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Seraphina by Rachel Hartman (1)



SERAPHINA DOMBEGH—our charming heroine, often called Phina

CLAUDE DOMBEGH—her father, a lawyer with a secret

AMALINE DUCANAHAN—Phina’s counterfeit mother

LINN—Phina’s real mother, alas

ORMA—Phina’s mysterious mentor

ZEYD—Phina’s former tutor, a dragon

ANNE-MARIE—Phina’s not-so-wicked stepmother

TESSIE, JEANNE, PAUL, AND NEDWARD—the moderately wicked stepsiblings


QUEEN LAVONDA—a monarch who faces down dragons

PRINCE RUFUS—the Queen’s only son, inexplicably murdered

PRINCESS DIONNE—the Queen’s surly daughter, first heir to the throne

PRINCESS GLISSELDA—Princess Dionne’s cheerful daughter, second heir to the throne

PRINCESS LAUREL—the Queen’s other daughter, dead of elopement

PRINCE LUCIAN KIGGS—Princess Laurel’s embarrassing bastard, fiance of Princess Glisselda, Captain of the Queen’s Guard, possessor of too many descriptors


VIRIDIUS—the irascible court composer

GUNTARD—a professional musician

SCRAWNY SACKBUT PLAYER—exactly as you imagine

LADY MILIPHRENE—Princess Glisscelda’s favorite lady-in-waiting, called Millie

LADY CORONGI—Princcss Glissceda’s governess, an antique despot

DAME OKRA CARMINE—the Ninysh ambassador, an antique darling

JOSEF, EARL OF APSIG—a Samsamese lordling

REGENT OF SAMSAM—the regent of Samsam

COUNT PESAVOLTA—the ruler of Ninys


ARDMAGAR COMONOT—the leader of the dragon world

AMBASSADOR FULDA—the dragon with the best manners

UNDERSECRETARY ESKAR—Fulda’s laconic second-in-command

BASIND—a walleyed newskin


SIR KARAL HALFHOLDER—obeys the law, even if the infernal fiends do not

SIR CUTHBERTE PETTYBONE—his somewhat less humor-impaired comrade

SIR JAMES PEASCOD—once knew General Gann from General Gonn

SQUIRE MAURIZIO FOUGHFAUGH—one of the last practitioners of dracomachia

SQUIRE PENDER—the other one


SONS OF ST. OGDO—unhappy with the treaty

LARS—the genius behind the clock

THOMAS BROADWICK—a cloth merchant

SILAS BROADWICK—the reason they call them Broadwick Bros. Clothiers

ABDO—a dancer in a pygegyria troupe

A PYGEGYRIA TROUPE—and there’s the rest of them now


FRUIT BAT—the cIimber

PELLCAN MAN—putting the grotesque in “grotesque”

MISERERE—the feathery one

NEWT—the wallowing one

LOUD LAD—the noisy one

JANNOULA—too curious for her own good

MISS FUSSPOTS—the finicky one

PANDOWDY—the swamp thing

NAG AND NAGINI—the speedy twins

GARGOYELLA AND FINCH—mentioned in passing

FIVE MORE—to be named in a future publication


QUEEN BELONDWEG—the first Queen of united Goredd, subject of the national epic

PAU-HENOA—her trickster rabbit companion, also called the Mad Bun and Hen-Wee

ST. CAPITI—representing the life of the mind, Phina’s patroness

ST. YIRTRUDIS—the spooky heretic, Phina’s other patroness, alas

ST. CLARE—lady of perspicacity, Prince Lucian Kiggs’s patroness



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