleep.


Of course, Sebastian was not too keen on this camping nonsense since the ground was not soft and the sleeping bag did not give quite enough padding for a comfortable night’s rest.  Next time he would insist on bringing at least foam pads to go under the sleeping bags since this was not comfortable to him.  Also, he was missing his pillows.  Sebastian figured he must just be spoiled since he was not used to this sleeping in a tent crap even if he was grateful for it.


Calis was so tired that he simply cuddled into Sebastian and fell asleep ignoring the lumpy ground finding peace in just being with his husband and getting this calendar business finished with.  They still had to do more photos, but the other locations were not going to be areas that were filled with a lot of humans. Some of the photos were going to be taken in a studio and the others were in the United States with the exception of two, which one was going to be done in New Zealand and the other was going to be in Africa at Amare’s wildlife rescue.


Bob had Alex naked underneath him as he thrust into his lover never getting enough of those tingling little tongue like teeth and the tightness of Alex’s ass.  Bob wanted to make love to Alex all night long, but he knew that they had an early morning.  Bob kissed Alex every once in a while, before trying something new as he bit into Alex licking away that sweet powdery blood as his fangs sucked some of that up.  Alex loved this shit as being bitten brought him over the edge and he came hard all over Bob.


Chuckling a bit at his lover Bob thought Alex was so cute with the way he could make the man cum with very little effort.  It was like fucking a virgin every time with Alex and Bob loved Alex intensely.  He would protect Alex with his life and although those vampires had frightened him a bit, if they had attacked Alex, Bob knew he would have fought them even if it meant losing his life.


Bob made love to Alex for another hour before finding his release as he made Alex release one more time.  The two were a glittery mess, but Bob figured that was no big deal as he brought bath wipes to clean themselves off with.


Getting the wipes after licking up most of that glittery cum from Alex’s body Bob cleaned them both off as he put the dirty wipes to the side.  Alex cuddled into Bob as the two fell asleep after telling each other that they loved each other.


As everyone slept, Jamal found himself confronted by another grim reaper about a newborn who had been recently born in the East side that was causing chaos.  It was one from that house that many of the newborns were being born from.  Jamal was to either control the newborn vampire or kill her.


After Riki and Tafu fed, Jamal went to go take care of the newborn vampire.  He would have his people take her to the farm and train her if she was coherent enough to understand him.  If she was not than he may have to chain her or possibly take her life.  This all depended on her behavior.


When he got to the house there were bodies everywhere of dead humans and the baby vampire in question was feeding on another human to the point of death as the out of control newborn had no idea how to stop feeding before that point and was a mere baby in human years as it was since she was only fourteen years old.


Jamal talked gently to the newborn vampire trying to get her to focus on him, but she was too into her feeding and as she dropped the dead body of the human she went to run to find more humans, but Jamal caught her about the waist stopping her as the child fought him.  He was most likely going to have to chain her as he traveled quite quickly with the little fighting vampire to his home where he chained her up calling his people to come and get her.


The little vampire cried sobbing as she could smell human blood close by and needed to feed, but could not free herself from the chains.  She felt like she was starving although she had drained several humans of their blood.


“We will find you help soon little one.”


Jamal said to the baby vampire as he ran his fingers over the girl’s hair trying to get her to calm down.  She was too far gone right now.


The police would investigate that house where everyone died so it would be difficult for the Angels and vampires to look through the house.   They would also be searching for the baby vampire so the best thing for her was to have her go to the farm and stay out of sight for a few months until they could move her to a safe location which meant one of the other covens would have to take her.  Jamal would have his coven set the house on fire usually after a newborn was born to keep the bodies from being found out, but in order to find out what was going on they could not do so this time as a fire might hide important evidence.


What Jamal did not know was that the reapers were already on the case and taking the bodies to burn them at a different location making it seem like the humans that died had died in a car accident where the car blew up.  They were just as confounded as Jamal to why newborn vampires were popping up everywhere in this city.


After Sebastian had called William, William was on the case contacting the reapers in Jamaica to find out what the hell was going on.  He did not approve of vampires for the most part, but this was a serious problem and he did want to help.  More vampires meant more work and more overtime for reapers which William did not approve of as reapers had enough work on their hands without nonhumans causing chaos in their wake.  Also, the dwindling human population in the area could also be a concern since starving vampires were a danger to themselves and everyone around them.


When William heard the demons had left the area, he did not quite believe that.  Demons were good at hiding was all and had more human appearances these days.  For all Jamal might know, he was already feeding on some demons who were just allowing this as a cover for something bigger.  Demons lived off of despair and chaos so it would not surprise William if there was twice the demon population in the area and less humans as the demons were possibly trying to take over the city and push the vampires out.  It had happened before in the past, so most likely it was a way for demons to get what they wanted.


William had special equipment now to detect demons in an area and he planned to teach the reapers in Jamaica how to use it.  Some of the reapers in certain locations were still not up to date with the new reaper technology so as soon as that was fixed reapers could restore the balance so that vampires could have the humans return to the area to build up what was lost.


The reapers who worked the city really did like the vampires especially Jamal who they knew they could count on to keep the vampires in line.  The problem was not so much having vampires around, but having too many of them in any one area.  In areas where vampires were not hunted like Jamaica and some of the smaller countries, vampires had few natural enemies so they could feed at their leisure.  It was not a bad thing not to have hunters and demons about, but if a coven got too big than there would be vampires starving since the strong ones would take over the areas leaving the weaker ones to suffer hunting only what was left over if the stronger ones did not force them to leave the area to go to other hunting grounds.


For grim reapers, everything was about balance and if too many humans resided in one area it was common for reapers to encourage vampires and demons to kill humans to help in that area so that there were less starving suffering humans.  In highly populated areas there were also more reapers to keep things in balance. 


A vampire killing a human was easier to deal with than a demon doing so since a reaper could take the soul still and count the death in their records where demons made it difficult for reapers to keep records of those who were on the to die lists. 


Of course, demons were given lists everywhere to follow if they took souls since it was once again a matter of balance.  Reapers needed to know which humans were going to have their souls eaten and which ones were going to die that they would collect records for.  Also, demons were not allowed to kill world changing humans who had higher purposes than the average human.   If a world changing human died by a demon’s hand, the demon was eradicated. 


World changing humans only died when it stated they had to die at the point in their lives that the history was recorded and changed due to their influence.  If they were supposed to die in a world changing way, their deaths were also finished through the reapers.


William with the Grim Reaper’s approval was going to work overtime tonight on this problem in Jamaica since this was a serious issue.  William would do everything in his power to uncover the reasons behind these vampires being born so often in this particular area and find out if a similar problem was happening anywhere else.  Even the Grim Reaper himself was on this case as it seemed Lucifer might be up to no good again not that this was anything new.  Lucifer was always up to no good and his demons were usually a problem. So, depending on the amounts of demons in one area, the demons also may be eradicated.


In the morning, Zachary woke to his alarm going off on his watch.  It was time to get up and set the camera up for this morning’s shots of Bob who Zachary also thought was sexy, but not as sexy as he thought Alex was.


Zachary woke up Joe after getting his camera ready and rolling up his sleeping bag.  Joe had Bob’s outfit for the photo shoot in the trailer where Bob could change since they had no screen for him here.


Joe woke Calis and Sebastian up while Zachary got Alex and Bob up letting them know it was time to get ready for the photo shoot and have some breakfast.  Calis was not ready to get up since he had been comfortable, but Sebastian wanted to get off this lumpy ground and hopefully sleep in a bed tonight since he did not sleep so well.


Alex and Bob put their pants on forgoing the shirts, shoes, and socks since they were on the beach plus it was nice this morning.  It was not too cold nor too hot.  The weather seemed perfect during this time of day.


Sebastian and Calis were fully dressed with Calis feeling a bit cold this morning so Sebastian went to find some more drift wood to start a fire for his little husband.  Joe got out his propane stove and a small table to set it up on as he cooked pancakes and sausages for the group.  Bob got a bottle of water for himself and Alex as he sat next to Calis on the beach.  Alex rolled up his pants to go wade in the water for a bit as he was going to collect a few seashells and sea stones for Pierce.


The surf was beautiful as was the beach and it was still slightly dark out.  Zachary figured in about an hour the sun should be up at the right angle for the shots he wanted to take.  Rolling up his pants a bit Zachary decided to go join Alex to talk to him for a minute and see how far into the relationship he was in with Bob.  Zachary wanted a chance to be with Alex if the relationship was not too serious.


Zach watched Alex as he bent over to pick up a seashell and wash it off in the surf.  He also collected a sand dollar that was in pristine shape that Pierce would probably love.  The water was nice and clear, so one could see the fish swimming.


Alex decided since Bob had his speedos that he had put in his pocket he would ask for them back and go swim for a bit in search of more seashells and other underwater treasures.


“Hi Alex.  I was wondering if you and Bob are a serious couple because if not I would like to ask you out on a date if you don’t mind.”


Zach said surprising Alex since it had been years since someone actually flirted with him and asked him out.  It was flattering, but he was in love with Bob.


“Bob and I are serious Zach although I am terribly flattered you would ask me out.  We plan on getting married and have been best friends for over ten years.  If I wasn’t already involved with someone, I would gladly go out with you since I do like blond men, but I am in love with Bob so unfortunately, I will have to turn you down.  Thank you for asking though.”


Alex stated with a slight blush since this was nice and Zachary was very handsome.  If Alex were single, he would have definitely gone on a date with Zachary, but he wasn’t sure if Zachary would have found him as attractive when he had looked fifty-five years old so there was no guarantee that Zach would have asked him out before.


“Well if anything changes let me know since I am very interested in you.”


Zachary said as he gave Alex his card and a kiss on the cheek with Bob looking at this feeling jealous of the fact Zach had the nerve to kiss his boyfriend and fiancé in front of him.


Alex at this point was blushing like crazy doing his best not to even look at Bob since he never had this happen to him before.  Most of the time he was the one asking for dates and he was a bit shy so this seemed overwhelming to him.  Richard had told Alex that Peter was very interested in him and was now searching for a consort who was like him, but Alex did not believe it.  Besides Alex saw Peter as a good friend and nothing more.


After composing himself, Alex went up the beach with his treasures putting most of them in his pockets.  He would buy a bag in the city to collect more of these seashells since he saw bigger ones further out.


Alex went into the tent to put his treasures away only for Bob to come storming into the tent grabbing Alex by his wrists then kissed him deciding to claim Alex again so that he would always remember who he belonged to.  Alex in being a submissive would know one hundred percent for certain who was his Master, lover, and his soon to be husband.


“You are my bitch Alex!  Mine!  No one touches you unless I say so!”


Bob snarled out as he was jealous as hell and at this point wondered if even he could allow a female to touch Alex.  It made him literally insane that another male wanted his Alex.


“Bob, I didn’t want him to kiss me…….”


Alex tried to say since Bob was hurting his wrists a bit with his strength.


“What did that fucker say to you?”


Bob ground out since he was pissed.


“He asked about our relationship and I told him I loved you.  I told him we were going to get married.  He wanted to date me. I said I was flattered, but I could not date him since I love you Bob.  Now please calm down, you are hurting me.”


Alex said and Bob refused to let go.


“You told him you were flattered by that?  Alex never say such a thing again.  It gives men like Zach an opening to see me as competition and you as possibly available.  You are a man, but obviously, you don’t understand men like Zachary.’

“You are too nice and men like him eat men like you for breakfast.  They want what they can’t have and with you being a submissive once he got his fill of you he would hurt you since he doesn’t know what you need.’

“I love you.  I loved you before your change and after.  I know you better than anyone.  I don’t want you hurt.  Now that you look younger there are going to be more men and women who want to take advantage of you.’

“God, you are so beautiful it kills me, and I know I am going to have to fight for you almost constantly.  Please for my sake and yours don’t be so nice to people who come onto you.  I know you are probably not used to it, but it is going to happen a lot more now.  Just tell them you are not available and if they push come get me.  I will set them straight.”


Bob said as he pulled Alex into his arms hugging him tightly.


“I am sorry Bob; I did not mean to upset you.”


Alex felt bad since he had not meant to come across to Zachary that he was going to be available at any point since he was committed to Bob.


“It isn’t you so much that upset me.  It is Zach.  You are so sweet and thoughtful.  People just love you and I feel so grateful you love me.  However, you are mine and I am not going to let anyone take you away from me.”


Bob held his beloved.  Bob knew Peter was also in love with his Alex, but Peter did not touch Alex so that was his saving grace.  Zach in touching Alex made Bob want to rip his throat out.  Bob had never felt jealous over a lover before and these feelings were new to him as well.


When Bob decided to get into this relationship with Alex, he was sure he could still have an open relationship with them having women on occasion, but as Bob got to know Alex better as both a best friend and lover he found he did not want to share Alex with anyone.  Bob was not even sure he wanted to be with a woman now that he had Alex.  Alex had blown his mind on how good sex could be with him and Bob felt content in simply just being with Alex for the rest of his life.  Maybe it was time to settle down and be a married man.


Bob liked having his family with Pierce, Sidney, Kirkland, and Leon.  Bob liked living with Sebastian and Calis, but also wanted to find a more peaceful setting back in France which was his home.  England was nice, but he wanted to belong in a place he called home.


“Alex, I don’t like people touching you.  Unless it is family, don’t let them.  I know we have to feed, but other than that I don’t want another to touch you.  I know I probably sound like I am insecure, but now that I have fallen in love with you I don’t want anyone else to come in between what we have.  I’m sorry I am so jealous.  I honestly have never felt this way about anyone in my life.’

“I know we talked about an open relationship, but seeing Zachary touch you makes me want to hurt him.  I don’t even think I want a woman coming in between what we have.  I don’t mind looking, but I need to be serious with you.’

“I’ve sewn my wild oats so many times I don’t really need to anymore.  What I have with you is so special and I just want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Alex, I truly love you.’

“After we leave Jamaica, I want to marry you immediately.  I don’t want to wait.  We can still go to France to see Jeffery the new vice president and Harry and Linda, but I am going to have Richard lend us one of his jets and have them fly us out to Venice after we elope.  Richard can throw us a reception when we get back from Venice, but I want just you and me to go to a church and do this.  We will stop at a jeweler along the way, get rings and go to the first church that allows gay couples to marry and get married with whomever happens to be at the church as witnesses.’

“I want to call you my husband forever.  I don’t want to wait.  We waited ten years for our romance to come to pass and I was such a fool not seeing how much I was in love with you.  Even if you still looked like you did before, I would want to do this and I would still feel this way.  I love you Alex Levoire.”


Bob said as he kissed Alex passionately.  Alex melted into that kiss as each kiss got more passionate then the next as tongues danced and lips collided over and over again.  As soon as they caught their breaths, they were kissing again as Bob lowered Alex to the floor of the tent and devoured Alex’s long slender throat.  Alex was so beautiful to Bob and Bob was going to worship this man.


Bob nipped, sucked, and licked every inch of flesh his mouth touched as he was desperate to show Alex how much he loved him.  Bob wanted to own every inch of his beautiful lover and claim it for himself.


The only thing Bob was missing right now was some nice strong rope to tie his lover’s arms with so he could truly dominate his Alex.  Bob figured when they went into the city he was getting some rope from one of the shops.  When they got back to England, Bob wanted to go to a fetish store to pick up items to bind his lover with, whips for their sex play, a blindfold, a ball gag, and a few other toys to play with his lover with.  After they got married, they were going to pack some very interesting things in their suitcases hidden amongst their clothing and carefully wrap a huge bottle of lube since they were going to need it along with massage oils and flavored items.  Bob was also going to buy Alex a cock cage with locks and keys to wear for a few days that he had the keys to that would keep Alex from getting an erection. Bob was going to make Alex beg for him like he knew his little submissive lover wanted.  Bob planned to make many of Alex’s fantasies come true.


Allowing his fangs to come out Bob bit into Alex’s chest above the nipple causing Alex to arch his back in pleasure.  Alex loved a little pain when it came to sex.  Alex was very hard at this point needing more of what Bob was doing to him.


Alex loved his late wife, but she had been a kind gentle soul who did not know of Alex’s kinky side.   She never knew how much he needed pain with pleasure and how he needed to be dominated.  Alex loved her soft curves and how she jiggled when she walked, but their sex life had been somewhat mediocre and what one would call vanilla sex compared to the stuff he did with Bob.  Bob fully dominated him and made him feel weak and helpless against him.  Alex did not like always being a strong man, he wanted to be helpless and completely submissive to his lover doing whatever they demanded of him to a limit of course.


What Alex fantasized about was being told to crawl to his lover on his hands and knees, kiss the feet of his Master, be whipped, tied up, and humiliated to a point.  He loved it when Bob called him his bitch and having his hair pulled, being bitten by his lover, and being owned by the man he loved.  He did not want to be beaten, but he liked being spanked and disciplined like he was a naughty child.  When his wife scolded him about sneaking into the kitchen to steal bites out of whatever was cooking, that had turned him on.  He loved being scolded for being naughty.  Alex wanted to be the naughty boy who was punished by his lover.  Bob seemed to know this without Alex having to say anything.


“Do you know what I want to do to you Alex?  Do you know what you do to me my beautiful bitch?”


Bob asked as he undid his pants and took them off.


“Please tell me Bob.”


Alex pleaded as he lay on the ground hoping Bob was going to make him do something by force and that he would pull his hair this time when they finally fucked.


“You make me want to tie you up and torment you.  You make me so hard it hurts.  You drive me absolutely crazy since I want you all the damn time.  I want my cock to live in your tight hot ass as I pound into you for hours having the most incredible sex I have ever had in my life.’

“But what I really want right now my sweet bitch is for you to crawl that hot sexy little body over here and wrap your mouth around my cock.  I am going to force you to suck me only with your mouth sweetheart and if you use your hands even once I will refuse to let you cum even if you beg me.  So, take off those pants.  I want nothing on you.  I want to see all of you so I know what is mine.”


Alex did as he was told taking off his pants and underwear then he crawled on his hands and knees over to Bob who pet his head gently.


“Good boy, now suck!”


Bob gripped Alex’s hair roughly in his hand and forced Alex to swallow him over and over again as he set the pace fucking Alex’s mouth roughly knowing his bitch loved this shit.  Alex knew to relax his throat and breathe through his nose as Bob pushed his hips forward thrusting into that tight hot warm wet mouth as Alex even used his tongue a bit to lick Bob wanting this to be good for his lover.


“Oh, fuck yes!  God, you are good Alex!”


Bob panted out as he was getting so damn close and Alex was using his cheeks to keep the suction tight being very careful not to bite or scrape his lover with his teeth.


“Now swallow all of it bitch!”


Bob cried out as he started to cum, fuck Alex was amazing with his mouth.  Bob just was so damn glad he was a vampire and could get it up again soon after even that amazing orgasm.


Alex swallowed every drop like his beloved Master ordered him to.  It tasted so damn good and Alex wanted more of it.  However, soon Bob pulled out.  He gently pet Alex’s head letting him know he was a very good boy and now he was going to be rewarded.


Bob had been hesitant to try something with Alex, but now he wanted to do it.  He wanted to show Alex all his love for him.  Part of the reason he felt he could do this now was that he knew he would not get shit in his mouth and that Alex was clean.  The other reason was because Sebastian had told him that depending on how it was done it could feel really good to the person receiving one.  Alex deserved this and Bob was going to give it to him.


“Now my love I want you to turn around and bend over.  I want you to put your chest down to the ground and lift your ass nice and high for me.  I am going to give you one of your rewards.”


Bob said and Alex did as he was told.  Bob adjusted Alex a bit to where he wanted him and then he used his hands to open Alex up holding those cheeks apart to see that little rosebud that twitched just for him.  It was part of Alex so to Bob it was beautiful and pinkish.   Giving the little twitching hole an experimental lick he heard Alex gasp in shock.  Alex never had anyone give him a rim job and he shivered since that lick had felt nice.


“Hold very still sweetheart.  This is my first time doing this, however you can make all the noise you wish.  I want to hear it all so do not hold back.”


Bob said and Alex relaxed his body to just feel as Bob blew at first on that tight little hole causing goose bumps to show up on Alex’s skin and then Bob went for it as he pretended he was eating out a woman and dipped his tongue into that tight little hole sucking on it and pushing his tongue deep within making Alex practically scream in pleasure.


As Bob licked and sucked at that tender opening he found he loved this shit.  Alex was absolutely sweet tasting inside and so clean.  To hear Alex, make so much noise made Bob’s cock react to this as he was slowly getting hard again.  Alex was trying not to move, but he was having the hardest time not clawing at the ground at the pure pleasure of this act.  Bob soon was using his tongue and fingers to bring Alex to the edge, and just as Alex was going to cum Bob stopped with Alex crying out in protest at the injustice of it all.


“Now Alex for your second reward I am going to let you cum by giving you a gift.  I am going to allow you to ride me at any pace you choose to set, but the rule is you cannot touch yourself to make yourself cum.  You can tease me with your body, but you are not allowed to touch your cock.  Your cock is mine and only I get to touch it.  If you are very good I will give you a third and final gift tonight after the shoot.”


Bob said as he was a bit nervous about the final gift, but he needed to find out some things for himself so hopefully Alex would like this final gift.


Laying on the floor of the tent, Bob stroked himself as he looked into Alex’s eyes.  There was nothing but love in Alex’s eyes and trust.  Alex moved Bob’s hand away from his cock and started to suck it to make it both hard and slick.  Alex teased the tip with his tongue dipping it into the slit then moving his mouth up and down rolling his tongue over the hard phallus putting extra pressure on the frenulum until he was certain Bob was ready for him.


Then Alex climbed on top of Bob taking that cock and slowly easing it inside until it was all the way in as he bit his lip closing his eyes with Bob watching him intensely finding Alex to be the most beautiful thing he ever saw at this moment.


Alex sat for a moment to adjust to Bob’s size and then started to move slowly on top of his lover with Bob lifting his hips and bending his knees a bit to go deeper within.  As promised Bob let Alex set the pace, but he moved with him and helped move his hips in a way it would feel good for them both.


Running his fingers over his chest and teasing his nipples Alex licked his lips and looked down at his beloved doing all he could to be the eye candy that Bob wanted.  Alex ran his fingers over his neck, through his hair and looked down with half lidded eyes as he let his eyes take on the crystal kaleidoscopes with his fangs showing as he breathed heavily panting and moaning with each thrust.


Bob bounced his cock deep within Alex feeling that unbelievable tightness and the tingling sensation as those inner teeth sucked him and licked at his cock giving him that unbelievable pleasure that he could find nowhere else.  Nothing in this world was as amazing as that tight hot little hole that sucked him in and squeezed him so nicely.


Bob’s eyes also changed and his fangs came out as he watched his gorgeous lover in the throes of passion slowly moving faster and faster needing that release.  As soon as Bob was close to his orgasm he grasped Alex’s cock and started to stroke it along with holding that hip to keep the rhythm going.


When they both came Alex bent down and bit into Bob’s neck moaning at the flavor and Bob cried out in passion as his orgasm was heightened even more at being bitten by his lover.  Alex drank down that powdery blood and finally released as he kissed Bob who grasped his lover and then rolled Alex under him kissing him over and over again.


“I love you so much Alex.”


Bob said as he looked into his lover’s vampiric eyes.


“I love you too Bob.”


Alex said as the two held each other not wanting to move for a long while.


(Camping on beach)


Chapter 2


Calis sat by the fire that Sebastian made eating his pancakes and sausages.  Sebastian also ate as they ignored the sounds coming from Alex and Bob’s tent.  They had a while to go before sunrise so it was no big deal if the vampires wanted to fuck like rabbits, but Calis figured this was mainly because Alex and Bob were still in the honeymoon stages of their relationship.


A long time ago Calis could recall how he felt when he was with Sebastian and they were in the honeymoon stages of their relationship.   It was like they could not get enough of each other.  Now Calis figured they were in the comfortable stages of their relationship where Sebastian and he had their patterns of doing things a certain way.  Calis figured he had to be getting old since sex with Sebastian was not as exciting as it used to be.  Now they knew each other’s bodies so well that if they did not have breaks in between they would probably get bored of each other quickly.


Of course, Calis loved Sebastian’s body and thought he was the sexiest thing on two legs, but that was just his opinion and not everyone in the world would think as he did.  Sebastian’s attempt at a last fling with Daphne proved that as she dumped him like a rock for Christian who found he was not that interested in having a woman.  It had been rather amusing to see Sebastian pouting, bitching, and moaning because a woman had turned him down.


Now that Sebastian knew he smelled bad after sex with humans, Sebastian would not have sex with them for a damn long time although Calis could really care less if he did.  Calis was not expecting loyalty any more from Sebastian since that was wishful thinking on anyone’s part.  Calis did though feel a bit sorry for Kingsly.  Sebastian, Christian, and William all had their male bonding thing going on constantly.  The three were inseparable, but Kingsly was kind of left out of a lot of things.  Kingsly did not bitch about it, but Calis could tell he was not exactly happy. 


Calis preferred to be left out of most of their nonsense feeling sort of bad for Ashton who had now a ball bearing in his cock from Christian piercing him.  If Sebastian tried that crap with him, he would hurt him.


Calis was not interested in decorating his cock or balls.   They were fine just the way they were and if Sebastian wanted to torment himself that was his problem.  Calis would not put up with piercings on his cock and if Sebastian tried to force it Calis would make him wish he never even thought up the idea as he would not only fix all his cats he would get rid of some of them.


Zachary was completely bummed out.  He had hoped Alex wasn’t serious with Bob and that he might have a chance with him.  He had been alone for a long time and was hoping to find a nice boyfriend or girlfriend in his travels that wanted to be in a relationship with him.  So far, he had no luck since models did not stick around long and most of them were fairly young.  Zach liked Alex’s personality and he was the sweetest thing he had seen in a long time.  Just looking at the photographs of Alex made him long for someone like that to love him.  Being that Alex was French was an added bonus since he had that cute accent.


Joe just ate his breakfast as he ignored everyone just enjoying the cool morning air.  He wanted to get this whole thing going this morning since he wanted to drive into the city to go see some of the sights while he was here.  The trailer had air conditioning in it for Belle if it got too hot for the cat, but most likely Belle would be fine for the day since cats did sleep quite a bit especially during daylight hours.


After breakfast was done Alex and Bob came out of the tent with Alex wearing the pair of speedos that he wore during the shoot so he could swim a bit.  Bob watched Alex as Alex ran out into the ocean and dove right in swimming around under the water a bit to get those big seashells he had seen.  Using his vampiric eyes he was able to see quite well under the water as he gathered a few shells for himself and some for his family.  He hoped it was ok to take them from the beach since he did want a few of them.


Alex saw a few fish and a rather small shark but the animals seemed to not mind his being there as he swum around noting he could actually swim underwater for a very long time and have no problems.  Swimming back to the surface and heading back with his treasures in hand, Alex made it to shore with Bob having gone into the trailer to change into the speedos and shirt that Calis wanted him to wear for the photos.   There was also a prop for him in a bright white lounge chair Calis wanted him to sit on at the beach like he was vacationing at some grand hotel after a business meeting.


Bob was a little put out that the shirt was pink, but figured Calis had his reasons for choosing this color for the photo shoot.  The speedos were also briefs like Alex’s except they were a deep navy blue rather than black.  While Bob was changing, Zachary took a few more pictures of Alex dripping wet from being in the surf looking adorable as hell holding several large seashells in his arms.


Taking his seashells to their tent, Alex put them with the others and changed into his boxer shorts, pants, and put on a shirt although he did not put on shoes.  Alex sat with Calis watching as the Hummer was driven with the trailer to behind the trees where it would not be seen in the pictures.   The tents and campfire were not in the way so Zachary set up the lounge chair moving it a few times as he tested the angles on what he was looking for in the shots he was going to take.  It was nearing sunrise as the sky was getting lighter and soon it would be time to bring out Belle for the shots.


Zachary worked with Bob and had him open his shirt a bit more to show more of his chest.  The plan was to have Bob hold Belle’s leash and have her sit next to Bob in the photos.  It wasn’t so much getting Bob to do the right thing since he was doing fine, he just needed to relax a bit more since he was a bit stiff and his smile needed to be a bit less forced.  Zachary finally had Bob simply focus on Alex and made Calis make faces at Bob to make him laugh a bit as he took a few photos of Bob without the cat.


As soon as the sun was in the right setting for the photos Zachary told Joe it was time to bring Belle out and see if they could get the big cat to do the shots with Bob.  The first thing Belle did when she got out of her cage was get loose from the leash Joe had her on and ran to Sebastian jumping on him knocking Sebastian over as Sebastian chuckled at the cat that was licking his face and nuzzling him.


Sebastian finally got Belle to settle down and talked to her as he handed Bob the leash and made Belle sit for a while as he continued to talk to her while Zachary got the photos with Calis making faces at Bob to get him to loosen up a bit more.  Bob was a bit nervous about handling the animal, plus he felt rather exposed in speedo briefs.  Also, Jamal and his wife Jasmine had arrived to watch this photo shoot so there were a lot of people watching him.


Finally, they had several good shots and Joe allowed Belle and Sebastian to play for a while plus run along the beach since the cat probably could use the exercise being cooped up for so long.  Sebastian and Belle chased seagulls along the beach and played for a good two hours while everyone visited with Bob getting changed into his shirt, boxers, pants, socks, and shoes.  Alex, now that his feet were dry and the sand was not sticking to them put on his socks and shoes since they were all planning to go to the city for a nice long tour.


To Calis, Sebastian was a big kid who was having so much fun and he knew his husband could care less about going into town for any reason if he could play with Belle all day long.  Joe figured Belle had pretty much adopted Sebastian as hers as the two were lounging on the beach looking into each other’s eyes as Sebastian talked to her and pet her giving her lots of loves.  The big cat and former demon were feeling such bliss enjoying the morning not giving a damn about anything or anyone except each other.


“I have never seen a man who loves cats that much.”


Joe said shaking his head at the scene as he loved his big cats, but not as much as Sebastian did.


“Well, I better go get them before Sebastian runs away with Belle and abandons us for good.”


Calis knew if he did not his husband would spend the entire time on the beach with the cat and they would end up going nowhere any time soon.  Getting up and dusting off his butt from sitting in the sand, Calis went over to Sebastian looking at his ridiculous husband who was laying in the sand with the big wild cat with his hand on her and her paw on him as though they had claimed each other.


“Sebastian, it is time to get going.  You can play with the cat later.”


Calis said firmly with Sebastian pouting since he did not want to go anywhere.  He wanted to stay here with Belle forever.


“But we don’t want to go anywhere.”


Sebastian said as he finally sat up looking like he might cry if he had to move.


“You promised to help these vampires so get up and let us get going or I won’t let you play with Belle later.”


Calis said finally putting his foot down.


Sebastian trudged up the beach with Belle as slowly as possible with Calis knowing Sebastian now was going to mope all day long until he saw Belle again.  It was like having a big child. Sebastian was now going to be insufferable especially after Joe took Belle back home.


Calis practically had to force Sebastian to give Joe the leash as Joe took Belle who was also being a bit of a pain to her cage as she got in laying down also looking like she was terribly unhappy.  Closing up the trailer after putting the coolers, the stove, the table, and the chair in it the group got in and headed to the city.  They would leave the tents up and put them down when they returned since Jamal said the city was not big even if the residential area was fairly large.  Jamal was only going to take them to some of the homes on the East side to show them the main homes where the newborns were coming from.  They could not go into them during the day, but might be able to look into them at night.


When they got to the city, it was less crowded since it was still fairly early in the morning.  Most shops and things did not open until a bit later so for now Jamal was going to show them the stores that were open and take them around.  Joe did not go with them since he needed to stay with Belle, but had books and plenty of drinks to keep him busy.


Alex and Bob got drinks from one of the stores they stopped in along with a nice duffel bag that would fit all of the seashells and other things they wanted to buy for the kids.  Jamal told them to save their money for some of the nicer stores here that were not tourist trap places, but stores owned by the locals that had some rather unique and artistic items.  There were even a few restaurants that served mixed drinks that Jamal had enjoyed and authentic Jamaican cuisine for those who did eat.


After walking through the city for a few hours, the group headed to the residential areas where Jamal showed them the houses where the newborns were coming from.  He let them know they had one last night, but most likely it would be a good two to three weeks before a new family moved into these homes.  Jamal said there were other homes where newborns showed up, but that these three were the main ones.


There was nothing any of them could tell that was unusual about the homes.  Most of the homes were quite similar to each other in style and the only real difference to them was these three had play areas for children where several of the homes did not have play areas quite like these ones did.  The yards were also a bit larger with one set up with a nice little garden in it.


“I think we should come back at night with William and the other reapers.  Not tonight, but tomorrow night.  If there is a demon involved, it would be best to have William assist with this since he has demon tracking devices we don’t and although Sebastian is good at finding demons, I can subdue humans long enough for him to deal with them, I would feel better if he were here helping us.”


Calis said and Jamal understood although he did not much care for reapers.


“Calis the other thing I have noticed is there are a lot of homes here with no young families.  What one would consider retirees with older children, but no young children at least on the East side.”


Sebastian stated as he watched the people coming out of their homes.  Using his powers to make himself invisible to humans he flew up opening his wings and flew high enough he could look over the whole area.  He noted that almost all the adults who were outside who had no children in their yards were looking up at him.  There had to be at least a good hundred or more of them looking up at him which meant only one thing.  The demons had not left.  This place was full of them like a retirement community for demons.


Calling William on his cell phone while flying above these demons knowing if he landed there might be trouble, he had William send out a practical army of grim reapers to the area if nothing else, so he could land and not have the demons come after him. Although Sebastian was good, he was not that good when faced with a literal legion of demons.  There may even be more for all Sebastian knew, however the East side was covered in demons and not young ones, but ancient ones who were downright dangerous.


Some of the demons did have young ones with a few with contracts that were quite obvious.  Other than the three houses there were very few humans in the area so unless the demons were feeding from other residential areas it seemed ridiculous to have so many of their kind in one place.  Also, what was confusing was the fact that technically by putting up a spell that created newborn vampires in the area they were killing off their food supply.  It just seemed rather odd.


Flying over to where Jamal said the other residential areas were, he noted a similar pattern except there were few to little humans in the west side and south.  When he got to the north end he noted that area was filled with impoverished humans.  There were no demons in the north end so this must be where they got their food.  Most of the areas were fairly nice except this one area.


Of course, impoverished humans made for easy meals for demons since a soul filled with despair and longing for something better was easy to make a contract with.  However, that did not explain why they were trying to mass produce vampires or drive the vampires out of the area.


William arrived by portal with Christian at his side as hundreds of grim reapers arrived at the scene so that Sebastian could land.  Sebastian told everyone the news.  This place was full of demons as was the area by Jamal’s house on the west side and all of the south.


“The demons never left.  They have simply taken over this whole city and most of them are quite ancient.  It is as though hell is sending its unwanted here and the residence to the north is so impoverished it makes for easy prey for demons to feed upon.  The despair there is quite great so other than a few tourists here there are very few humans.  Just enough humans to feed this population of demons.  What I don’t understand though is why they are trying to create more vampires.  Do they want to get rid of the ones here?  I mean it makes no sense at all.”


Sebastian said since it was obvious Jamal and his coven had been mainly feeding on demons with demons allowing this.  Was it a game?  Were they just bored?  There was no rhyme or reason to any of this.


Zachary was still trying to get over Sebastian appearing then disappearing again then suddenly having two men pop out of nowhere along with what looked to be an army of men and women wearing similar uniforms with interesting weapons at their sides.  Also, these people who were now hurrying back into their homes did not look like demons to him.


Suddenly, two very old ancient demons walked over to where Sebastian was wanting to speak to the Angel.  Sebastian assumed these two must be in charge of the demons.  One was disguised as an old woman and the other was a rather young-looking man. However, Sebastian and Christian both knew by the power coming off these two that they were very old, damn near the death point even for demons.


“We don’t want war with the Angels so tell us what you want.  All we want is to live in peace and die in paradise before our souls are taken from us by Lucifer.”


The old woman looking demon said.


“Well, what I want to know is why are you creating more newborn vampires in this area?  It makes no logical sense to create more if you are only trying to get rid of them.”


Sebastian asked the woman and the demon man smiled.


“We are not trying to get rid of the vampires.  The spell in this area is older than we are and we have yet to be able to remove it.  Many have tried and all have failed.  We have burnt down the three houses where the newborn vampires came from and the houses rebuild themselves.  It is also spreading to other houses and our kind is being affected as well.  We do not know why the spell is here, but we want to get rid of it just as much as you do.’

“Our goal is to die in peace here since Lucifer no longer needs us and many of our kind are dying.  This is as close to heaven as we can find.  We feed on the despair of the humans in the north and share our blood with the vampires here since it is a pleasant experience.  Many of our kind care deeply for the vampires although a demon is still a demon.”


The man said as his eyes flashed red for a moment.


“We are going to have to do something about this spell.  Maybe Michael can help.  Lucifer at least has to know this spell although most likely he will lie about it.  Still it is worth a shot.”


William said as he called Raphael to find out if he could help.  William really hated helping demons or vampires for that matter, but something had to be done.  The natural balance was off here and there were way too many nonhumans in the area.


“Well, while we are waiting for word back from Raphael we should at least make introductions to be polite.”


Calis said as he strode forward.


“I am Earl Calis Midnight Black and this is my husband Earl Sebastian Midnight Black.  This is also my other husband Christian Cross and we three were former demons.  To my right is Alex Levoire and Bob Goldberg two vampires that belong to my family.  To their right is Zachary Bell Louis Belcher our photographer who came with us to do photographs of Bob and Alex for my employee calendar. Depending on how well it sells, I may do a full twelve-month calendar for the public of both the bikini models and my male models.’

“To my left is my practical Uncle, William Reynolds, who is a grim reaper and the CEO of all the grim reapers all over the globe.  He also confers with the Archangel Raphael who is mated to the Archangel Michael who are also practical family.’

“Our animal handler Joe Hernandez is waiting for us in town and although he is human he too is protected by my people.  The two Officer Angels who followed us here are Baldric and Sage who guard us regularly.  If there is a problem, they can call a legion of Angels at a moment’s notice.’

“And your names would be?”


Calis asked as the demons blinked for a moment trying to take all this in.  This little boy was a demon and had such powerful allies.  The two demons were unsure what to say since they did not want to offend.


“I am Lia Harford and this is Allen Jensen.  These were the last names we were given by our Masters.  Neither of us choose to end this life with a new contract since we have very little time left before we die.  The majority of our kind come here to meet our end as peacefully as possible although there are a few young ones who visit.  When we actually die, we go back to hell and pass away by sacrificing our souls to Lucifer in a chamber that removes our physical body from us.  Our souls and the souls we harbor are moved into an orb where we can all be together until the judgment day.  The orbs are sealed away and we use what is left of our powers to strengthen hell itself for the final battles.’

“Our gift for gaining free will and harvesting souls is true freedom from all pain and suffering.  We get to be with the souls we harbor so we are never alone either and get to die in peace.”


Lia said as she was past ready to die and had been around for thousands of years.


“I see, so this is a retirement community for demons.  Of course, you are aware that Lucifer never keeps his promises so your freedom is not necessarily going to truly happen and your death may not necessarily be painless, but that is your business.’

“Out of curiosity what do you do with your demon manuals?  While we are waiting for word on what to do about the newborns I am very interested in what you have as far as they go.”


Calis asked and Allen once again smiled.  He was also curious to why a former demon would have an interest in the manuals.


“We pass them on to the next group of demons who come through for their retirement.  At this point, there is no real point in keeping them all even if we do find humor in them so we send them with the next generation and sometimes even to the younglings who come to visit.”


Allen said and Calis frowned at that.  He wanted them, but did not want to be rude in asking for them especially from demons he did not know well.  However, he would like for them to at least read what they had to him.


“You are interested in our manuals?   What use are they to an Angel let alone a baby such as yourself?”


Lia asked as she could read Calis’s mind.


“I still find the stories fascinating and find humor in them.  I am still part demon and that part of me loves the stories.   I don’t much care for the new manuals as they are not hand written and do not have the care put into them that the older ones have.  I am not the only former demon in my house that covets them either.  Kirkland and Leon my other family members who were demons at one point enjoy them.”


Calis said and Allen’s eyes lit up as did Lia’s.  They recognized Kirkland’s name and had wondered what happened to their former General.


“General Kirkland can have what we have left of the demon manuals.  I was not aware he was even alive.  I am sorry to say that there are few left to us, but we did give most of ours away.  If you and your family members and friends will come with us we can take you to our home where they are located.”


Allen said as he highly respected General Kirkland and would do anything for the former demon.


Leading the group to one of the nicer homes in the area the two demons invited everyone in.  Inside it was sparsely furnished and there were a ton of books on the shelves including several demon books Calis had not seen before.  Inside Lia changed to her original form which was that of a beautiful young demon woman and Allen also changed to his original form which was that of a young handsome man.  Although they were ancient, this was indeed their form before they became demons.


Lia had long onyx locks that fell down past her waist and her eyes were chocolate brown.  Lia’s skin was also dark like many of the people in Jamaica.  Allen had pure violet eyes with dark brown locks that also were long and flowing with his skin being like Sebastian’s, alabaster in color.  The two were stunningly beautiful and Sebastian could only assume that the two were mated.


“We only have three demon manuals left, but there are journals you are welcome to and any books you like.  As I said before we are not going to be in this world much longer so material things matter very little to us anymore.”


Lia said as she handed Calis the three demon manuals which were quite old.


“Thank you.  I know how much demons covet their manuals so this is most generous of you.”


Sebastian said and Allen thought about something else he wanted to give the demon Angels.  He really did not need it and it had been more of a burden than anything to have it.  It was a curse in an orb he was tasked with guarding over.  He really did not want to give it to a young demon since a young demon would not understand the spells over it, but if Kirkland was alive than he should watch over it.


“Excuse me for a moment.  I have one more thing for General Kirkland.  Do you think per chance your reaper could gather him so we can at least say our goodbyes to him?  He was our teacher and mentor for many years.”


Allen asked and William agreed to go get Kirkland since it would only take a moment to do so.  He set up the Officer Angels in the house along with a few of his reapers just in case of trouble while he was gone getting Kirkland.  However, he was not gone long as the portal once again opened with Kirkland coming through wondering what was going on.


Lia and Allen looked at Kirkland in shock.  He was merely in a ten-year-old body now and it took them both a moment to recognize him.


“What happened to you General?  You are but a baby again!”


Allen stated and Kirkland sighed as he looked at his former students.


“Allen, Lia, I died as a demon Angel and was reborn so I came back for my mate.  I have not been a demon for a long time since I fell in love with my mate Leon.  I take it you two are still mated, but still foolish enough not to love each other.  There are perks to coming over to the neutral side, but I won’t pressure you into anything since I am certain you have already made your decisions to go to the chamber to end your long existence.’

“Free will is available on the neutral side of things and freedom.  More freedom than what you will get from hell anyway.  As we well know, freedom still comes with rules even for demons.”


Kirkland said and Allen frowned since he did not exactly want to die, but he did not want to fall in love either.  He liked being a demon.


“I think we would kill each other before we ever fell in love with each other General.”


Lia said and Kirkland nodded at that since he knew these two were not the happiest of couples.


“Well do tell me what I can do for you.  I need to get back to my own mate and be with him.   Although there are times we to get to the point we want to kill each other, I also love him more than my own life.  Being away from him even for now is very hard for me.”


Kirkland stated and Allen went to go get the orb which was attached to a staff.


“We appreciate all you did for us General and if circumstances were different we might have followed you since it is not that we don’t want to fall in love, it is that we haven’t and after thousands of years of living it is pointless to pine for something that is not meant to be.”


Lia said and Kirkland nodded.  It was unfortunate since these two were quite beautiful and unlike most demons Kirkland had considered these two as friends.


“General this orb has a very nasty curse in it.  I believe you are familiar with this particular one and it has been absorbed into this orb and trapped.  However, since we have made our choices I can’t in good conscious pass it on to a youngling or one of the other demons.  We happen to like the vampires, humans, and demons we live around thus I am entrusting it to your care.  You can obliterate it or keep it.  Whatever you wish to do with it, but we will not need it anymore and I don’t want it set on the world by armatures who don’t know how to control it.’

“Also, you are welcome to any of our journals and books as well as these three demon manuals this baby demon Angel has in his hands.  We also have a spell that is causing problems here, but we believe it is even older than you so we don’t want to trouble you much further with our problems.  We are just grateful for your instructions and your unending patience with us.  You were one of the best Generals we ever had in hell and although I hope Lucifer never finds out I said this, he was a fool to let you go.”


Allen stated and Kirkland chuckled a bit at that.  He could care less what Lucifer did to him now.  Lucifer was a fool and he would find out what it was like to go against him since Kirkland planned to help kill Lucifer.


Taking the staff with the orb in it and an armful of journals, Kirkland thanked his former pupils and friends.  Calis was not sure he wanted that orb with a curse in it in his home, but Kirkland mentally told him that the curse was no big deal and that it was merely an inconvenience for these demons to have it since he could subdue it in a day.


“Let me take these things back to my home and then I wish for you to tell me of this spell that is plaguing you.  I will bring my mate and thus this way I can introduce you both to him plus help you with this little spell.  I may know the key to removing it.  If not, I know that Archangel Michael can help.  I still say you are both foolish not to love each other, but that is not my business.”


Kirkland said to his dear friends as he and William with Calis took the books through the portal along with the orb.  Kirkland took the journals and orb to his room putting them in his trunk with his other journals and demon manuals.  Calis put the demon manuals into the library to read later.


After Kirkland put the orb, journals, and books that Lia and Allen had given him into his trunk, Kirkland went to go get Leon who was helping Pierce with his schoolwork.  Leon looked so nice today to Kirkland since he was wearing a pair of black slacks, a deep blue button down shirt with two buttons unbuttoned, his trouser socks, and black shiny dress shoes.  Leon also had his hair pulled back into a low ponytail and this showed off his handsome face much better than always having that long hair down covering his profile.


“Leon, I need you to come with me for a bit.  Pierce, can you do your homework by yourself for a while?  If you need help, we will help you when we get back, but I want to introduce your Papa to some dear demon friends of mine.”


Kirkland said and Pierce was fine with that although Leon was a bit skeptical in meeting any of Kirkland’s demon friends after all the experiences with meeting Kirkland’s supposed demon ‘friends’.  Most of them had not known Kirkland was an Angel and Leon did not want to be chased down to be killed because of what he was now.


“Don’t worry Leon.  Sebastian, Calis, and the others will be with us.  I am going to try to help these demons with a spell they are having issues with and then we shall leave.”


Leon sighed not really wanting to go with Kirkland, but he would since Kirkland would never let him hear the end of it if he did no go.


“I just hope your friends don’t try and kill us Kirkland.  You better not have given them our address or anything like that or I will kill you.”


Kirkland smiled since he did not do that.  He was not stupid.


“I did not although for these two demons I would have since we were good friends and they were my students.”


Kirkland met up with Calis who was only waiting for William now as William was on the phone with Raphael trying to work out the details of this spell which he was not sure of nor had seen just yet.  Raphael warned William to be careful and that the spell might actually be in a particular spot in one of those homes that one had to simply stand in for a long enough time to activate it.  Michael was working with God on this one since he was in no mood to go deal with Lucifer over this mess.  Besides, Lucifer would most likely take at least a full week before he actually told the truth on how to get rid of the spell.


After William got off the phone, he took everyone back to Lia and Allen’s home with Sebastian sitting talking to Allen about some things concerning the area and the fact he would like to visit the area again, just not with the looming threat of death over his head since that meant he might have to bring another legion of reapers or Angels with him next time.  He would prefer to simply be friendly with the demon population here.


“Demons here do not wish to mess with Angels or any other nonhuman other than vampires.  We like being bitten so other than the fact vampires have to hide from humans and tourists, most of us will willingly allow a vampire to feed on us.  We like to play the game that we are human while here.  Like I said, this is a virtual paradise for us since feeding on souls is easy in this particular location and even most of the reapers don’t mind us.’

“Since we are ancient we can feed on a soul once every five to ten years with no problem although ten years is pushing it for most of us.  The north end has more than enough humans to feed us and they keep breeding bringing in more.  Some of us travel on vacations from here like humans since by now most of us are wealthy enough to do whatever the hell we want.’

“Lia and I own a yacht, this home, and have traveled the world many times over.  She is ready to die and wants to die.  I could handle living longer.  I like my life so far, but because we are mated I have to go with her when she goes to the chamber.  That is part of the reason we hate each other so much.  I want to live and she is done living.  Then again, we only liked each other for the first hundred years.  After that she has been a nagging pain in my ass.  I would divorce her, but we are mated still so we are stuck with each other.’

“I don’t know how to unmate with her or I would have.  Problem is according to hell I am past my expiration date by a few hundred years.  If I go back, they will force me to go to the chamber so it is me who is prolonging our inevitable demise since I will go when I am damn good and ready.  I could care less what Lia wants.  She gave me an ultimatum.  I have another twenty years to figure out how to unmate us so she can die or I go with her to die then.  I agreed since as much as I hate her she has been more than fair with me.”


Allen said and Sebastian almost wanted to chuckle at that.  There were ways to unmate them, but why should he do it?  Sebastian had no incentive to help Allen and Allen had nothing he wanted.  All Allen had to do was fall in love with someone else and mate them.  Problem was if he fell in love than he would no longer be a demon and most likely Sebastian would be stuck with another demon Angel couple living with him which he did not want after dealing with Kirkland and Leon who had to live with him.


Calis came up to Sebastian and smacked the back of his head for being such an ass to the poor man.  If Sebastian would not tell him, Calis would.


“You can unmate from Lia, Allen.  However, you won’t be a demon if you do.”


Calis said to Allen whose eyes lit up a bit at the thought of being free from his bitch of a wife.


“So how do I do it?”


Allen asked and Calis looked at Sebastian to tell him.


“You won’t like it.”


Sebastian said and Allen could care less at this point.


“Just tell me.  It has to be better than this hell.”


Allen said and Sebastian sighed as Calis looked at him like he better fess up or he would kill him.


“You have to fall in love and mate the person you love.  That will break the spell, but you will be stuck with the person you love forever.  You can’t break that mating.  If you choose to do this, then if you kill the person you love they will come back to life, if you die you will come back to life, and you will be a demon Angel like we are.  All your memories will be in tact when you die and when you are resurrected.  You will end up like Kirkland if you die and you won’t be able to choose another mate even if you beg for one.’

“Being a tainted Angel has its perks.  You will be able to eat food and drink.  You are stronger as an Angel then as a demon plus better looking to everyone.  Sex is ten times better as a demon Angel then it is as a demon.  You are in neutral territory so you can tell either side to fuck off, but you will find if you do demons and Lucifer will torture you to kill you which they will do anyway just because you are a fucking Angel so that side of things sucks.  You can’t go back to hell or you will die some horrific way if you make it past the dragon and three headed dog without being eaten.’

“You can gain protection from the side of good like I do and kill most demons which is fun, but you have to do some work for the side of light.  Not much, just be prepared to battle like you did before you became a demon.  You get free will, pretty much all the freedom you want, but there are rules as always no matter what you do.’

“There are also very sucky things like you can read each other’s minds when it comes to all demon Angels so your thoughts are never fully hidden unless you are damn good at hiding them which isn’t easy.  Because sex is so good, being loyal to your mate can be an issue which now of course I want to do since I did not know I smelled bad after being disloyal to Calis.  You have a lust time when the lust is so intense you will literally practically fuck whomever is in the room with you damn near to death because if you don’t it hurts like hell.  To become a demon Angel also hurts and all the souls you have eaten over all the years leave you as the light takes over and that hurts like a mother fucker.’

“So, if you like pain this is an option for you.  You have around twenty years to figure out if you want to do this which really isn’t that much time.  However, if you are going to do this you can’t do it here.  You will have to probably live with us unless there is a particular demon here who has caught your fancy.”


Sebastian explained and Allen thought about this.  There was no demon who he had an attraction to.  He might be able to pull something like this off with a human though.


“There are no demons I am interested in.  All of them come here to die and are loyal to Lucifer.  They could care less about falling in love or any of that nonsense, although the few who did love vampires did become vampires which I did think about once except I really don’t want to be a vampire. I don’t think that would end my mating.”


Allen said as he thought about this seriously.


“You could do it with a human, but you have to have a contract with them.  You have to take their soul with them agreeing to it and fall in love with them for it to work.  Once you love the human and take their soul it changes you and the human into Angels.  It will change you into a demon Angel and them into a tainted Angel.”


Allen decided he wanted to give this a try.  If he failed he would come back to Lia in twenty years to end his life, but he wanted a chance to be happy.  It was better than going to some fucking chamber to give up the body he actually liked and give up a life he wanted.


“I’ll try it.  Half of this shit is mine money wise so I will take it and give you what you want of it.  I can always make more.  In a divorce one gets half and I want half.  Lia can do whatever the fuck she wants for the next few years.  We don’t even sleep in the same room as each other anymore so it won’t matter if I leave as long as I keep our deal.  All I know is I want out of this fucking relationship and at this point I don’t care how I get out of it.”


Allen said as he felt a bit of hope now.  It couldn’t be too hard, falling in love with a human.  He could do it.  He had been seducing and messing with humans for years so this was no big deal.  Allen knew humans well, but there were none here who interested him.  Perhaps where these demon Angels lived there were more attractive humans.


“Well after this spell is done and we figure out how to get rid of it you can come live with us.  You will have to abide by the reapers of the area’s rules which means only one to two souls a year off a list they have, but if you can live with that then so be it.”


Calis said and Allen beamed at that news.


“Really, one to two souls a year?  That sounds fantastic.  I haven’t had a soul in over five years.  Lia wants us to wait for ten, but fuck that shit.  If I can have two souls a year, that will make me very happy.”


Allen asked with a wide smile.  Sebastian thought this was a terrible idea, but Calis liked the demon and understood how it felt to be in an unhappy relationship.  Besides this gave Calis a chance to see about recruiting Richard and Stephen to help Allen find someone nice.  That was if Allen liked men, but most demons were not too picky about gender.


“Well you will have to tell us what you are looking for in a human you find interest in since I am assuming gender doesn’t matter or does it to you?”


Calis asked as Allen smirked.


“I like both if that is your question.  Most demons are bisexual since we too can be either gender if we so choose although I much prefer being male.  Females tend to end up as whores for their humans since that is what most men want that are human when it comes to their female demon.  Most males want sex.  I know Lia spread her legs more than once although I am no saint either.”


Allen said since it was the life of a demon to be sexually available to ones Master since in order to eat a soul one had to have a contract and in that contract a demon was to do everything their Master told them to do.  If that meant to fuck their Master, than that was what they did even though demons still had their limits.


“Well be that as it may in order for you to actually love someone you can’t just think because the sex is good that you will automatically love them.  Still, because you have no real preferences we will try to start you out with male prospects since we know very few female ones.  If you preferred females, I would have Sebastian set you up, but Richard and Stephen know some of the most beautiful males who are indeed looking for love.”


Calis said and Sebastian was not sure Richard was the best person to count on in being a matchmaker.  The guy might know very beautiful males, but most likely he would try to set up Allen with one of his many ex-boyfriends which was going to be a mistake since the majority of them were still in love with Richard.


“That sounds nice.  What about that human?”


Allen asked pointing to Zachary who was busy listening to Kirkland talk to Lia about a few things after introducing her to Leon which Lia found him to be quite interesting.  Lia thought Leon was sexy and would enjoy teaching a young thing like him a thing or two.  He was much prettier than Allen that was for damn sure.


“I don’t know about him.  I really don’t know Zachary well, but you are welcome to try.  He is currently our photographer so I know he travels a lot and he likes Alex the vampire that came with us.  He hasn’t taken his eyes off of Alex since he met him and took pictures of him even after the photo shoot.’

“Bob is Alex’s fiancé and Bob and Alex are in love with each other so Alex isn’t exactly free for anyone.  Our other vampire friend and family member Peter is also in love with Alex.  He is searching for someone and the fact that as a vampire he is part human may work in your favor since although you don’t want to be a vampire it may be possible to turn a vampire into an Angel.  Weirder things have happened and Peter is very good looking.”


Calis said to Allen and Allen looked at Alex.  Alex was sweet. Allen could tell right away that Alex was a kind-hearted soul and although he was handsome Alex was a bit too sweet for Allen’s liking.  Allen then evaluated Bob who was a bit more his type.  Bob was more dominant and had a kinky side to him that Allen liked, but it was obvious Bob had eyes only for Alex.


Zachary was very good looking for a human and Allen liked the fact he was taller than Zachary with his smaller stature.  However, like Calis said his eyes were on Alex.  Alex was an obvious submissive, it was very apparent the way that Bob had his arm around Alex as it was a very possessive hold and the way Alex leaned into Bob as if needing comfort from him in this rather uncomfortable situation.


Allen could play the game either way.  He could be both dominant and submissive.  Demons were good at this.  Allen figured he would get to know this Zachary person and try him out.  Worst thing that would happen is Zachary would not be interested, but Allen knew how to make him interested and there were spells to seduce someone to your side.


“I can see what they see in Alex, but he is a bit too sweet for my liking.  I like them to be a bit of a challenge and a bit kinky.  It is too bad Bob is not available since he is my type.  He was straight once, I can tell.’

“I like the ones who think they are straight and are not.  Still, I think I might have fun with that human Zachary.  If nothing else, it will be interesting since being here is definitely boring.  I want to meet your vampire Peter as well.  That way I can see if they are perhaps willing to fight over me rather than Alex.  I can play submissive as well, in fact I prefer things that way.  I can also be sweet when I want to be.”


Allen said with a wicked smile as he watched Zachary whom he could tell was trying to will Bob’s arm off of Alex since he was jealous as hell that Bob had Alex as his own.


“Pretending to be something is one thing, to actually want it is another.  You need to be yourself with the person you choose to love or you’ll end up with another Lia.”


Calis stated and Allen sighed since being himself only got him into trouble.


“You don’t want him being himself Calis.  That is a terrible idea.”


Sebastian said since all they needed was for the demon to go buck wild on them.


“He needs to be natural with people not playing with them.  Pretending to be something he is not will get him into more trouble than being himself.  Once they figure out who they fell in love with they may end up hating him for tricking them.”


Calis said and Allen laughed at the two bickering.  They were cute.  Allen had been doing things like making people fall in love with him for thousands of years.  It was he who had to fall in love with the person not so much the person falling in love with him since that part was easy.


“I can make almost any man fall in love with me little one.  Getting someone interested isn’t hard, it is me who has to see them as worthwhile.  You both worry too much.  I am the one who will be screwed over if this doesn’t work so just introduce me to who you will and I will hopefully fall in love with one of them.’

“Even if I don’t fall in love with anyone, it will be a good twenty years away from that bitch and that alone makes me happy.”


Allen got up and went over to Zachary to talk to him.


Lia watched Allen who was using his charm to get that human Zachary interested in him as she wanted to roll her eyes at her mate.  He was such an ass, why she mated him was beyond her.   They were even legally married not that it mattered.  They were not loyal to each other and they did not even have sex anymore.   They slept in separate rooms even when traveling.  The only time they spent together was when they were fighting or calling each other names. 


Allen’s favorite thing to call Lia was ‘cunt’ and her favorite thing to call him was ‘shit head.’  They hated each other so getting married like they did had been stupid, but they were mated so it wasn’t much of a choice.


Allen flirted a bit with Zach who was shocked the gorgeous demon wanted anything to do with him when his wife was beautiful.  Allen told Zachary he was getting divorced and that he was actually planning on leaving his wife tonight.  Lia rolled her eyes at Allen knowing the idiot would leave for a while, but he would be right back once he found out that being single was not all that great.  She would divorce him, give him half his shit as he wanted, but he better not bitch at her when he came crawling back on his knees begging for her to take him back.


Zachary went with Allen to Allen’s room where he started seriously packing his clothes and things.  Allen had not been this happy in a long damn time.  He would call a lawyer in the morning and have the divorce papers ready.  He would also call the bank and withdraw his half of the money.  She could keep this house, all its furnishings, and the yacht.  He would buy another yacht for himself later.


As Allen packed, Zachary asked Allen if he was sure about leaving his wife like this and Allen said he had been waiting a long damn time to leave her sorry ass.  Allen said they had not gotten along for thousands of years and not to worry about her since she would be fine.  Lia was always fine and the woman could more than take care of herself.  She was a demon and demons her age knew exactly how to care for themselves.  Lia could easily find another poor sap to kiss her ass.


“Did you not ever love her?”


Zachary asked and Allen looked at Zachary seriously.


“Zachary, I am a demon and so is she.  Demons don’t love anyone unless they have become an Angel.  They like people though and I did once like Lia.  That is how we ended up mated.  We got married because it was convenient and because we had nothing better to do.  It had nothing to do with love.’

“I have twenty years to figure out how to fall in love with someone or I die with her.  I don’t want to die so I am hoping to fall in love.  I have no bloody clue on how to love anyone, but I want to try.  I like you and I want to try with you however I don’t even know where to start.’

“I can be anything you want me to be, look like anyone you want me to look like, but when I change into an Angel if I fall in love with you this is how I will look permanently.  This is the form I was born into the demon world in.”


Allen said and Zachary had to admit he did like this form best since Allen was a very sexy man and quite beautiful especially those violet eyes.


“Why don’t you simply start by being yourself?”


Zachary asked since he did want to try and was surprised when Allen laughed a quite demonic laugh.  It gave Zachary the shivers as Allen looked at him with glowing blood red eyes.


“Zachary, you don’t want me to be myself.  Trust me on that.  Demons are evil beings and I would make you piss yourself if I acted as myself.  I need to change myself because if I was to act like myself I would eat your soul ripping it out of your chest after biting into your still beating heart.  As a demon, I want to cause you pain and kill you painfully.’

“I feed off of human despair and pain.  I live to torment humans as is my job as a demon and I enjoy killing my prey.  My soon to be ex-wife is worse than I am.  She would lie to you telling you she loves you swearing her undying loyalty to you only to peel off your flesh slowly as she whispers sweet nothings in your ear then takes her time digging into your entrails to pull out your soul as you scream in agony begging for death.  This of course is happening while you are naked, vulnerable, and having sex with her.’

“When we had sex years ago she and I would damn near kill each other in the act.  I don’t think you want to deal with what demons do to each other let alone what I can do to a human.  Because I like you I won’t show you the more cruel and sadistic sides of myself.  You will never see me feed, you will never see me in my full demonic form because as I said if I showed you my true demon self you would piss yourself, and I won’t make a contract to take your soul unless I fall in love with you.  If that happens, I will be gentle with you when I take your soul and you will become an Angel with me with us being together forever.’

“However, I plan on taking my time since I do not know you and you do not know me.  I figure I will give you time to get to know me and see if this will work.  We can date, be just friends for a while, or fuck like rabbits until one of us feels something for the other.  However, if I don’t feel love for you after a certain time I have to move on since I only have twenty years to make a decision.  Since I don’t know what love feels like you may have to educate me on some of this.”


Allen said as he finished packing with Zachary a little worried for himself since he did like the demon, but he did not want his soul ripped out of his body if the guy fell in love with him.  Maybe it was best to just be friends with him at least for now.


“Maybe for now we can be friends.  I like you, but I am not sure I want my soul taken by anyone.”


Zach waited for Allen to finish zipping up his suitcase and the three garment bags with his suits in them.


“Ok, but if we are only going to be friends I am going to date others.  I don’t have a lot of time to fool around.”


Allen put on the gold chain he did not pack and his gold and silver Rolex watch.  He then went to the bathroom and got all his bathroom things which wasn’t much and threw them into a bag.  Coming back into the bedroom Allen smiled as he had everything he needed and now he could leave this shithole.


“Well, I do understand that you will date others Allen.  I will gladly help you learn a few things to help you understand what love feels like.  I have only felt it once so I am no expert, but I do know that feeling although once you feel it you will feel complete misery if it isn’t returned.  Just hope that when you fall in love that the person you love loves you back.”


Zachary said since that was one thing that did suck about falling in love.  He knew Richard loved him in his own way, but not in the way Zach wanted him to.  It was really hard on him to know Richard would never love him like he loved him.


“I am sure I can handle this.  If they don’t love back, I will use spells to make them think they love me.  Eventually they will fall in love with me.  I don’t normally have issues with people falling in love with me, it is me who has to love them.  However, right now my main concern is getting the hell out of here.  We will work on the spell to fix this area, but if I never have to come back here I will be extremely happy.’

“So, Zachary have you ever been married before?”


Allen asked since he wanted to know.


“No, I have not.  I have dated often enough, but never tied the knot with anyone.  I usually date models, but I am hoping for something more solid this time.   It is hard to date models since they are always traveling and are rarely in one place for long.  Plus, models are only models for so many years before they have to choose other careers since most don’t stay models for too long unless they are lucky enough to age gracefully and do modeling for catalogs getting contracts with them or marry well. A few lucky ones go into the entertainment business becoming actors for commercials and such.  Not all models make good actresses or actors.  A talented model can do many things, but the kind of models I take photos of most of the time are ones for magazines and calendars.’

“I also travel around quite a bit, but with this particular shoot, Calis is paying me enough I can take a small vacation from my work when these photo shoots are done.”


Zachary said and Allen wondered if Zachary would mind some company on his vacation.  It would be a good way to get out and meet people and Zachary could tell him as a friend more about this love business.


“Where do you plan to vacation?  I mean if you want I would gladly go with you on it so you don’t have to vacation alone.  It might be a way for me to get out and meet people with you.”


Allen asked since he wondered where Zachary planned on going.


“I planned on going to the Bahamas on a cruise so you are welcome to come with me.  It would be nice not to have to go alone.  I have never been on a cruise ship so I figure it will be a nice vacation for me and every one of my friends who has been on a cruise said they loved it.  I figure I will go on the cruise ship for however many days they allow us to travel on it and then spend the rest of my vacation doing a road trip type of thing, where I go see different areas with a rental car. I plan to just drive to see what is around sleeping in random hotels or even out under the stars until I have to fly back home.”


Zachary said since he had no real set plans other than the cruise.  Of course, that was going to be after the photo shoot.  They still had to do pictures of the other models and Calis said one of them was a special case where they would have to get permission to land in Africa at a preserve. The vampire there was very protective of his lands and would kill anyone who came unannounced into his lands without permission due to problems with poachers.


“That sounds nice.  I have never been on a road trip before although I have been on a cruise and it was enjoyable.   I found more souls on a ship to feed on than on land plus getting rid of bodies is much easier this way.  Hopefully the reapers have a soul or two on the ship for me.”


Allen said as he thought about how easy it had been to feed while traveling on ship.  It was nice since you just threw the bodies overboard and no one would know the wiser that there was anyone missing.


“I see.”


Zachary said not quite sure he wanted to know what the demon was doing when it came to feeding on souls.


“Don’t worry you will not see me feed or even know about the people I feed on.  I feed at night so it will be dark plus most likely you will be asleep when I do what I do.  Demons don’t eat food or drink anything unless we have no choice in the matter which we will pretend to eat and drink.  It is rare when we actually swallow any food since our bodies do not digest food like humans do.  If we do end up eating something it doesn’t stay in our stomachs to be digested, it basically disintegrates on the way down into nothing since as a demon we can’t taste anything.’

“When I fall in love, it will be nice to actually taste food and drink since it has been a long time since I have done such a thing.  We can feel the care one puts into the food and the emotions behind it, but we can’t actually taste it.”


Allen said and Zachary felt bad that Allen could not enjoy food.


“Do you want to help me carry these things out to the living room?  I am hoping the reaper will do the portal to let me drop this shit off and then we can work on this spell to see if nothing else we can get rid of it.  I much prefer to get this over with soon so I can get on with the rest of my life.”


Allen asked as Zachary grabbed what he could carry and Allen grabbed the rest going into the living room where everyone was.   After bringing all his things into the living room Calis had William take Allen and Zachary with Sebastian to a room at Underwood to give to the demon for his stay with them.  Sebastian was not too thrilled they were bringing the demon into their home, but Calis insisted and so far, Allen had been quite cordial.


Sebastian did not like the idea of a demon living with them especially an ancient one who was stating he wanted to fall in love with someone which meant most likely they would be moving in with him for a while.  Kirkland was ancient and a pain in his ass although the former demon had no choice except to live with them until he grew up, but at least Kirkland had plans to leave them at some point with his mate since Leon was just as much of a pain to have around.


Kirkland of course was happy Allen was going to be living with them since he loved Allen.  Kirkland wished Lia was also coming and that the two would fall in love, but not everything could be perfect.  Kirkland was planning on training Allen in how to be a good demon Angel and what would be expected of him once this occurred.   He would even build onto their house in France to have Allen come live with them as Allen was a welcome asset as well as powerful enough to help him protect Pierce, Sidney, Alex, and Bob.


William was with Sebastian; he did not want a demon living with them.  The man being an ancient demon might end up allowing other demons to think that they were going to be nice to them all and that was not going to happen.  Sebastian and William still planned on killing demons.  The only reason these two were not dead was because they were not a threat and the demons in the location were not causing problems.  That was if the spell changing people into newborn vampires really was an ancient enough spell that they really did not know how to remove.  This could all be a trick since demons were not known to be honest beings.


Allen wanted to unpack his things, but Sebastian told him he would do so when they returned.  Right now, they needed him to help with this spell.  Allen went with Sebastian and Zachary with one suitcase to meet up with William who once again did the portal to meet up with everyone.


“Can we get into the houses today or do you know where the spell is coming from?”


Calis asked Lia as he was ready to try and go deal with this mess.


“Actually, Calis for a spell like this one it might be best if I do a ritual that detects spells in the area so I can pin point it.  It is a simple ritual and all I need is a bit of blood from a demon and a few candles.  I will need complete silence and for no one to disturb me for about two hours.”


Kirkland said since their best bet was to find the spell itself first and then go from there.


“I have candles General and you may use my room for the spell.”


Lia said and Allen figured if Lia was doing that part most likely he would be the one sacrificing his blood for this ritual.


“I guess you will need my blood.”




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