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Kissing Our Loves (Valentine's Inc. Book 6) by Sammi Cee (1)



“Yeah… please.”

“I know, I know what you like.” I rub my hand not holding his cock up his thigh, massaging his heated flesh lightly as I go. He appreciates the tender rubs almost as much as he enjoys me playing with him. Rubbing his cock across my lips, I watch his eyes glaze over further with lust.

“Please, Clark, do something.”

“What?” I move my face down, letting his silken hardness brush across my cheek. “You feel so good. I just like touching you.”

“I know, but… you either need to suck me or get up here and fuck me, but quit teasing.”

Chuckling, I finally snake my tongue out and lick up his length back to the head, lapping up the precum dribbling out. “You always taste so good, babe.”

“If you’d stick me in your mouth and blow me, I’d be happy to give you more.”

“Feisty tonight, aren’t you?” Barely suppressing a laugh at his growl of frustration, I simply move to rest his cock against my other cheek. “You’re so soft.”

“You mean hard. What I am is hard. Hurry. One of the kids might wake up, and then where will I be? Please.”

Letting his hardness go, I sit up and using my fingertips massage up and down both his trembling thighs. A hiss of pleasure escapes his lips while he attempts to look down his body to give me the stink-eye. “Suck me or fuck me, but do one. Now.”

“Okay, got it.” I bend back down and put him out of his misery, taking him into my mouth, rolling my tongue down the large vein, as one of my hands moves to tease his hole.

“Oh, oh, oh…” The sounds of his pleasure ramp me up as I reach down to stroke myself while I suck him in farther. He tries to control the thrust of his hips, but that isn’t what I want. I want him to the point where he has no control. I want to be able to—

“Daddy, I missed the potty, again!”

Todd’s yelling from the other room jerks me out of my amazingly-real-feeling dream and into action. Instantly awake at the sound of Todd crying, I give my dick a quick squeeze and looking down I say, “Sorry, pal. The kid comes first.” Rolling out of bed, I dismiss putting on my sleep pants and run down the hall. My poor kid is standing in front of the toilet with crocodile tears rolling out over the bottom of his eyelids and down his face. Taking a quick inventory, I see the pee splatters on the rim of the toilet and that his pajama bottoms are wet.

“It’s okay, little man. What a big boy coming into the bathroom all by yourself without waking me up,” I praise him, trying to divert his attention from the mess as I lean down to remove his clothes before leaning over to start the bath, holding his slight body in the crook of one arm.

“I’m not a big boy, I peed all over myself,” he says through his tears.

“It happens, buddy. You’re a little guy. It’s okay. You were probably still half asleep. It’s not a big deal, I promise.” I kiss the top of his head before swinging him into the tub.

He settles down immediately once his body is in the water. If there’s one thing my kid hates, it’s to be dirty in any way. And I know after my sister’s unexpected visit last night, the next couple of days will be tough. Her presence always rattles Todd, especially if I can’t warn him that she’s coming. Her insistence that he know she’s his birth mother confuses him since she disappears from his life frequently and for long lengths of time. She doesn’t even rate being called a good aunt. It doesn’t matter how many times I remind her that I adopted him, and that he’s my son, she pressures him to acknowledge her place in his life. Hardly a fair thing to do when all she’s really coming for is to get money from me to feed her habit. She knows I’ll give her just about anything to get her back out of the house and away from Todd.

I’m halfway through giving him a quick wash when I hear my alarm blaring. The sound goes straight through my head, even from the other room, at the realization that I won’t be going back to sleep. As hot as fuck as my dream was, it felt so real that I’m sluggish and tired, like I really was up teasing that petite redhead’s sexy as fuck body all night long. What the hell is wrong with me? The man is obviously married based on the ring on his finger. I saw him first when picking up Todd from school, and I immediately dismissed him as a potential… what? I don’t date since I devote all my time to my son, but my mind and body fixate on him when I’m asleep. It’s ridiculous. As a personal trainer in a gym, I have eye candy galore every single day, men and women who are available, but the minute I’m asleep, it’s all about Mr. Adorable.

Shaking off my wayward thoughts, I focus on Todd and getting us out of the house on time.

“You ready champ?” I ask as I hold Todd’s coat out. He’s playing with Snickers, our golden retriever, before he has to leave.

“Yep!” He runs over with the energy only a four-year-old has first thing in the morning and slips it on, his little tongue poking out as soon as his arms are through the sleeves. The concentration he puts into zipping his coat each morning is a highlight of my day. There are many things he’s a little behind on for his age that frustrates him, but he mastered zipping his coat and won’t let me help him any longer. Even his teacher at school, Ms. Sue, tells him he should be proud of himself since most of the kids still let their parents help them. “Got it, Daddy!” he yells once it’s up, smiling up at me with pride. We really need to work on his inside voice. Of course, his being loud makes Snickers dance at our feet in excitement, almost tripping me.

“You sure do. Okay, hat and gloves and we’re out of here.” I’ve already started the car to warm up, so after grabbing both our lunches, I tell Snickers to go lay down, while taking Todd’s hand and hustling us out to the car. As my luck would have it, it’s too much to ask to escape this morning, when I’m tired from my dream and drained from dealing with my sister yesterday, without hearing the over-friendly voice of my neighbor, Bernadette.

“Good morning, Clark.”

Making sure Todd is all strapped into his seat, I stand up from buckling him into the back and turn toward her with a sigh. “Good morning, Bernadette. What are you doing outside on this frigid morning?”

She’s leaning down on her front porch so she can wave into the car at Todd, who’s enthusiastically waving back. Straightening back up, she says, “Well, I saw your sister leaving here last night, and I wanted to check on you two and make sure you’re alright. I kept my eye on the house from the minute she came until I saw her leave. I had the phone ready to call 9-1-1 if it looked like you were having any issues.”

Annoyed at myself for being irritated with her interruption this morning, I smile gratefully that I have such a good neighbor who has my back. “Thank you. I should’ve known you noticed she was here and given you a call that all was well.”

Waving me off, she says, “No, no. I didn’t say that to make you feel bad. I’m protective of you boys, and I hate when she comes around. I know it throws you both off.”

“You’re not wrong about that, but we shouldn’t see her for a while. No worries.”

As I round the car so we can get going, she says, “Well, good. You know Valentine’s Day is coming.”

Stopping in my tracks, I tilt my head at her. “Um. Okay?”

“I’m just saying. I’m an old lady. I’m going to see the grandkids for Valentine’s Day, but it would be nice to have you two over the night before.”

“Oh, well, sure. Todd and I can come over that night. We’ll order pizza and watch a movie. That sounds like fun.”

“Perfect.” She claps her hands together in front of her ample body, beaming at me like I gave her a winning lottery ticket. Then she turns around and disappears right back into her house. That was odd. Valentine’s Day isn’t for a couple of weeks, but maybe she’d been thinking about it since it’ll be her first one alone. I’ve made an effort to get over there for dinner and a movie a couple times a month since her husband passed away last year. It’s really her and Todd watching a movie while I do whatever she needs done around the house, but it gives me a good excuse to get in there to do the things she won’t tell me she needs and Todd enjoys it. She’s the grandmother he doesn’t have.

“You all set, little man?” I ask after I’m settled in the car.

“Yep!” I chuckle to myself as I back out of the driveway. My little guy may use few words, but he uses them enthusiastically.