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Alaska's Snowy Fate (Winter Rescue Bears Book 1) by April Zyon (1)


Chapter 3



Severe pain exploded inside of Alaska’s chest when the airbag exploded when she lost control and hit the guardrail, flying over the embankment into a wall of pure white nothingness.

When she woke, all she could do was moan. The pain was constant, especially when she started to cough. There seemed to be some sort of powder floating through the air. She was assuming that it was from all of the air bags exploding when she crashed. She moaned again and then heard a strange creaking sound, and a woman’s voice.

“Ma’am, this is Michelle with OnStar. We’ve detected a crash. A Search and Rescue team is on its way to you now. Please, ma’am, we need for you to respond so that we can update them on your status. Can you tell us your name?

“Here.” She coughed again, trying to clear her lungs around the searing pain. “My name is Alaska Macon.”

“Oh thank goodness. Help is close. You have the best on the way to you. The Blue and White will help you. I need you to stay as still and calm as you possibly can.”

“No problem.” She wanted to say more, but she hurt so badly that she could barely think. And she couldn’t have moved if she wanted to. Add to it that she was upside down and she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Keep talking to me.” The woman from OnStar stated. “Can you tell us what happened?”

“No idea, I just remember spinning off the road.” She closed her eyes once more. Just a small nap, if only she could nap the pain would leave her.

The next thing she knew, there was a tap-tap-tapping at the window that scared the holy shit out of her. She jerked against her seatbelt which had her crying out once more and blacking out again, giving in to the darkness and blessed absolution from the pain.




Drake couldn’t believe it. The moment that he reached the SUV and had gotten past the scent of the exploded airbags he knew. It was her. Her scent hit him like an F5 Tornado hurling a billboard at him full force in the face. His bear was growling when he saw the state that his mate was in. He heard Blaze calling his name once more and looked up at his crew.

Drake’s bear was growling to break free, and he had to fight it for several long moments, before reaching for the mic at the base of his neck. Finally, he spoke to his men on the topside. They were holding him up and the only things keeping his mate’s car from slipping further down the incline.

“She’s here. I startled her when I tapped at the window. She’s bleeding, but it's mostly clotted. Her color doesn’t look good. She’s mine.” He stated bluntly.

He heard the nothing but silence from his men and then it was surprisingly Oliver who said, “Well holy shit, who would have known that Drake would have found his mate hanging upside down off the side of deadman's curve. Come on boss, let’s get her up and out of there.”

“I would rather you didn’t mention just how precarious of a position that my mate is in right now. Asshat.” Drake growled once more. He was fighting his bear. Fighting everything inside of him to keep from shifting to rip the door of the SUV off to get to his mate faster, because the man inside knew that would only endanger her more.

“Lower me down the rescue basket so that I can pull her out. Once I have her, you can let the SUV go. She’s all that matters.” Drake added and looked at his mate once more.

He wasn’t surprised when Oliver slid down at his side. “Okay boss. You need more than just your hands, so use us. Blaze and James have the wenches locked and are good. Trent is on his way down the other side to help bolster the vehicle until we are able to get her free. Trust us boss.”

Drake nodded. He had to trust them, they were his clan. He had trusted them with his life time and time again, but this was his mate, and he was having a hard time. She was special, and she didn’t even know it yet. “Okay, let’s get the neck brace on her and then the backboard. We will do everything by the book. OnStar says that the doors are unlocked but with the way that she went down I’m going to go on the assumption that they are jammed so this is going to be a smash and grab, boys. Are we all ready?”

When his teammates, his brothers in arms both nodded yes, he got started releasing his mate from the death trap she was encased in.