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Kash (Walk of Shame 2nd Generation #3) by Victoria Ashley (1)


I SHOW UP AT THE address I was given, to see Stone, Myles and Colt are already waiting outside for me, dressed in their fitted suits.

Stone tugs on his tie and checks out my hoodie and jeans as if there’s something wrong with the way I look.

“Dude . . .” he pushes my hood back. “Where’s your suit? I thought we all agreed to dress up and shit. You look like a homeless stripper.”

I unzip my hoodie and walk past him with a grin, pulling it open so he can see my ripped-up t-shirt. Then I zip it back up when he flicks a rolled-up dollar bill at my head and scowls.

He knows I said no repeatedly to dressing up, but he ended the call assuming I’d listen anyway. “Nah, you three agreed on a suit. My ass got called out of bed in the middle of the night to be here so I threw on the first thing I saw.”

Gotta stand out somehow when it comes to making money and I’ve learned women like a little mystery.

Colt looks down at his black vest, before unbuttoning it and rolling up the sleeves of his button down. “Shit. I knew we were overdressed.” He tosses his jacket at his motorcycle and scowls. “I’m making sure this shit comes off fast. I look awkward as hell.”

I have to admit it’s funny as shit seeing Colt dressed up. We’re all used to his t-shirts, jeans and beanies.

Just wanting to get the night over with, I ignore the idiots and walk up to the door, about ready to knock.

As I stand here with my fist in the air, I begin to think we’re at the wrong house, because it’s completely quiet. No signs of people talking or even a TV playing in the background.

That’s extremely odd.

These kinds of parties are always filled with wild women, that can’t sit still or wait for us to arrive. There’s no way anyone inside that house is waiting on us.

I just hope like hell I didn’t get dragged out of bed for nothing. I might just have to choke Stone then, due to the fact that I have to be up in less than six hours.

Looking around, Stone loosens his collar and stands back as if he’s checking out the address. “This is it. Just walk in and start shaking your dick. They’re probably waiting on us to get the party started.”

I’m just about to open the door–thinking maybe they are just waiting on us–when a whistle comes from across the street, causing me to turn around.

“Over here, boys!” Some chick with long, curly blonde hair crosses her arms and leans against the closed door, watching us as we cross the street. “My friend gets confused about her address when she drinks. Either that or she just likes to screw with people. I haven’t figured it out yet.”

I stop in front of her and take a few moments to check her out in her tight jeans and loose fitting shirt that hangs off one shoulder.

She looks unamused by our arrival as if she’s only here because she was forced to be. The concentration on her face as she looks down at her phone and types fast, tells me there’s somewhere else she’d rather be.

“Just go in and start doing whatever it is that you do. The others are eagerly awaiting your arrival. They’ve been talking firm bodies and tight butts all night. Said you guys are the real deal. Better prove them right.” Without looking up, she moves away from the door, allowing us access to the house.

Stone and the newest members of the club, step inside without hesitation, while I take this moment to breathe in the coolness of the night air and wake up a bit more.

Screams of excitement instantly fill the house, before music blares over the speakers, making it clear the party has started without me.

Good, let them wear the women down a little first. My ass is still half-asleep and to be honest, I’m a little intrigued by the sexy little blonde next to me.

“Why aren’t you inside with the others? Groping half-naked men isn’t your thing?” I question with a lifted brow.

She looks up from her phone and gives me a half smile. “Only on some nights and tonight isn’t one of them.”

I laugh at her response and pull out a cigarette, lighting it up and taking a long drag.

I need to be more awake before going inside and I have a feeling she’s just the one to get me in the mood.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice her checking me out, but I pretend I don’t notice.

“You going to keep that hood up all night? Not quite as handsome as the other guys? Is that it?” She laughs. “Don’t be shy. I’m sure you have a great body that will do the trick just fine for my friends.”

I smile and take another drag off my cigarette, before slowly exhaling. As much as she doesn’t want to admit it, she’s desperate to see what’s under this hood and probably even my jeans.

Leaning against the porch railing, I push my hood back and smirk as her eyes wander over my face, doing a double take, before finally stopping on my lips.

She swallows and then clears her throat, trying to hide the fact she’s surprised by what she sees. “You better get inside with the others. Joni will notice she paid for four guys and only has three actually earning their pay.” Her eyes gloss over, focusing on my lips, and her breathing quickens. “I need a drink,” she mutters.

I lift a brow and watch as she pulls the screen door open and disappears inside.

After I finish my cigarette, I pull my hood back up and enter the house, hoping I can catch her attention once I start my routine.

Walking through the living room, I notice a lot of heads turn my way, eyes watching me as if they can’t wait to see what’s under this mysterious fabric.

One girl even walks away from Myles in attempt to check me out.

I walk slowly, ignoring them all, letting my eyes seek out the sassy blonde from outside.

She’s in the kitchen pouring a drink, but looks over when a few of her friends grab me and pull me back into the living room.

I stand with a confident smile as they start to grab at my hoodie, unzipping it and checking me out as they rip it from my arms.

Hands grope at my chest, lifting at my shirt as I begin to move my hips to Ride by Chase Rice.

The sassy blonde smirks from the kitchen, watching the other girls take advantage of me as if she finds it to be funny.

This has me smiling.

She’s pretending as if she’s only watching for the amusement of me being attacked, but the look in her curious green eyes gives away the truth of why she hasn’t turned away yet.

I’m guessing she wants to see me naked just as badly as they do. She just doesn’t want to be the one to get me naked.

Keeping my eyes on her, I bend one of the girls over, place my hand on her lower back and grind my hips against her ass.

I grind slow and seductive, before giving her one hard thrust, almost knocking her over.

She turns back to look at me, her eyes filled with need, before she lays down on her back and waves me over with her finger, wanting more of what I’ve got to offer.

Standing above the brunette, I slowly pull my shirt over my head, before tossing it aside and dropping down to the ground, rolling my body above hers and rubbing my face over her neck.

Money flies at me as I place her legs over my shoulders and lift her body up, thrusting against her, while on my knees.

After a few seconds, I gently place her down to her back again, before jumping to my feet and reaching for the closest girl next to me, flipping her upside down so my cock is grinding against her face.

Slowly turning around with the girl in my arms, I glance into the kitchen to see the sexy little blonde’s eyes on me. As soon as our eyes meet, she turns away and goes back to typing on her phone as if she was never watching in the first place.

Why the hell does that make me want to get to her even more?

Growling, I slap the girl’s ass that’s in my arms, before flipping her over and setting her back down to her feet.

Cracking my neck, I reach for the button of my jeans, causing desperate screams from all around the room. A sound I used to love, but have grown a bit tired of over the months.

But still, I’m here to do a job and that’s exactly what I’ll do.

I lick my bottom lip, before slipping my hand inside my jeans and running it over my erection, while slowly letting my pants fall lower with each move of my hips.

My eyes are still on the sassy blonde in the kitchen when she looks up again to see what I’m doing.

Catching her off guard, I slide across the floor on my knees, grab her ass and lift her up so her legs are wrapped around my neck.

Her hands grip at my hair for support as I stand to my feet and walk her over to the wall, pressing her back against it.

I’m not gonna lie, having her in this position has me so damn hard and wanting nothing more than for her body to be pressed against mine.

“Fuck it.” I growl against her pussy before biting her inner thigh.

Moving to the music, I grab her legs and lower her down my body, until they’re wrapped around my waist now, my dick pressed against her heat.

She says something that the music drowns out, while I hold her up with my hips, pinning her arms against the wall.

I move against her sexy body, while thrusting her up the wall with my erection pressed between her legs.

Fuck, this is extremely hot, making me wish there was nothing between our bodies.

I let out a small growl, enjoying it as she tugs on my hair and squeezes me with her thighs, moving her body perfectly against mine.

She shows enjoyment for a few short minutes, getting lost in the moment, before dropping her legs to the ground and then pushing at my chest, as I release her arms.

“I’m not here for the entertainment. I’m here for my friend. Find someone else to fuck against the wall.” She runs her hands through her hair, looking extremely frustrated with herself. “Shit. I need to go.”

I stand in the middle of the room sweaty as fuck, trying to catch my breath as I watch her walk out the front door and leave.

My stomach drops, hating the fact that I pushed her to leave, when apparently all she wanted to do was mind her own business.

Quickly, I walk toward the door, wanting to catch her, but stop when I get blocked in by a group of screaming women, wanting a show.

One of the girls runs her hand over my arm, pulling my attention away from the door. “Don’t mind her. Eden’s been spending most of her time at a construction site with dirty men lately. Doesn’t get out much. She forgets what fun is sometimes.” The tall brunette grabs my hand and starts pulling me to the other side of the room where a group of women are standing in a circle. “Let’s keep this party rocking and rolling, baby. I paid good money for you fine ass men to take your clothes off. I want my floor littered with items of your clothing.”

I glance at the door one last time, before looking around me to see the other guys practically naked by this point. All except Stone who refuses to lose his pants at private parties now.

Usually, I’d be having the time of my life, covered in chocolate or whipped cream by now.

But damn . . . this party seems a lot less fun without the sassy blonde watching me.

A COUPLE HOURS LATER I’M pulling up outside my house, completely exhausted and ready for bed, again.

My roommate, Colt, won’t be home for a few more hours, since he decided to stay and give Joni a private dance, now that the party has ended.

So, I’m stripping out of these sweaty clothes and my ass is crashing on the couch. My bed seems entirely too far away right now.

I’m exhausted.

At least, I think I’m crashing out. Walking up to the porch to see Sara and her girlfriend Kendal, tells me otherwise.

Sara instantly grabs my keys out of my hand and unlocks the door with a wicked smile. “I thought we’d never catch your ass.”

I smirk as she pushes me through the door and her girlfriend follows behind. “Yeah, well I’m a busy guy. What can I say?”

Before I know it, I’m slammed against the closed door, by both Sara and Kendal, their hands roaming over my hard body.

Closing my eyes, I lean my head back and just enjoy the feel of their mouths on me. Occasionally, Sara and her girlfriend get an urge for dick, and they want to make sure they get it from a guy they both feel comfortable with.

Over the last few weeks, it’s been me. So, I let them use my body any way they please.

Within minutes, I’m completely stripped down and Sara is guiding Kendal’s head as her mouth wraps around my cock.

It feels fucking fantastic, yet I’m still thinking about the sassy blonde from the party.

As hot as Sara and her girlfriend are, my cock gets even harder when I imagine Eden on her knees taking me.

As fucked up as it sounds, I have a feeling it’s going to be her I get off to tonight . . .