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Claimed by the Zoran (Scifi Alien Romance) (Zoran's Chosen Book 2) by Luna Hunter (1)


His blue body is to die for.

I’ve never seen anything quite like it. No human man can compare. No one is as big, as strong, as downright hot as he is.

The blue and handsome stranger.

His firm hands travel up my thighs, making my mouth water and my back ache. I want his touch. No, I need his touch.

My soul burns for him.

His icy blue eyes demand devotion… and I want nothing more than to give it to him.

I want to submit.

I want to obey.

I want to surrender myself completely to the blue vision in front of me.

His hand slips between my legs and finds my core dripping wet and waiting. A gasp involuntarily leaves my lips as he enters me, and I can’t help but close my eyes and surrender myself to the pleasure building inside of me, I can’t help but reach out for his hardness, I can’t help but…

Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!

The raspy, morning song of the Anshi wakes me. When those birds start singing, there’s simply no stopping them. As beautiful as their song is, I do wish they’d start an hour or two later.

I blink, and it takes me a second to recognize my own cot.

It felt like I was on another planet, with someone who… someone who knew me. Inside and out.

As I stretch, the dream fades from memory. The only thing I remember are those eyes.

Those brilliant, radiant, beautiful eyes. I’ve been dreaming of them for weeks.

Ever since the Rift appeared out of nowhere.

I feel such a strong connection to them, and yet, I’m absolutely sure I’ve never seen eyes like those before in my life. I’d never forget eyes that gorgeous. I haven’t told anyone, of course. I wouldn’t know where to begin.

A glimmer catches my eye, and my heart skips a beat when I realize it’s my own freaking lower arm that’s glowing! Strange, ornate symbols have appeared on my arms, and they shine so bright they light up my entire cot.

Whenever I think of those beautiful, azure blue eyes, the symbols seem to light up fiercly…

Is this because of my Zoran blood?

My father speaks little of his heritage, and my mom, a human, isn’t much help either. I know that the both of them were ostracized by Zoran traditionalists, and that’s one of the reasons why they joined the Galactic Aid Corps.

My father’s past is a sore spot. Still, I have questions. A lot of them. I used to push them all away and focus on my work, but these glowing symbols are kinda hard to ignore!

These thoughts are weighing heavily on my mind as I take my daily, five minute long shower. The GAC are very serious about their water rations.

As I dry my hair, I can’t help but notice strange, blue-greenish highlights have appeared in my inky black hair.

That’s… discomforting.

I take a deep breath and try not to freak out. My eyes land on a poster of New Exon I’ve tacked onto the Silo wall.

These changes, these dreams… they have something to do with my Zoran roots. And the Rift. I’m not sure how or why… but they’re connected.

Ever since that damn vortex appeared in the sky, jumping in and out of existence without any rhyme or reason, I’ve felt… different.


Weirder than usual even, and that’s saying something!

Luckily for me, it’s time to go to work, so I can put all this worrying behind me. Those Luba aren’t going to feed themselves. If they could do that, well, the GAC wouldn’t be here!

I grab some berries and leave my Silo, my own private slice of home, and head into the wilderness that is Garna. It’s a mountainous, untamed planet, located in the outer systems. A long time ago fierce predators roamed these plains but they were all hunted to extinction by renegade poachers who were after their talons and their tusks.

This disrupted all other life on Garna as well.

Without the impetus to run from their natural predators, the other animals of Garna stuck around in places where food quickly grew scarce. Soon, they were in danger of extinction as well.

That is when the Galactic Aid Corps stepped in. We help feed the many creatures that live on this beautiful planet. There is a nice simplicity to living here. It’s good, old-fashioned hard work, in harmony with nature and together with a small, close-knit group of likeminded people. It’s our hope that Garna can eventually be self-sustaining.

The brilliant, triple-mooned sky pushes the last of my worries away as I wander across an open field. The three moons of Garna are so bright that they’re always visible during the day.

My skin prickles with heat and a sense of foreboding, and I turn to see a row of beady little eyes staring back at me.


And they’re up to no good. They never are.

The Rinjin look like small monkeys, but they are far more organized, aggressive, and crafty than Earthly primates. They’ve become quite adept at stealing food from the Grow Silos, and as such, they’re my mortal enemies.

I’ve been on their radar ever since I thwarted their attempted raid on our provisions, after Larry forgot to set the alarms. Classic Larry.

They follow me from a distance as I go to feed the Luba. They won’t catch me off guard though, not toda—


I stumble into a ditch after stepping on a false mound of stones that caves in and sends me falling. I scrape my elbows and knees, but luckily, I’m not hurt too bad.

With my blood boiling I crawl out of the hole. The Rinjin are squeaking with laughter, slapping their knees and rolling on their backs.

Yeah, yeah, you got me. This time.

When I’m done with all of my chores I head towards my parent’s Silo, pulling down my sleeves to hide the marks on my arms. They’ve stopped glowing for now, thankfully.

I find my father in his yard, working on his prized hoverbike, his Zoran features covered in oil.

“Dad, any word on the fences?” I ask. “I had another run-in with the Rinjin. We really need to keep them out.”

“Hmmm,” he mumbles.

He’s distracted. As usual. He pours all of his time into working on that stupid bike, which I’ve never seen actually run for that matter.

Sometimes… sometimes I feel like I am the reason my parents moved to Garna. That I am the reason my dad had to leave New Exon.

That I’m an unfortunate accident that ruined both of their lives.



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