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Embers & Ecstasy: Lick of Fire (Clashing Claws Book 3) by Daniella Starre (1)

Chapter 1

Audrey Wright

A loud explosion in the rear of the house, and I stirred, waking instantly, panicked and half in a daze. My life was such a mess lately. I could hardly believe everything that had happened.

One, dragons were real.

Two, some dragons were killing both humans and other dragons.

Three, I had fallen hard for not one, not two, but three dragons. Damon King, Miguel Ramirez Lopez, and Francesco Marino who also happened to be the leaders of the Three-Tailed Clan.

Four, the Three-Tailed Clan was at war with the Fanged Serpents, the clan of dragons who were killing anyone and everyone.

But not me. They had captured me to try to lure out my loves. Miguel found me, torched the place, and that maybe have been both a blessing and a curse.

Because their leader, Jeremy Jenson, told me that he was a phoenix. “I am a phoenix. Burn me, and I will rise again. You shall see,” he told me.

A phoenix. A creature that cannot remain dead. One that is reborn through fire. Miguel set him on fire. I’m terrified just thinking about it.

Another explosion sounded, and I shook my head to clear my thoughts. Now wasn’t the time to daydream. Thankfully, I had fallen asleep in my clothes, and I stood and hurried to the door.

It opened, and Miguel was there, all six-feet, four-inches of pure Hispanic godliness. He was the most muscular of the three. His matching dragon tattoo was on his right shoulder, and his blond hair highlighted his darker skin. My heart pounded in my chest out of being afraid and being turned on.

“Chica, are you all right?” he asked in his deep, sexy voice.

“They’re here, aren’t they?” I asked even though it was a stupid question. No one else would fight us.

He muttered something in Spanish, fast and furious, and I could guess what he was saying.

“I need to keep you safe,” he said.

“I want to keep myself safe,” I retorted. “You need to worry about you.”

“No, chica. You are—”

“I am not more important,” I fumed. “Don’t you dare say that. You are one of the leaders of your clan. Without you, what might happen?”

“We rule jointly. The clan would be fine. Without you—”

“The clan would still be fine.”

He shook his head, stubborn as a bull. Miguel crossed over to me, standing close but not close enough. It was terrible timing, but I wanted to jump him, to ride him, to let him have free rein of my body. There wasn’t any line I wouldn’t cross for him or any of the others.

Which might be a problem. I didn’t want to be a distraction. They were at war.

No. We were at war. I had been kidnapped. I might be human, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t try to fight some.

“We wouldn’t. The leaders would be a mess if we lost the woman we love.”

My heart swelled in my chest, and I smiled as a warmth spread throughout my body. Everything was so confusing, but my love for them wasn’t, and I knew they all loved me.

The only issue was that I didn’t know if I could choose, and I didn’t know if they could share.

Because I share as hell did not want to choose. Why should I? They were all amazing, powerful, strong, fierce, hot men. I loved them all.

And right now, they were in danger. I could hear the sound of claws against claws, and the temperature was rising. Dragons. They were here in dragon form.

“The house, will it—”

“It will not catch on fire,” Miguel said, pursing his lips. “We’re dragons. We would not live in a house that would be flammable.”

“Of course,” I murmured.

“You have to hide,” he said.


“Audrey, I know you don’t want to, but—”

“Give me guns. Please tell me you have guns.”

He hesitated. “Guns won’t help any against our hides.”

I shook my head and held out my hand. “I want guns. You have some, don’t you?”

Miguel muttered a curse. “, but I do not want you to be far from me, and if I tell you to hide, you do not give me grief. The guns are not going to help you much at all.”

“The bullets will if they’re in human form,” I pointed out. “Right?”

He nodded. “Why else am I entertaining your fantasy?”

“Hmm. I can think of a few others I would prefer you to fulfill.”

“Later,” he murmured in my ear, drawing me close and kissing me so passionately that I nearly forgot the danger we were in. My toes curled, and my body tingled as he pulled away. “Come. I will arm you and protect you, and later, I will ravish you.”

I giggled as he pulled me along. “Sounds like a plan.”