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Honor Me (Men of Inked #6) by Chelle Bliss (1)

6 months ago


I waddled to the chair, feeling with my fingertips for the seat before slowly lowering myself. “I can’t wait for this to be over,” I complained and laid my palms against my round belly.

“Any day now, you’re gonna pop,” Angel said and laughed.

“Pop isn’t really the word that puts a smile on my face, but I feel like that’s exactly what’s going to happen.” My index finger pressed on my belly button. “I feel like a turkey. Ping, I’m ready.” If I grew any bigger, I worried my stomach would explode. Bearing mutliples was like being possessed by two demons, and my body wasn’t happy about it.

Angel laughed and placed her hands on the sides of my stomach. “I wish I could have another.” The lines on her forehead grew more severe as her hands moved around my girth.

“You can have another,” I told her, my heart squeezing at the sadness on her face.

“No,” she sighed. “I asked Thomas to get fixed. We’re done.”

Wow. I gawked at her, along with everyone else at the table. “What? You did? Why?”

She shrugged and pulled her hands away. “One is enough for me. He’s older, and we’re both so busy with work, it just felt right.”

“It seems like you regret it, Angel,” Mia said, placing her hand on Angel’s arm. “It can be reversed.”

She shook her hand and swallowed. “I’m fine with the decision. Sometimes, when I see your bellies, I’m a bit envious. But then I remember the feedings, sleepless nights, and potty training, and I get over it really quick.” She smiled and grabbed the bottle of vodka sitting in the middle of the table.

“When did he have the surgery? He never mentioned anything,” Max said, staring at Angel over the rim of her glass as she took a sip of her vodka and cranberry.

“A few months ago. The best part about it is that we can fuck like monkeys and never have to worry about me getting knocked up.”

“I may have to bring up a vasectomy to Joe. I can’t imagine going through this again. This is a two-for-one deal.” After the girls were born, I was officially closing this chapter in my life. These would be the last two I’d ever carry, and I was happy about that.

“Me too.” Izzy clapped her hands. “My shit is closed for business.” Izzy nodded definitively. “James may freak, but if he wants to ‘fuck like a monkey,’” she said, doing air quotes, “then he better get fixed.”

“It sounds like we’re talking about dogs.” Mia laughed and slapped the table. “Speaking of them, what are they doing in the garage?”

“Working on the old clunker Joe bought.” I wrapped my hands around the bottle of water, wishing for once in my life I could actually drink.

“They’re probably drinking beer and bullshitin’ just like us.” Izzy rolled her eyes. “They don’t fool anyone.”

“It gives us girl time, so I don’t care,” I said, watching Izzy as she fidgeted with the collar around her neck. “Why aren’t you guys at the club tonight? I thought you always went on Friday nights.”

“We’re going tomorrow night instead. They’re having some special demonstrations.” Izzy grinned and tugged on her collar.

“Demonstrations?” Max swallowed hard and leaned across the table. “Do tell.”

“Throughout the month, different Masters have classes to teach other Masters and subs about new techniques or how to stay safe.”

“So what are they teaching about tomorrow?” Max asked and slid her finger across her bottom lip. “Sounds hot.”

Izzy giggled softly. “There are two tomorrow. First is about shibari.”

“What’s that?” Max interrupted. “Sounds dangerous.”

“It’s not dangerous. It’s about rope play.”

Max’s mouth fell open and I couldn’t help but laugh. “What are you laughing at? Did you know what it was?”

Everyone thinks I’m innocent, but I’m not. I nodded with a giant smile. “I read a lot. I knew what it is, and it sounds sexy.”

“Ain’t no one tying my ass up with a rope.” She shook her head and waved her hands. “Never happening.”

“What’s the other demonstration about?” Angel asked, resting her head in her palm.

“ElectroSex, specifically violet wands.”

Mia spits out her drink, spraying it across the table. “What the fuck?” Mia’s head jerked back.

“Oh, that sounds amazing,” I said, cradling my belly in my arms.

Max covered her face and peered at Izzy through her fingers. “What the hell is a violet wand?”

Izzy fumbled with her collar and bit her lip. “Um, think of it like a wand that looks like a neon light but shoots out tiny electrical currents. Does that make sense?”

Max gasped. “You let him electrocute you?”

I looked down at the floor, unable to look Max in the eyes because her expression was priceless.

“He’s not electrocuting me. It’s just another form of play. The tiny sparks are amazing.”

“Fuck that shit,” Max mumbled and dragged her hands down her face. “You girls got some weird ideas about fun. Ropes, electricity, collars. I just don’t understand. What’s wrong with good old-fashioned cock?”

“Ain’t nothing wrong with cock, Max,” Izzy laughed and rubbed her hands together. “Sometimes it’s nice to try out new things. What’s your favorite toy?”

Max almost went cross-eyed. “I’m not telling you about my toys.”

“You’re a prude,” Angel teased. “I bet you have a giant dildo at home.”

“Stop!” Max held up her hand and shushed Angel. “Anthony has a giant cock, why do I need bigger?”

“Nipple clamps?” Izzy raised an eyebrow.

Max glanced at her watch and cleared her throat. “Well, look at the time. I better get home so the babysitter can leave.” She started to stand, and Mia put her hand over Max’s.

“Sit your ass down,” Mia told her, not letting her walk away.

Angel pointed toward the chair. “We all know your husband. He’s a kinky bastard like the rest. Don’t act like you don’t have a giant chest of toys hiding in your house.”

“I’m not saying a thing.”

“You should all come to the club one night.” Izzy tapped her chin and paused. “I’m sure I can schedule a private party.”

“Um…” Max mumbled.

“Fuck yeah. I’m in.” Angel fist-pumped the air. “I’m game for anything.”

“Hello,” I said and waved my hands in front of my enormous stomach. “Humans on board.”

“We’ll wait until you’re recovered.” Izzy smirked. “Most of the areas are private, but I think I can work something out. It’s a good thing James is friends with the owner. This will be perfect.” Izzy practically bounced in her chair.

“Pass the vodka,” Max said and held out her hand.

“We’ll get you liquored up first, Max. Don’t worry, you’re gonna love it.”

I’d often fantasized through the years about clubs just like the one Izzy and James belonged to. I had shared my fantasies with Joe, and he’d sometimes surprise me with a new toy or something kinkier. There wasn’t a thing the man did to me that I didn’t love.

Although the thought of visiting their club intrigued me, I couldn’t imagine waddling in there without sticking out like a sore thumb. Plus, I didn’t really think Joe would go for it.

We were in love. Committed to each other forever, but visiting a sex club was something I wasn’t sure would be good for our relationship. It could change everything.



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